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0 to 349 meetings in 3 months
October 3, 2022

Amped Marketing

From 0 to 349 meetings in just 3 months with Dux-Soup Turbo

AMPED Marketing helps sales and marketing teams to amplify their LinkedIn lead generation results utilizing the power of Dux-Soup Turbo.

The company launched in 2020 and works with start-up businesses and small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Assisting businesses with their go-to-market strategy, AMPED has already helped clients to generate several million dollars in revenue - and all without a single cent of investment.

“The moment I discovered Dux-Soup was enlightening and it changed my whole life. I’m a huge, huge fan of Dux-Soup and what you do – I just love it!”

Generating leads with LinkedIn

Scott Wright is the Co-Founder and COO of AMPED Marketing. After turning lead generation in the world of cyber security on its head, his new venture capitalizes on his self-taught knowledge of LinkedIn and Dux-Soup, and how they can work together to grow your business.

He describes the challenges he faced and how he overcame them: “4 years ago, I joined a cyber security start-up as their Business Development Representative. In essence, it was a step back for me in terms of my career, but I wanted a role where I could make an impact on business growth; I wanted that closing position and I wanted to be able to influence how that was done.

I was targeted with placing 100 calls per day to generate leads for the sales team. Having done this successfully in a previous role for an online advertising business, it never crossed my mind that not one person would pick up the phone to me, let alone read an email. Cold calling wasn’t going to work - that was clear, so I tried a new approach and went to a few business meet ups. This is when things started to pick up a bit.

People I’d meet would send me connection requests via LinkedIn – and that’s when it hit me.

Why not use LinkedIn as our method of business outreach? So, I signed up to Sales Navigator and from that moment forward, I stopped using calls or emails and LinkedIn became my only method of lead generation.”

Discovering the Dux!

“The next step was to prove just how well LinkedIn was performing in providing us with lead generation.

I didn’t know how to track what I was doing, or how to analyze it. I wanted to tag people, and step things up by using automation, so I started doing some research on how I could kick this off.

My next move was life changing – and I truly mean it. This is the moment I discovered Dux-Soup! I bought the licence, downloaded Turbo and started using it to automate my lead generation activities. It was enlightening and it’s changed my whole life."

Dux-Soup Turbo allows you to scale your lead generation with multiple, concurrent drip campaigns, connecting seamlessly with your chosen CRM tools. You can create multi-channel lead generation workflows, monitor campaigns and manage your LinkedIn lead funnel.

Scott explains, “I started looking for more ways to analyze the data I was collecting. I started messing around with features like Connect and Webhooks and suddenly I’d built a living database. Data from GoogleSheets, LinkedIn, Zapier, Dux-Soup and various CRM tools were all feeding into Google Data Studio and blending together to provide me with a real-time, comprehensive, reporting tool.”

“Dux-Soup enabled us to generate millions in pipeline and closed revenue and I’m so proud to be able to say that not one member of that team ever had to make a cold call, and that’s all thanks to Dux-Soup,”

Pioneering lead generation for business growth

It was then that Scott received a call from the VP of a leading cybersecurity company, saying they’d heard how he’d developed his business development tool and wanted Scott to join his business.

That was in the middle of 2020, and he grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

“Within the first month of using Dux-Turbo, the company had gone from 0 customer meetings to 89. In the second month they secured 105 and the third they secured 155 meetings; and these were all with CIOs, CSOs and VPs of large enterprise organizations.”

The company took on 8 Business Development Representatives, all of whom were responsible for generating leads and growing the pipeline through Dux-Soup.

The team managed 30 profiles and 98% of all meetings were generated through LinkedIn. “Dux-Soup enabled us to generate millions in pipeline and closed revenue and I’m so proud to be able to say that not one member of that team ever had to make a cold call, and that’s all thanks to Dux-Soup and the process and infrastructure I set up” says Scott.

Keep it personal

Whilst working here, Scott was asked to provide consulting services to a number of other large tech organizations, to help redefine their entire lead generation outreach efforts based on what they called ‘Scott’s Dux-Soup magic’.

This became the driving force behind his decision to launch AMPED Marketing in partnership with a former colleague. “It’s insane the level of career change that’s happened to me in the last 9 months – it’s amazing, I’m a huge, huge fan of Dux-Soup and what you do – I just love it!

I use it for two main reasons” says Scott “Auto-connecting with scale, and for tagging LinkedIn profiles (and of course the tracking you can do off the back of it).

I have to admit I didn’t use the multi-drip campaigns at my previous company. Once the initial automated message had been responded to, I’d switch to manual, so I could really tune in to what customers needed.

My advice to anyone kicking off with LinkedIn for lead generation is to make sure you ‘find your voice’.

Converse as if you are face-to-face. Ask open questions to engage in a more natural way and find out their thoughts and challenges around relevant topics. Keep the dialogue going over a few messages and only ‘close’ when you’re in a position to ask if they could provide you with some feedback on the product or service your business offers, and whether it might help to tackle some of the challenges they have mentioned. Keep it light.”

Tailoring your strategy

“People ask me how I’m coping with the connection limits that LinkedIn have brought into play, and for me it’s no real hardship.

The key is to tighten your messaging. Use your sniper, not your machine gun” states Scott. “Nurture the network you have properly. Generating leads is exactly that – engaging with someone who has a genuine need for something you have.

Focus on the leads you have and turn them into winning business, rather than focusing on the volume of connections you have made”.

12 months in, and AMPED Marketing is on target to triple the size of their team – a team that wouldn’t need to exist if it weren’t for Scott’s ambition and his self-confessed passion for lead generation - and all with a spot of Dux-Soup magic!

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From 0 to 349 meetings in 3 months

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