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An enquiry a day with Dux-Soup
September 28, 2022

Ideas First

A qualified enquiry every day via LinkedIn thanks to Dux-Soup.

Ideas First, a product innovation agency, uses Dux-Soup with LinkedIn to expand its portfolio of clients. In the 22 years since their inception, Dux-Soup has proved to be the most cost-effective lead generation tool in their arsenal, allowing them to connect with, and develop relationships with, Heads of Innovation at large companies.

Engaging with senior decision makers at this level is a time-consuming activity that, according to Ideas First, requires relevant content, timely contact and in some cases, a lot of persistence. Using Dux-Soup, Ideas First can automate their early-stage LinkedIn outreach and nurture prospects until a response is triggered.

“Dux-Soup enables me to use LinkedIn in a much more effective way. The speed of creating campaigns, and the wonderful ability to auto-enrol prospects means that I have uncovered and nurtured leads that I just wouldn’t have had time to otherwise.”

Saving cost, saving time and scaling results = the perfect mix.

Ideas First uses Dux-Soup for dual purposes; to grow their network and to generate leads. By adopting key features of Dux-Soup Turbo they are able to automate the manual activity, saving time and scaling their results to:

  1. Generate new connections from Sales Navigator. Targeting Heads of Innovation at companies with over 1000 employees, they generate a 15-20% connection rate.
  2. Nurture targeted prospects using Dux-Soup’s tagging feature to segment 1st degree connections. A nurture campaign consisting of highly relevant blogs and articles, delivered over a 30-day period yields a 2-3% response rate. Ideas First can in this way position themselves as creative facilitation experts.

Ideas First has been through a lead generation journey consisting of manual email and LinkedIn outreach activity before discovering Dux-Soup. Dux-Soup allows them to generate leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a fraction of their previous cost.

“Being able to auto-enrol prospects into drip campaigns cost me £300/month with Hubspot, but with Dux-Soup it’s only £44/month. That’s a huge cost saving, and it’s delivering us more leads than ever.”

An enquiry a day with Dux-Soup

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