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$10 p/d winning CRM solution
December 14, 2022

The Prairie Group

The $10 Dux-Soup and Pipedrive sales automation process that leads to 3 new sales appointments per day

The Prairie Group, which launched in October 2018, builds and delivers dynamic CRM solutions to manage business challenges such as on-boarding, employee retention and development in the workplace.

The solutions, which are highly customized for businesses of all sizes, aim to increase client productivity, decrease employee turnover and enhance employee satisfaction. This could involve integration, customization, implementation, configuration, training, or workflow automation.

“Our top priority is to completely comprehend our partner's company objectives to ensure we build an effective and efficient CRM solution that is tailored to a clients’ needs”.
The challenge

Hiring and retaining entry level employees is extremely difficult, especially in sales roles. Working closely with their clients, The Prairie Group started to notice a trend.

“Too often employees were spending their entire day literally dialing for dollars. The number of cold calls that had to be made in order to get one success was staggering, and those who were successful, were not getting consistent results”.

The Prairie Group began to look into alternative ways for their clients to manage lead generation, and decided technology had to be the way forward. Although there were many tools on the market, they wanted a tool that required minimum human intervention.

The objective was to find prospects using SalesNavigator to load the contacts into a cadence and automate the engagement and lead nurture process to move them through the sales pipeline until an appointment was secured.

The Prairie Group did a google search for ‘LinkedIn Lead generation’ and ‘automation tools’ and discovered Dux-Soup Turbo.

Dux-Soup comes quacking

The Prairie Group attended a number of the free Dux-Soup webinars and before they knew it, they were converted! They started to use a combination of Dux-Soup, Pipedrive, Sales Navigator and Calendly to manage their own sales pipeline and schedule appointments.

As a relatively new company, this solution was integral in growing their own sales pipeline whilst keeping expenses down.

“In the first month alone, we averaged a minimum of three new appointments per day and added over 150 new contacts on LinkedIn. This simply wouldn’t have been possible without automating our outreach using Dux-Soup”.

Having tried and tested it themselves, they were in the perfect position to offer this solution to their clients – and in particular, start-up companies.  

The benefits of using Dux-Soup with Pipedrive

Using the Dux-Soup/Pipedrive integration, LinkedIn contacts are added straight into Pipedrive, alleviating the task of importing contacts manually. This allows The Prairie Group to track the sales process, enroll prospects into campaigns and also send LinkedIn messages – all directly from Pipedrive. By applying selected filters, they can also manage email marketing campaigns to selected LinkedIn contacts, for both themselves and their clients.  

In essence by using these tools within a structured workflow, The Prairie Group has put together an integrated sales system to nurture relationships, for longer term gain. With Dux-Soup Turbo, they can automate:

    1.     LinkedIn connection requests

    2.     Creation and execution of LinkedIn outreach campaigns, sending up to eleven messages to generate sales appointments and increase followers.

    3.     Management of the sales process via Pipedrive

    4.     Management of email marketing activities using Pipedrive’s “Campaign” feature

“The best part is the total cost of the solution. It includes Dux-Soup, Pipedrive, LinkedIn Navigator and Calendly – and yet, it is less than $10.00 per day. This has allowed us to grow The Prairie Group and invest our resources in other projects. We use Dux-Soup for Lead generation to nurture client prospecting, and it doesn’t disappoint. Our longer-than-average sales cycle, means we experience consistent, controlled growth – and this is exactly what we want.

The $10 CRM solution that leads to 3 new sales appointments per day

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