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Cut admin time by 66%
April 8, 2024

STAAJ Solutions

STAAJ Solutions' LinkedIn Master boosts CEO sales & cuts admin time by 66%

Accelerating growth and reducing admin time to a third, STAAJ solutions LinkedIn Master Charles Rein is doing just that and empowering CEOs globally. Charles is an entrepreneur and Sales Navigator coach with a multitude of business interests. His work with STAAJ Solutions has transformed the way business is done. He uses Dux-Soup to automate LinkedIn outreach to empower a CEO accelerator program to ensure SMB success.

His lifetime recruiting toolkit allows him access to the best candidates available to add to any team. By integrating Dux-Soup Turbo with Hubspot, he manages LinkedIn drip campaigns at scale with minimal effort, while maintaining a targeted approach. This has led to over 4,000 companies for STAAJ Solutions to engage with in their first year.

Great results on a small budget and even less time

Charles has built a network of 30,000 LinkedIn contacts.  However, activities such as researching, finding and connecting to potential contacts were time-consuming.  He says, “As a bootstrapped organization, I need tools and processes that can deliver great results on a small budget, and Dux-Soup gives us just that.  The automation allows me to scale up recruitment or business development campaigns in an efficient way, what’s more, I have cut the admin time required by 66%.”

Recruitment is naturally suited to LinkedIn and this is a straightforward use case for Charles.

Dux-Soup excels for recruitment.  If I was looking for a senior AI engineer, I could filter and target my campaigns to identify the right people and connect with them at scale.  

"I have also used Dux-Soup to build a network of 10,000 CEOs.  This is a readily accessible audience for business development campaigns for other service offerings.”

Up to 25 leads in less than a week

One of Charles’ business interests is a firm that provides operational excellence consulting.  The prospect target list includes women, minority and veteran-owned businesses, AI and machine learning, healthcare, robotics, and more.

For any given campaign, Charles uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator to create a filter with a combination of the above criteria to create the target list.  “Typically, Monday is spent setting up a campaign on Dux-Soup which then runs through until Friday afternoon.  When I look at the results, I might have 10-15 leads ready for me to follow up, all created by the drip campaigns,” adds Charles.

An example is a five-stage drip campaign that targets doctors who are robotic surgical experts in a particular field.  Although each Dux-Soup Turbo campaign is unique, it typically uses some or all of the following stages:

1.     Visit a target profile

2.     Send a connection message

3.     Endorse a skill

4.     Multiple follow-up messages at timed intervals

The drip campaigns are brilliant at giving you different touch points that enhance awareness.  I am a member of relevant industry groups and with my 30,000 connections, I use a neat hack to build engagement.  

"I start the connection request notes with: ‘Hi first name, I see that we have some groups and connections in common’. It’s almost certainly true and increases the chance of success.”

Delivering consistent response rates

When targeting people in the medical profession, Charles appreciates they have limited time so you have to make your messaging relevant. Removing a Calendly booking link from the campaign messaging saw engagement levels rise.  The drip campaign was enhanced to look like this:

●      Visit a target profile

●      1 day and 4 hours later send a connection request

●      On acceptance, wait 1 day and 2 hours and then send a ‘thanks for connecting’ note

●      3 days later, send a targeted follow-up message, talking about the surgical educational training platform that we are offering.

●      A further two messages are sent at varying intervals.

Charles states, “The Funnel Flow in the Turbo dashboard is brilliant for keeping an eye on my campaigns.  Looking at another recent campaign, 208 connection requests achieved a 29% connection success rate.  There were 22 follow-ups sent (36%) and from this five responded (8%). Each one got a personal response to continue the conversation. Or I can add them back in and let the drip campaign finish sending the messages."  

Dux-Soup is invaluable at giving me reach and the ability to get into these personalized individual conversations.

Pivoting the campaign strategy

Charles also runs LinkedIn outreach for two businesses that he has equity in.  He currently has Dux-Soup connected to Hubspot or Pipedrive depending on the business he is representing.

“The real benefit of using Dux-Soup Turbo is the ability to truly automate the process of finding and engaging with my target audience using LinkedIn.  I have a proven track record in building a relevant network and then engaging in conversations to meet the goals of each campaign such as to fill a recruitment vacancy or pitch a product or service.”

Charles can quickly pivot his campaign strategy, switching from recruitment to selling operational excellence consulting, and says “I can easily spin up a campaign that I know will deliver results.  This consistency is part of my personal brand and enables me to charge a retainer for my services.

I appreciate the ability to use Dux-Soup to clean out older connection requests.  Spending time on this as well as periodically deleting contacts helps ensure my LinkedIn account remains relevant.”

Making an impact beyond commercial profits

Charles utilizes Dux-Soup not only for business growth but to make a positive impact beyond commercial interests.  He concludes, “STAAJ commits to a minimum of two pro bono projects at all times. Right now, one is for Break The Cycle Global, a Montessori school mission in Kenya.  The drip campaigns target potential volunteers and donors.  Another cause close to my heart is the Vets2Industry program, assisting veterans transitioning into industrial jobs.

I love using Dux-Soup. If you are building out a marketing and outreach campaign, it's a robust LinkedIn automation tool that helps you engage with your target market using LinkedIn and automate the process of getting into conversations with the right decision-makers.

Like any tool though, the skill is in how you use it.  You can pick it up quickly with a little effort and now I leverage its capabilities very effectively.  It gives you clear visibility over your campaigns enabling you to track performance.”

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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