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Convert 15% of your connections
May 26, 2023

Tracy Enos

Tracy Enos

Tracy Enos is a brand in herself with her LinkedIn coaching, consultancy, podcasting, and presenting.

Author of the international bestselling book LinkedIn Publishing to Profits, her 5-step guide to winning high-paid clients has been read by thousands. Tracy is also a LinkedIn power user as designated by LinkedIn, and part of their team of 1400 trusted LinkedIn advisors.

Her business has helped clients to generate millions of dollars across multiple industries.

Tracy ❤️ Dux-Soup

Tracy discovered Dux-Soup in 2014 and has since become an avid fan. Having tried Dux-Soup in the early days, Tracy then tried other tools, only to come back - and stay back!

For Tracy, the Dux-Soup Pro plan gives her everything she needs to achieve her goals. A high-touch solution, required sparingly is what Tracy is looking for with her campaigns, which drive leads into her coaching business.

Tracy’s Dux-Soup approach is two-fold:

Targeting 1st degree connections

  1. Use Sales Navigator to segment 1st degree connections into lists.
  2. Create a message that is applicable to the segment, ensuring that the list is checked first for relevancy.
  3. Use Dux-Soup to send out 50-200 messages daily to the list of connections. (By limiting the number of daily sends, Tracy keeps her account healthy).
  4. When someone responds to Tracy’s message, it’s time to take it manual. Tracy is looking to take the conversation offline over email or a phone call, so she can get personal

Strategizing (with OpenProfiles)

  1. Sales Navigator is required here to see who has an OpenProfile
  2. Join LinkedIn groups that contain your perfect customers
  3. You can send 40-50 free InMails every day to contacts within your group using Sales Navigator. Here’s where Dux-Soup comes in. Tick the box to ‘automatically send an InMail when you visit a profile’. Once your personalized message is set up, it will automatically send
  4. Turn on the ‘skip if not an OpenProfile member’ option in the Dux-Soup skipping tab
  5. You can automatically send InMails to profiles now by automating the ‘visit’ function. Dux-Soup will automatically send your InMails for you
  6. Test different messages to this audience to see what gets the best response rate
  7. Sit back and wait for leads to come in

Tracy’s LinkedIn Success

Targeting 1st degree connections

Tracy’s strategy to target 1st degree connections and offer them her LinkedIn profile checklist for free had huge success. 

From her 10,000 contacts, she has generated 1,500 leads using Dux-Soup. These profiles can all be downloaded by Dux-Soup or transferred straight to a CRM system for multi-channel marketing strategies, aimed at driving conversion. 

Targeting OpenProfiles

When it comes to targeting OpenProfiles, Tracy has generated thousands of dollars in revenue for her customers including $600k projects! 

Tracy states that “The potential of Dux-Soup Pro is fantastic, as long as you use it consistently.”

The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

As part of her approach to helping customers uncover business opportunities from LinkedIn, Tracy knows that having a really good LinkedIn profile is the best starting point.

Her proprietary HEAT method (shared for free in a Dux-Soup webinar), gives you the perfect LinkedIn profile from which to springboard your LinkedIn lead generation.

Discover Tracy Enos’s HEAT method and her 5 LinkedIn profile tips to attract the perfect clients.

“Having tested the LinkedIn automation market, I chose Dux-Soup because it allows me to scale my LinkedIn activity 10 fold and STILL saves me time, all at a really low price point. For business growth, it’s my #1 must-have tool”. 

LinkedIn power user shares tips that help generate millions of dollars for clients

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