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Automated lead generation
September 14, 2022

Master Funding Solutions

Building a sustainable customer acquisition machine with Dux-Soup

Master Funding Solutions has a niche offering, providing business loans to start-up entrepreneurs that are finding it hard to get credit -to the value of between $50,000 and $20,000.

Think of Master Funding Solutions as business enablers. Without an established credit history, the very nature of accessing funding for start-ups is challenging and can prevent a business from even getting off the ground.

Where 85% of entrepreneurs would have previously been left empty handed, not qualifying for a loan, Master Funding Solutions has turned the tables, boasting an impressive 85% qualifying success rate with their product.

The surge in USA based start-ups as a result of Covid-19 has increased the demand for alternative funding, creating opportunity in the market that Master Funding Solutions is keen to harness.

Customer acquisition

Finding a lead generation strategy to deliver a consistent stream of qualified prospects was key to the growth of the business, and to maximising the opportunity presented.

This strategy priorities the following key elements:

- Low time investment - running a lean business means resources are limited

- High conversion rates

- Short sales cycle with minimal touch points to generate a meeting

- A consistent flow of opportunities for business stability

Looking for a sustainable way to identify entrepreneurs and engage with them to raise awareness of this product, Master Funding Solutions decided that LinkedIn would be a core platform for them, along with testing other social media platforms like Facebook.

Automating the lead generation process as much as possible would mean that time savings could be made, which could then be invested in direct communication with prospects, authorising funding and closing deals.

Testing Dux-Soup and LinkedIn as a lead generation solution alongside other channels and social platforms including Facebook, Master Funding Solutions quickly found Dux-Soup to out-perform the other channels. It delivered the highest conversion rates combined with a low time investment and short sales cycle.

“I instantly found conversion rates using Dux-Soup with LinkedIn to be much higher than Facebook and other channels. It meant we could double down on this growth strategy and scale results faster.”

Master Funding Solutions began using Dux-Soup Pro in 2019, and over this time has created workflows that work to deliver all of their lead generation requirements.

Automating LinkedIn lead generation with Dux-Soup forms the most successful new business generation strategy – saving time, delivering high conversion rates and requiring minimal involvement in the early stages of prospect identification and outreach.

Compared to Facebook, conversion rates using LinkedIn with Dux-Soup are much higher. And having refined their workflow, keeping a simplicity to the process, it is now seamless, consistent and successful, delivering:

1. 1-2 leads per week

2. Direct meetings, booked straight into the diary using Dux-Soup for messaging

3. 30-40 new connections a week

4. A prospect database of leads for nurturing.

With only 3% of business owners are looking to raise capital at any time, nurturing a database of business owners forms a longer-term strategy for Master Funding Solutions– raising their brand awareness for future requirements and keeping front of mind with prospects.

Dux-Soup Pro value

For Master Funding Solutions, the value delivered by Dux-Soup is unquestionable. Dux-Soup Pro is a tool that is used to send personalised connection requests to LinkedIn prospects, deliver follow-up messages introducing the brand, and offer prospects a meeting to discuss ‘enabling’ the future of their business by accessing funding. This whole process is set to run automatically to targeted entrepreneurs, saving significant amounts of time.

By exporting LinkedIn profiles visited, an ever-growing database of opportunity ensures a more robust future for Master Funding Solutions.

Explore our Pro plan today to start scaling your business.

“The value delivered by using Dux-Soup really is unquestionable. Along with the immediate opportunities generated for our business, it helps keep our brand front of mind for when prospects may be looking for funding in the future”

Building an effective and sustainable customer acquisition machine with Dux-Soup.

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