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75% time saving with Dux-Soup
September 14, 2022

Davidson Gray

Scaling recruitment businesses with Dux-Soup

Davidson Gray, a UK recruitment start-up investor, recommends Dux-Soup’s LinkedIn automation tool to help recruitment agencies to scale faster.

By automating LinkedIn activity as part of a strategy to increase sales and marketing effectiveness, Davidson Gray shows recruitment start-ups how to increase revenue whilst minimizing cost to their business.

Under the guidance of Davisdon Gray, Dux-Soup has proven to offer recruitment businesses significant benefits of: 

  1. Increased brand awareness; connecting with more potential clients and candidates in a personalized manner. 
  2. Improved efficiency; reducing time invested in candidate research and placement. Outreach that typically takes half a day can be done in less than 1 hour. 
  3. Better customer communication; improving client retention rates by communicating regular updates with existing customers. 
  4. New client acquisition; increasing credibility through the sharing of industry specific content and e-books.

About Davidson Gray

Davidson Gray supports recruitment professionals in starting up their own recruitment businesses.  By sponsoring talented recruiters, Davidson Gray provides all of the advice and resources required to start running a recruitment agency. This enables recruitment professionals to focus on their core skill of recruiting, safe in the knowledge that they have an expert team running the business in the background.

LinkedIn and the recruitment sector

LinkedIn has long been a powerful tool for the recruitment sector, providing access to over 500 million professionals and offering the opportunity to connect with both clients and candidates on the same platform. The ability to harness its potential effectively is a real enabler for the recruitment sector, something which Davidson Gray has identified and specializes in coaching on.

LinkedIn automation tools empower recruiters to scale their outreach, finding and communicating with both clients and candidates faster, whist minimizing the time-consuming legwork of manually viewing profiles and sending individual connection requests and messages.

Rhys Jones, Managing Director of Davidson Gray, feels that recruitment consultants can be more efficient at scaling, stating, “scaling is where a business increases revenue without the need for a substantial increase in resources. I feel that the recruitment industry is missing a huge opportunity to scale faster with smart marketing.”

Dux-Soup generates leads by plugging in to LinkedIn and sending automated messages to a target audience. With Dux-Soup, outreach that typically takes half a day can be done in less than 1 hour.”

Automating recruitment marketing

Davidson Gray uses Dux-Soup Pro to automate the more time-consuming initial elements of their LinkedIn outreach process. Dux-Soup offers the capability to:

1. Send automated connection requests to prospects that meet specific search criteria. Davidson Gray uses LinkedIn Premium, whilst their partners may also use LinkedIn Recruiter to create highly targeted lists of contacts they want to communicate with. Once these lists have been refined, Dux-Soup Pro automatically sends personalised connection requests to contacts. Automating this task saves Davidson Gray a huge amount of time, with which they can then focus towards the second stage of the outreach process, whilst maintaining strong acceptance rates.

2. Automate LinkedIn messages to 1st degree connections. Using Dux-Soup to tag LinkedIn profiles, Davidson Gray can send targeted messages to customers containing business updates and industry news. Segmenting their contacts improves the relevancy of content, resulting in a higher engagement rate.  Davidson Gray used Dux-Soup Pro in this way to promote their recent eBook “How to Set Up a Recruitment Business” and enhance credibility and generate leads. Inviting contacts to follow their page has also resulted in a 100% uplift in company followers for one of their partners.

3. For customers (known as partners), Davidson Gray recommends Dux-Soup as a tool to identify candidates that may be suitable for placements and to automate initial outreach messages for lead generation. Recruitment agencies that nurture their candidate pool well with Dux-Soup can work much more efficiently, spending more time on the later stages of their placements, and less time on identifying new candidates.  This proved to deliver exceptional results when creating a new desk in a previously untouched geography.  

Working smarter

Davidson Gray advises recruitment businesses that the use of technology can save time and get better results at a relatively low cost. Together, these benefits will improve efficiency, classed as scaling. They warn however that the use of technology will only work if your team buys into them.

So, choose a tool and commit to using it to its fullest potential. Along with a good CRM system and job vacancy platform, Rhys Jones recommends automating LinkedIn activity with Dux-Soup in his blog on how to scale your recruitment company.

Rhys explains, “Dux-Soup generates leads by plugging in to LinkedIn and sending automated messages to a target audience.  It’s great for reaching out to potential clients and candidates, plus keeping LinkedIn connections updated with your business.”

Having tested out a range of automation tools, the company selected Dux-Soup as the most effective tool for recruitment companies, commenting “we have tested a range of LinkedIn automation tools, but this one has given us the most success both in the UK and Europe.”

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“We have tested a range of LinkedIn automation tools, but this one has given us the most success both in the UK and Europe.”

Building an effective and sustainable customer acquisition machine with Dux-Soup.

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