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1000 new prospects in weeks
September 14, 2022

Policy Powerhouse

Dux-Soup is key enabler for new insurance product launch

Policy Powerhouse specializes in non-standard insurance products. Their state-of-the-art platform makes the insurance buying process easier, reducing the time taken to purchase insurance from days to minutes.

When launching their new holiday let insurance, Policy Powerhouse turned to Dux-Soup to reduce the time taken to bring the product to market. Using Dux-Soup, marketing could create a targeted database of holiday let owners, connect with this audience on LinkedIn and communicate the launch of the product with them via both LinkedIn and email. 

The benefit? Instant momentum for the product when it was released and a pipeline of quotes.

“Finding a very specific audience of holiday let owners was the first challenge for Policy Powerhouse. Dux-Soup has been a key enabler to finding these prospects, connecting with them and reaching out to them in a way no other tool can.’

In the build up to the launch, Dux-Soup Pro was used to:

1. Grow a LinkedIn network of holiday let owner connections. This would raise brand awareness and improve the visibility of company announcements, product launch news and marketing messages once the product launched. 

2. Build an email database of holiday let owners. Dux-Soup’s ability to collect and download email addresses was instrumental towards building a database that could be used for email marketing. 

3. Seek interest from connections that could provide early feedback on the Holiday Lets product. 

Within just a few weeks, Policy Powerhouse had created a database with over 1000 prospects, plus also identified affiliate and partner prospects which would be useful for referral business. Each profile was tagged to allow it to be enrolled into the right campaign. With a rapidly growing network of connections within the industry, Policy Powerhouse had an organic channel for their product launch news.

A Momentous Launch

With the groundwork in place, Policy Powerhouse upgraded to the Turbo license, so they could run multi-touch campaigns, communicating the launch of the product.

Profile tags, added by Dux-Soup, allowed Policy Powerhouse to automate the enrollment of prospects, by tag, into their relevant campaigns: 

1. Holiday let owners - promoting the new product and driving users to get a quote / buy the product. 

2. Affiliates – promoting the affiliate scheme which could earn them a referral commission as an added revenue stream. 

3. Partners – offering product partnership that would create added value for their customers. This market was also suitable for their cancellation insurance for holiday let owners which they could cross-promote.

On launch day, the website received 3 x the amount of traffic to the Policy Powerhouse website, and the campaign has driven an ongoing steady flow of quotations.

“The value of Dux-Soup to our launch program has been exceptional. There’s still plenty more scope for the tool, including approaching journalists for PR purposes, making it a key tool in our marketing strategy. I’d highly recommend it to any small businesses looking to grow their presence and sales”

Key enabler for new product launch

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