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Automated lead generation
September 14, 2022

Master Funding Solutions

Building a sustainable customer acquisition machine with Dux-Soup

Master Funding Solutions specializes in business loans for start-up entrepreneurs that find it difficult to obtain credit, boasting an 85% success rate in securing funding. In 2019, following a surge of start-ups in the market as a result of Covid_19, they turned to Dux-Soup to help drive a sustainable growth program for their business in response to the increase in market demand.

Testing Dux-Soup and LinkedIn as a lead generation solution alongside other channels and social platforms including Facebook, Master Funding Solutions quickly found Dux-Soup to out-perform the other channels. It delivered the highest conversion rates combined with a low time investment and short sales cycle.

“I instantly found conversion rates using Dux-Soup with LinkedIn to be much higher than Facebook and other channels. It meant we could double down on this growth strategy and scale results faster.”

With 3% of business owners looking to raise funding at any one time, Master Funding Solutions wanted to develop a prospect list that could offer future growth potential in addition to uncovering fast turnaround leads. With Dux-Soup Pro, they successfully achieved their objectives to:

  1. Generate 1-2 quality leads every week
  2. Book direct meetings straight into the diary
  3. Add 30-40 new connections to their network each week
  4. Build and develop a database of business owners that they could nurture for future opportunity.

A simple strategy that works

Master Funding Solutions uses Dux-Soup Pro to send personalized connection invitations to entrepreneurs on LinkedIn. Once a connection is made, follow-up messages introduce the brand, offering a meeting to discuss ‘enabling’ the future of their business’ by accessing funding. 

This whole process runs automatically, saving significant amounts of time. By exporting LinkedIn profiles visited, an ever-growing database of opportunity ensures a more robust future for Master Funding Solutions.

“The value delivered by using Dux-Soup really is unquestionable. Along with the immediate opportunities generated for our business, it helps keep our brand front of mind for when prospects may be looking for funding in the future”

Building an effective and sustainable customer acquisition machine with Dux-Soup.

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