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The Dux-Soup API

Integrate the power of LinkedIn automation

What is the Dux-Soup API?

The Dux-Soup API is an open API included in Dux-Soup Turbo. It allows you to integrate LinkedIn outreach into your sales and marketing campaigns – for instance:

  • Send automated connection requests when a prospect reads your content; such as a blog, newsletter or point of view
  • Send your prospect a direct message when you’re launching a new product or service
  • Keep a record in your CRM of each message you send and receive in LinkedIn
  • Grab the up-to-date LinkedIn profile information for your CRM when you get a connection request.

Seamless, effortless and more productive lead generation!

How Does it Work?

The Dux-Soup API works by creating a 2-way communication channel between your existing CRM or marketing automation tools and LinkedIn.

The Dux-Soup API Enriches Your Lead Automation Process

It uses Webhooks and Remote Control features to send automated messages/actions and receives vital prospect information from LinkedIn


With Dux-Soup Webhooks you can send details of various events that occur in LinkedIn, like visiting and connecting, to other systems that you are using to manage and monitor your lead generation efforts. Events that are supported include:

  • ‘visit’ events - deliver structured profile data of profiles you view
  • ‘action’ events - deliver details of the actions that you take on profiles, so you can easily keep track of them.
  • ‘message’ events - delivers all messages you send and receive in LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Message box.

Details of these and other events can be found here.

Remote Control

With Dux-Soup Remote Control you can control activity in LinkedIn from any other system that you use for managing your marketing and sales activity. As an example, you can trigger the sending of a connection request (including a personalised message) to a specific profile in LinkedIn from Hubspot. Activity that is supported includes:

  • View a Profile -  to automatically open a profile in LinkedIn
  • Invite a Profile -  to send a connections request, including a personalised message
  • Message a Profile - to send a direct message to a 1st degree connection in LinkedIn

Details of these and other commands can be found here.

Where can I get the Dux-Soup API?

The Dux-Soup API is part of Dux-Soup Turbo and is an Open API available to anyone who has purchased this product.

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