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Agency doubles revenue
September 14, 2022

The Blurb

Agency doubles its revenue in 2 years thanks to Dux-Soup

The Blurb is a results-driven marketing agency with a keen eye on using cutting-edge technology to scale results for customers. With the help of Dux-Soup’s power in driving growth programs, the agency has doubled in revenue over the past 2 years.

The Blurb’s approach is to strip out time and cost by keeping labour-intensive, repetitive marketing workflow tasks to a minimum. This has proven to be successful in growing client accounts.

Responding to a rise in demand for ‘done for you’ LinkedIn services, The Blurb looked for a LinkedIn automation tool that could help them to increase LinkedIn lead generation results for clients. Dux-Soup was one of the recommendations, and found to be the best for the job.

“As part of our commitment to improve ROI for clients, we considered a number of LinkedIn automation tools, but none come close to Dux-Soup in terms of their capabilities. Dux-Soup not only helps us to offer clients innovative marketing strategies, it allows us to demonstrate evidence of strong ROI and growth for clients.”

Dux-Soup has since become a key tool in maximizing ROI for clients from LinkedIn. The Blurb has successfully used Dux-Soup to help deliver a number of client objectives, including:

1. Generating quotes and sales leads

2. Nurturing 1st degree relationships, promoting content and webinars to increase website traffic

3. Top of the funnel activities to drive brand awareness

4. Building and growing targeted databases

5. Growing LinkedIn connections and company followers

Dux-Soup has delivered considerable time and cost-saving benefits to The Blurb, contributing to their 100% customer retention rate.

The direct integration with Hubspot and Pipedrive means that LinkedIn lead generation campaigns can be easily run from within client CRM systems. LinkedIn data can be fed directly in, which allows for continuous database growth and enrichment.


Multi-channel marketing strategies combining LinkedIn, email and telephone follow-up have proven to increase result over standalone campaigns. Being able to control everything from a central CRM system is hugely beneficial to the client, whilst they maintain full control of the data.


With Dux-Soup's advanced reporting and analysis, The Blurb can see which campaigns have performed best and A/B test different target audiences and campaign messaging. It gives the agency the power to quickly see which LinkedIn campaigns have the biggest and fastest impact on customer acquisition, enabling them to drive better results.

Results that speak for themselves

For The Blurb, trackable campaign stats and measurable conversion rates in Dux-Soup's Funnel Flow dashboard means that they can attribute results directly to their activity. Dux-Soup delivers the ability to cut through the uncertainty of whether or not a marketing campaign has been effective. 

Customers of The Blurb have posed some unique marketing challenges, including targeting very specific markets e.g. Holiday Let Owners. Here, The Blurb has been able to combine the powers of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dux-Soup to come up with creative solutions to increasing brand awareness and market share.


“ I have managed to find and tag a LinkedIn audience of Holiday Let owners in the UK, and export the data. The only way I have been able to create a list of such targeted prospects, is by using Dux-Soup. The next phase is to create a LinkedIn and email campaign to these profiles in order to generate awareness and sales for the client when the product launches – and we’ll obviously use Dux-Soup for this too."


Something as simple as tagging LinkedIn profiles to segment data and create audiences has made campaigns more targeted, with the ability to send ongoing nurture campaigns, event details and reminders to prospects.

Another client was looking to generate sales appointments at the top end of their sales funnel. Running drip campaigns with Dux-Soup to include event invitations and relevant content helps to raise credibility, and slowly nurture suitable prospects into the sales funnel. Combined with SalesNavigator for account mapping, Dux-Soup can cross-target multiple contacts within larger organizations. It’s more of a relationship building approach with multiple, softer touches.


“LinkedIn holds so much potential for B2B companies, that for some sales teams it’s really about understanding how to make the best use of such an extensive platform. I can create seamless workflows between customer CRM systems and LinkedIn so that sales teams have centralized visibility of every message sent and response received. By creating more personalized lead generation campaigns that nurture prospects, I am seeing better results via LinkedIn than traditional email outreach and would really recommend anyone give Dux-Soup a try.

“We love the fact that we can drive measurable results on LinkedIn using Dux-Soup. It gives us stronger justification of our value, and makes us feel hugely satisfied in the work we do for our clients. Being ahead of the game and offering skills that clients don’t have in-house makes us that bit more indispensable".

Agency doubles its turnover with Dux-Soup

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