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10% conversion to meeting
March 15, 2023


Unomaly automates lead generation and boosts sales pipeline with Dux-Soup

Usability drives good lead generation

Unomaly is a technology company that helps customers automate the analysis of vast amounts of data created by enterprise systems. It has used Dux-Soup in combination with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to automate lead generation. Unomaly has built a strong pipeline of opportunities whilst freeing up more time for actively prospecting, booking meetings and closing sales.

Alfie Utting works in a Sales Development role at Unomaly. The company’s tech automatically and continuously learns the normal behaviour of any IT system to help teams detect and respond to virtually any foreseen or unforeseen incident or outage. Customers span 16 different countries and industries including finance, gaming and energy.

With a lengthy sales cycle, the initial goal is to encourage prospects to first sign up to a trial. Lead generation used to rely on researching prospects, copying and pasting contacts, email campaigns and outbound calling. However, a recommendation led Alfie to look at LinkedIn automation tools:

“I wanted a smarter way to approach our lead generation activities so that I can fill my pipeline more easily. That’s exactly what I get with Dux-Soup. I have first hand experience now of all the major LinkedIn automation tools but in terms of usability and flexibility, Dux-Soup knocks them all out of the park.”

Kissing the frogs

In order to get to a good place with Dux-Soup, Alfie had to kiss a lot of frogs in the LinkedIn automation world.

“I tried outsourcing lead generation on LinkedIn to an agency. I then looked at various LinkedIn automation tools. They were either too clunky, difficult to navigate or just plain hard to use. That’s why Dux- Soup was like a breath of fresh air. The interface is clear and simple and it gives you greater control over your lead generation activity.”

Armed with a powerful automation tool, Alfie needed to reassess his lead generation techniques, “I realised that in order to get the most out of using LinkedIn for prospecting, I had to ‘up my game’ and Dux-Soup played a key role in sharpening up my approach such as personalising connection messages to increase engagement levels. Structured, automated campaigns allow Dux- Soup to take the strain in terms of automating outreach and I then focus on qualifying and progressing opportunities.”

Alfie uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator filters to target a region such as the Nordics and zeroes in on a specific company size. “The search criteria in LinkedIn Sales Navigator enable me to target C-level execs even though you would think they might be difficult to connect with. By filtering for people that have posted recently or changed job in the last 90 days I can engage with the most active LinkedIn users.”

Targeting the resulting profiles is child’s plays, as Alfie says, “Dux-Soup’s automation capabilities allow me to send a personalised connection message that introduces Unomaly and simply asks if the contact is open to connecting. There is no strong sales call to action at this stage as my objective is to start building a relationship.”

Playing the numbers game

In the current quarter, the majority of leads in Alfie’s pipeline have come from his LinkedIn lead generation campaigns, “Previously it would have taken days upon days of effort to achieve this but with Dux-Soup, I get even better results and it takes just 5% of the time.

By automating time consuming outreach, I can concentrate more time on the selling and Dux-Soup gets me in front of my prospects far more quickly now by combining lead generation at scale with a personalised approach.

I get a 20% success rate on connection requests which I follow up immediately with the aim of booking a demo. From the connection acceptances, 10% lead to a meeting and we have a 15% conversion from meeting to trial. Dux-Soup gives us global reach and we are well advanced with a prospect that could be worth £50k, from a company outside of our core geographies.

Contacts that I am following up with have already had one or two touches from our campaign. By the time we actually speak, the leads have been nicely warmed up and people are more receptive as a result. It really helps open up the conversation as I can reference what I already know about their recent LinkedIn activity too.”

Accelerating sales growth

Alfie is enthusiastic about his Chrome-based browser extension:

“I read that in sales, ‘life doesn’t get easier, you just get better’ and Dux-Soup has helped me to get better at what I do. It has been personally beneficial in my career.

I work in a team environment but as I am now generating more leads, I’m able to retain more of these to work on directly. Dux-Soup gives me the agility to rapidly spin up a campaign. I can hit my quota of leads more quickly and I am so much more efficient at building a strong pipeline of prospects that progress to meetings.

I would definitely recommend Dux-Soup in combination with LinkedInSales Navigator to any business development professional that wants an efficient machine to accelerate the sales cycle.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of working with Dux-Soup is that you can speak directly with the guy who built the company. The advice that I got in just one conversation was incredibly useful, and helped to refine and further improve how I am generating leads.”

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Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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