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3000% increase in results
September 16, 2022

White rabbit

White Rabbit boosts LinkedIn lead gen results by 3,000% using Dux-Soup with AI

White Rabbit Intel provides game changing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence solutions at an affordable price point. Using Dux-Soup, they increased their LinkedIn engagement by 250%. By building ideal personas with White Rabbit’s AI and adding that to the Dux-Soup outreach, the company was able to zero in on its target audience on LinkedIn – sending results skyrocketing by 3,000%.

The sales team generates 30 meetings a week from Dux-Soup with both direct sales and partner opportunities, closing opportunities within 1-2 meetings.

“After 3 weeks of using Dux-Soup, I saw a 250% increase in the success rate of my LinkedIn engagement”

White Rabbit uses Dux-Soup to connect with potential decision makers on LinkedIn, network at scale and identify potential joint marketing opportunities such as podcasts and events.

Before Dux-Soup, everything they did on LinkedIn was manual, which was time consuming and tedious. With Dux- Soup’s automation capabilities they save 5 or 6x their time, allowing them to do more work, in less time and double productivity.  

A touch of personality works.

New sales staff start with the Free Edition. Once they are familiar with it, they upgrade to Dux- Soup Pro in order to use the more powerful and advanced messaging and connection features. 

White Rabbit’s connection strategy reflects the personality of the person sending them. What works for one salesperson won’t necessarily work for a colleague. Their approach works - with a connection success rate of around 60%, compared to 2% from an average sales and marketing lead generation campaign.

Followed up with a strong content strategy, White Rabbit continually engages with its audience on LinkedIn, safe in the knowledge that relevant content is in front of interested people at all times. 

Dux-Soup allows White Rabbit to spend more time with people who are more likely to have positive interactions. Taking care of the heavy lifting by automating the early stage outreach frees up the sales team to spend their time more productively on later stage selling, relationship building, leading and managing.

“The improvement in results when using Dux-Soup with custom messages and automated outreach blew me away. The addition of our targeting analytics to Dux-Soup’s automation capabilities boosted our results 3,000%. In a word, it is incredible, and we couldn’t have achieved this any other way.”

3000% increase in LinkedIn results

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