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0 to 349 meetings in 3 months
October 3, 2022

Amped Marketing

From 0 to 349 meetings in just 3 months with Dux-Soup Turbo

Amped Marketing, a lead generation agency, launched in 2020 to help start-ups and SMEs grow their sales. Using Sales Navigator and Dux-Soup Turbo they have already helped clients to generate several million dollars in revenue - and all without a single cent of investment. 

When Founder Scott Wright found that cold calling wasn’t working for him to generate leads, he shifted his approach to Sales Navigator, using Dux-Soup to automate and scale his LinkedIn lead generation activity.

“The moment I discovered Dux-Soup was enlightening and it changed my whole life. I’m a huge, huge fan of Dux-Soup and what you do – I just love it!”

Within the first month of using Dux-Soup Turbo, Scott had taken a cyber security company from 0 to 89 meetings. In month 2 he secured 105 meetings and month 3, 155 meetings. These were all meetings with CIOs, CSOs and VPs of enterprise organizations.

Due to this success, his team went on to manage 30 Sales Navigator profiles, with 98% of their sales meetings being generated through Dux-Soup.

Scott uses Dux-Soup for two main purposes: auto-connecting at scale, and tagging LinkedIn profiles, allowing him to track his lead generation results back to Dux-Soup activity. Once the initial automated message has been responded to, a manual approach is used to allow Amped to really tune in to what customers need, and get better results in closing the appointment.

“Dux-Soup enabled us to generate millions in pipeline and closed revenue and I’m so proud to be able to say that not one member of that team ever had to make a cold call, and that’s all thanks to Dux-Soup,”

The Dux-Soup Magic

Scott built a lead generation machine with data from Google Sheets, LinkedIn, Zapier, Dux-Soup and various CRM tools, all feeding into Google Data Studio and blending together to provide him with a real-time, comprehensive, reporting tool. 

Amped now provides sales consulting services to numerous large tech companies off the back of Scott’s ‘Dux-Soup Magic’. Within 12 months of discovering Dux-Soup, AMPED Marketing had tripled the size of their team.

From 0 to 349 meetings in 3 months

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