Daily Limits + Snoozing

If you are a Dux-Soup Pro or Turbo user, you can manage settings of the daily limits yourself! Sounds great, right? If you haven’t got a subscription yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to set up an account now!

In this article you will learn more about daily limits settings and the snoozing option. So keep on reading!

Daily Limits

To be able to manage settings you’ll need a Dux-Soup Pro subscription. Once you’ve upgraded your account, click on Dux-Soup icon in your browser and go to Dux-Soup Options:

Then in “Throttling” tab you will see Daily Limits settings that you’ll be able to change:

Don’t forget to tick the box “Check to confirm you understand the risk!”

Now, we are ready to see what each option means:

  • Profile Visits - the maximum number of profiles Dux-Soup will auto-view each day. Information of the profiles will be recorded and you’ll be able to download the data. Please note, that we have the recommended settings to make sure your LinkedIn account stays safe. You can see them here!
  • Connection Requests - you can choose the number of connection requests you’d like to send per day. We also recommend adding a personalised message to have a higher percentage of connection request acceptance.
  • Direct Messages - this applies to your 1st degree connections only. Choose how many you’d like to send per day. Once you have set the limits, don’t forget to enable feature in the “Actions” tab:


If you tick this box, the robot will snooze when one of the daily limits is reached:

What does it mean?

Here’s an example - let’s say you have set the following:

  • 250 Profile visits
  • 75 Connection requests
  • 100 Direct messages

Once Dux-Soup hits a limit when auto-visiting of an action that has been enabled, the robot will stop and start snoozing to continue working again at midnight. If the Planner has been enable too, it will keep snoozing until the local time is scheduled for activity.  You can read about the planner here.

When the box is left unticked, and Dux-Soup reaches any daily limit, it will come to a complete stop.

We hope this article helped you to learn more about daily limits and snoozing.

However, don’t forget: with more freedom comes more responsibility! Even though you have all the power in your hands, don’t get too excited and take it easy, your account needs to be safe at all times!

If you’re only a beginner, take a look at our blog with great tips on daily limits as well as speed settings.

If you have any questions or  feedback feel free to contact our customer support via info@dux-soup.com

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