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Save 2-3 hours per list build
October 31, 2022


Boosting efficiency for the Sales team so they can focus on what matters. Developing relationships and closing deals.

Headquartered in the US and serving over 1000+ customers worldwide, Ceros provides tools and services that empower companies to create interactive content with unparalleled ease and efficiency, driving customer engagement to new levels.

Pitch decks, landing pages, quizzes, product demos, microsites, and everything in-between – Ceros creates exceptional interactive experiences and stunning data visualizations allowing marketing teams to scale and optimize their digital content across all customer touchpoints.

Ceros turned to Dux-Soup to help their sales teams create and manage prospect lists for better targeting and more successful outreach. They wanted to eliminate some of the redundant tasks associated with prospecting to focus more time on working opportunities and closing deals.

Trawling through company names and job titles was taking the sales team hours which meant less time engaging with the right people and working real opportunities.

“Within 3 months of using Dux-Soup, the sales teams were building lists 5 times faster, saving 2-3 hours per list. This means our sales teams get valuable time back in their day.” Gabriella Fishkind, Director of Sales Development

Reach customers first

The acceleration of digital marketing has increased the need for content creation platforms like Ceros.

As the sales team at Ceros works across several industries and geographic markets, Dux-Soup has become a vital part of their lead generation process, accelerating their ability to reach potential customers. They regularly leverage features such as exporting, filtering, and revisiting data based on set criteria so they can keep a laser-sharp focus on their targets.

“We live by Jeb Blount’s mantra at Ceros - you have 8 golden hours a day to make a difference. With Dux-Soup we have made significant efficiency gains that give time back to the sales team to focus on more valuable tasks” Gabriella Fishkind, Director of Sales Development

Sales teams save 2-3 hours per list build

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