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Off the scale ROI
March 23, 2023

Minty Digital

Minty Digital achieves ‘off the scale’ ROI for lead generation with Dux-Soup

Minty Digital is an agency that makes a real difference by maximising the success of digital marketing campaigns. It has used Dux-Soup alongside LinkedIn for lead generation with ROI that is described as ‘off the scale’.

The company benefits from more efficient, scalable and precisely targeted digital marketing campaigns. It also runs projects for customers that accelerate lead generation, deliver quick results and lead to closed sales.

Efficient lead generation

Charlie Clark is the Digital Strategist and Founder of, an agency that brings a fresh approach to digital marketing.

The company offers a variety of digital marketing services including lead generation, Google Pay Per Click Services, SEO, web design and eCommerce development. In a previous role, Charlie attended trade shows and conventions to personally speak to small business owners and marketing directors. Although it worked in terms of generating new business, it was time consuming, expensive and required a thick skin to deal with the rejections.

"We can bypass the typical gatekeepers and reach real decision makers with a fraction of the effort previously needed."

Charlie was introduced to Dux-Soup by a friend and immediately saw the potential to use the Chrome extension on his own business as well as integrating Dux-Soup into digital campaigns for customers.

He says: “I was looking to tap in to a more efficient method of generating leads for Minty Digital and our customers. Joseph Kennedy of, swears by Dux-Soup for lead generation. I place a great deal of weight on personal recommendations and Joseph talked in such glowing terms about Dux-Soup I just had to see it. Once he had shown me how it works, I was keen to get stuck in and I haven’t looked back.”

Targeting the right audience

Charlie’s journey with Dux-Soup began with the creation of highly targeted campaigns to generate new marketing leads.

He explains, “Previously lead generation was so time consuming and expensive." Whilst the trade show route did lead to new business, using Dux-Soup alongside LinkedIn Premium enables a far superior approach for generating leads for Minty Digital and has consigned attending events to the bin.

One of the first projects Charlie undertook with Dux-Soup was to target SMEs in the construction trade such as builders, plumbers and electricians.

After setting the search criteria in LinkedIn, Dux-Soup visits the resulting profiles. Charlie sends creative and response driven automated connection messages. The typical follow up workflow might include sending social proof such as case studies, with the intention of securing a call.

"With the time that I get back, I can focus on servicing and meeting customer needs."

Charlie adds, “By targeting the right audience with a personalised message, we were quickly generating 10-20 leads each day using Dux-Soup. Once we speak to a prospect, we know they are highly interested. We often pitch a trial project so they can see the results we can deliver. Of the prospects taking up a trial, we usually retain 3 or 4 out of 5 as repeat customers."

“Today, using Dux-Soup is part of my daily working routine. I have setup a reminder to send 20 connection requests and personalised messages each day and I have steadily built up my LinkedIn network. Dux-Soup allows me to do growth hacking in a very efficient way. We can bypass the typical gatekeepers and reach real decision makers with a fraction of the effort previously needed.”

Proven ROI

Charlie appreciates the value that Dux-Soup brings to Minty Digital, and says, “Dux-Soup saves us time and effort when preparing seamless digital marketing campaigns."

"It is an efficient way of addressing the lead generation challenge. For the relatively modest cost that we pay, it delivers ROI that is literally off the scale. Dux-Soup has reduced my stress levels too now that I no longer have to pitch at those trade shows. With the time that I get back, I can focus on servicing and meeting customer needs.”

"The combination of Dux-Soup and LinkedIn gives us access to global markets."

Minty Digital is working on an exciting launch plan for Squat, a new mobile app that gives customers easy access to worldwide daily gym passes.

“The combination of Dux-Soup and LinkedIn gives us access to global markets. I can spin up a campaign in as little as 45 minutes, although I usually spend up to half a day setting everything up. This involves doing research on relevant job titles and geography which drives accurate targeting for our digital marketing campaigns.”

Accelerate growth hacking

Charlie concludes, “Dux-Soup is easy to use but there is also plenty of support online and a thriving Facebook user group is a great resource. I’ve been able to pick up best practice tips, exchange ideas and ask for advice from super users.

Digital marketing 2.0 requires a different mindset and this is where Dux-Soup comes in. It was a referral that initially led me to Dux-Soup and I would now personally recommend this LinkedIn automation tool without hesitation. It has proved to be a fantastic platform which accelerates growth hacking.

It allows you to achieve effective results with the minimum of fuss whilst retaining the ability to scale up as and when needed for lead generation projects across any industry. There is still so much more to Dux-Soup to be explored but we are already getting great results."

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