Dux-Soup Recommended Beginner Settings (for profile visiting and messaging)

What’s next? What settings should you use as a Dux-Soup newbie?

We are often asked what the best settings are for Dux-Soup when it comes to profile visiting and message sending. The safety of your LinkedIn account is the main concern, especially if it’s the your main source of new leads. In this blog post we are going to explore Dux-Soup settings for the robot speed and daily limits, and cover 2 possible scenarios with these settings. Keep reading!

Disclaimer! There are a few things to note before moving onto the next section of the blog:

The recommended settings are unique to each LinkedIn profile and it’s important to consider the following things:

  • Type of LinkedIn account you use, e.g. standard, business, sales navigator?
  • How many 1st degree connections you have?
  • How often you post on LinkedIn?
  • How many LinkedIn groups have you joined?
  • Your daily activity on LinkedIn (do you engage with new posts and comment on them, look for new people to connect with everyday)?

You have to take these questions into consideration before setting your daily limits and messages. Now, let’s continue with the topic.

Standard LinkedIn

Let’s say you’ve just downloaded Dux-Soup Pro for connecting with new prospects and you have:

  1. A standard LinkedIn account
  2. A small database of connections — 150 total connections

Remember — DO NOT RUSH! We know you may want to explore all the capability and limits of Dux-Soup Pro, however, you don’t want to compromise your LinkedIn account so it’s better to keep it slow and steady.

To set the daily limits go to Options > Throttling tab:

Here we are going to focus on the Robot Speed and Daily Limits.

Robot Speed

It determines how quickly the robot visits profiles. We recommend keeping the speed slower at the start. It may take a little bit longer, however, it will ensure your account is safe. It’s important to note that the pauses are necessary when visiting profiles. Just imagine if you visit 50 profiles without any pauses between them — it’s obvious to LinkedIn that you may be using automated tools and this can result in a LinkedIn warning. Please refer to the example below to set your robot speed:

Daily Limits

Profile Visits — this shows you how many profiles the robot will visit per day. When the robot is visiting, it actually clicks and goes to the profile as you would do manually. If you have a small circle of connections (150 as per our example), let’s leave the default setting and visit 100 profiles a day.

Connection requests — during profile visits, you can also send a connection request message together with your invite. It is possible to just visit a profile without connecting; however, you are looking to grow your professional network and contact potential leads so it’s advisable to connect with them AND send a personalised message.

(To recap how to to send personalised connection requests, please check out our blog post here).

I advise to start with the minimum and send no more than 25 requests per day.

Direct messages — these are the messages you would send to your 1st degree contacts. As you are looking to connect with your 2nd and 3rd degree contacts, just leave this option as default. This is how your Daily Limits should look like:

Again, you need to start slow and build up your daily limits gradually. As you don’t have a lot of connections, you cannot send 100 connection requests at the very beginning.

Keep the suggested settings for two weeks and monitor your account. Then, after two weeks you can slightly increase the number of connection requests to 30 per day and keep these settings for another week. This is how you would grow your daily limits and ensure the account is safe and healthy.

Sales Navigator

Let’s consider the scenario where you have the following:

  1. Sales Navigator Account
  2. A 1500 of total LinkedIn connections

If you have Sales Navigator account — that’s great! Not only does it provide you with more search filters and the ability to send InMails, but it also increases your daily allowance of profile visits with Dux-Soup.

Let’s follow the same procedure as we did with the previous example and head over to Options > Throttling tab. Again, you will see two main features — the Robot Speed and Daily Limits

Robot Speed

Even if you have a Sales Navigator account, it’s better to keep the speed slow for the first few weeks. We are just getting started and picking up the speed as you visit profiles and get new connections will look more natural to LinkedIn. Don’t forget to make pauses between the visits, it’s equally as important.

Daily Limits

Profile visits — as a Sales Navigator user, you can visit up to 500 profiles a day. That’s the default setting on Dux-Soup which means that if you don’t touch the settings at let Dux-Soup run, it will visit 500 profiles per day. However, as these are your first days with Dux-Soup, we recommend going with fewer profile visits and starting with 200 visits a day.

Connection requests — When it comes to connection requests, we recommend sending them to no more than to 3–5% of your total LinkedIn connections. In this case, that would be around 75 connection requests per day.

When it comes to connection requests, we recommend sending them to no more than to 3–5% of your total LinkedIn connections.

Direct messages — we are going to leave this as a default since our goal is to message only our 2dn and 3rd degree connections.

All in all, your Dux-Soup Throttling settings should look like this:

Here you have it — some advise on where to start with Dux-Soup when you have no idea how many connection requests and profile visits you should be making making each day. We hope it will be a good starting point.

If you have any thoughts or questions, let us know at info@dux-soup.com or find us on the live chat — see you there!

Download the file here
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