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Better than a Virtual Assistant
March 29, 2023

Da Costa Coaching

Da Costa Coaching saves vital time by automating LinkedIn lead generation

Da Costa Coaching is a specialist business coach and online educator.

Its founder has used Dux-Soup to automate LinkedIn lead generation. The nifty Chrome extension has reduced the time needed for lead generation by 80% and, thanks to a 60% connection acceptance rate, it has doubled the number of high quality connections that match the ideal target audience - all in less than 4 months.

The secret is automation

Rob Da Costa built and then sold a successful tech PR agency to focus on his passion - coaching and mentoring.

He has helped over 350 marketing and creative agencies to accelerate growth by focusing on value. Previous clients have reported a 66% increase in profitability in just six months.

Rob uses a varied marketing toolkit such as content marketing, online advertising, local networking groups and partnering with selected organisations. However, advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook proved to be expensive and finding high quality leads was slow and time consuming.

Dux-Soup saves so much time and allows me to focus on running my business and publishing good quality content

There had to be a better way as he explains, “I am a big fan of productivity tools and preach the 4 Ds to my clients when it comes to managing busy to do lists:

‘Ditch it’,

‘Delegate it’,

‘Defer it’ or

‘Do it’.

I have now added a 5th element and that is ‘Automate it’. Dux-Soup fits perfectly into this philosophy, it genuinely is an amazing automated LinkedIn lead gen platform.

Dux-Soup Pro saves so much time and allows me to focus on running my business and publishing good quality content. The cost is negligible compared to the benefits that it brings to my business.”

Better than a VA

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is used to zero in on the target audience. This could be partners or owners of agencies such as PR, graphic design, web design, content marketing, advertising, etc.

Company size is important too - the sweet spot is 2-30 staff. These companies are established but might be needing help with achieving the next phase of growth.

Rob adds, “There are probably three to four thousand UK companies that meet my criteria so there is still a long way to go before I have the entire market! I progressively filter until I have 300-400 results which is a manageable size for a campaign.

Dux-Soup works brilliantly with Sales Navigator when it comes to boosting my network with viable prospects that match my target profile. Once I have set the filters in Sales Navigator, it is so easy to use Dux-Soup to visit profiles and send a personalised connection message which resonates with my target audience.

Crucially, I never look to ‘sell’ in these opening messages. It’s all about starting a relationship, demonstrating credibility and building trust. That’s why I get a 60% connection acceptance rate.

I drive prospects to my website where unique content is gated with access via a very simple contact form. On average, 40% of new connections engage with me outside of LinkedIn.

By moving the conversation in this direction, I have more control over the relationship. The beauty of Dux-Soup is that it allows me to be very consistent with the scale of my outreach and significantly reduces the amount of effort that goes into lead generation, with a clear focus on quality not quantity."

Integrated approach

Rob prefers an integrated marketing approach and states, “you need multiple touch points with your target audience over time. I have a database of 1400 people that I email once a week. But I periodically use Dux-Soup to send messages to my first connections if I have a genuinely new piece of content that I think could add value, such as an eBook.

This complements the email marketing which uses longer copy. The LinkedIn messages represent another engagement channel for prospects. Dux-Soup’s automation capabilities enable a much more personalised approach while working at scale on LinkedIn. Building trust takes time and that’s where Dux-Soup excels at managing a precisely targeted outreach campaign.”

I would estimate Dux-Soup reduces the time I need to spend on LinkedIn by as much as 80%.
Small cost but big results

One of Da Costa Coaching’s many advantages is that Rob has much in common with his target audience. He adds, “I’ve run and grown similar sized agencies and like many entrepreneurs, I am time poor. Having Dux-Soup is like having a full-time person working on LinkedIn lead generation for me.

It enables me to use LinkedIn safely and be very consistent with outreach. Without it, despite my good intentions, I know LinkedIn lead generation would eventually tail off.

When I think about how many hours it would take to do what Dux-Soup does, even a Virtual Assistant cannot match the Dux for productivity! I would estimate Dux-Soup reduces the time I need to spend on LinkedIn by as much as 80%.

A top productivity tool

Rob concludes, “Getting started on Dux-Soup wasn’t too difficult and I just need to put 1-2 hours in per week to set up and execute campaigns.

I’m going to take a look at the Turbo edition as the post connection automated drip messaging and campaign tracking capabilities could extend and add a lot of value to my lead generation workflow.

At the moment I am targeting UK businesses but our online tools are applicable to a global audience. If I want to expand geographically, I can easily replicate the success that I have had with Dux-Soup in other countries.

In my view, small businesses should be automating as many tasks as possible and Dux-Soup truly enables this. I regularly recommend it as the ideal automation solution for LinkedIn lead generation.”

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