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November 16, 2023

Dux-Soup launches LinkedIn automation in the Cloud

Dux-Soup is thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool. 🎉

We have become the first to offer the choice of both Cloud and browser-based LinkedIn Automation, giving our users the ability to choose the best solution to fit their requirements.

Dux-Soup now offers three paid plans: Pro, Turbo and Cloud, with the ability to move seamlessly between the plans to adapt to changing requirements. The latest Cloud Edition is Dux-Soup's ultimate lead generation tool, suitable for users looking for easy-to-use, always-on LinkedIn automation.

Introducing Dux-Soup Cloud

Dux-Soup Cloud makes it even easier to get started with LinkedIn automation. Born out of user demand, it offers:

●     Always-on automation. Allowing LinkedIn lead generation to run 24/7, even if you are away on holiday

●     The ability to scale your Dux-Soup automation endlessly, running outreach campaigns across an unlimited number of LinkedIn accounts

●     Reduced running costs, without operational overheads or technical expertise when it comes to managing your IT infrastructure.

●     Faster, more secure deployment

Officially available from the 14th of November 2023, the new Cloud Edition was introduced over a live webinar session, hosted by Dux-Soup Founder Will van der Sanden.

Addressing customer needs

LinkedIn automation tools have seen a surge in the market over the past 10 years. They are commonly used to reduce the time spent on performing manual LinkedIn activities such as sending personalized connection invitations, direct messages, InMails and drip campaigns.


Dux-Soup has seen significant growth in demand from individuals such as small business owners, lead generation specialists and growth hackers as well as agencies and larger sales and business development teams. In less than a decade, Dux-Soup has amassed over 120,000 users. Founder Will van der Sanden saw the need to offer a Cloud-based solution and said:

“The launch of our Cloud Edition addresses two needs. On the one hand, it gives all of our users an easy-to-deploy LinkedIn lead generation solution that can start filling your sales pipeline within just a few minutes, without having to think about factors like safety settings, automation speeds and computing resources. You can create your campaigns, enroll profiles and then switch off your computer, leaving Dux-Soup to carry out your tasks.

On the other hand, it is also perfect for those wanting to hyperscale Dux-Soup. A single LinkedIn account can be responsible for generating significant leads and awareness. There is an exponential growth opportunity by multiplying your efforts across different LinkedIn accounts. The new Dux-Soup Cloud Edition enables this in a way that is easy to manage, safe and practical."

Built on proven technology

The new Cloud Edition benefits from 9 years of proven safety records that Dux-Soup has built up over time. The existing technology forms the foundation of the latest Cloud Dux, meaning that users can benefit from a proven safety record and, even better, know that ongoing safety is under the expert control of Dux-Soup.

Scaling with ease

Dux-Soup Cloud Edition is also a perfect fit for companies keen to scale their LinkedIn lead generation:

●     For businesses that run Dux-Soup across a number of LinkedIn accounts, Dux-Soup’s Team license offers centralized LinkedIn outreach. A target prospect can be matched to the relevant company persona, allowing LinkedIn lead generation professionals to engage with prospects on a peer-to-peer level, using the best LinkedIn account for the outreach activity. This has been shown to more than double engagement and response rates.

●     For agencies that offer LinkedIn lead generation services for external clients, Dux-Soup’s Agency license allows them to run Dux-Soup on behalf of multiple clients simultaneously, with metered billing so agencies are only charged for licenses used each month. This means that if a client stops its activity, the agency is not charged for unused licenses.


Cloud Dux offers distinct advantages for both scenarios. “It removes the technical expertise required to scale your IT infrastructure, which can be complicated and also become costly. Sales teams and agencies can run Dux-Soup across many LinkedIn accounts without noticing any impact on performance or speeds. In effect, they can scale much more easily in the Cloud," states Will.

Always-on LinkedIn automation

Perhaps one of the best features of Cloud Dux is that you don't need your computer to be switched on to run your LinkedIn automation actions. With Cloud Dux, you can set your campaigns up, enroll prospects, and then switch your computer off, safe in the knowledge that your actions will be automated from the cloud.

This means that you can take that 3-week holiday and not worry that your pipeline will dry up! 🙌

Freedom of choice

A final note from our Founder:

"Ultimately, it’s all about giving our users the freedom to choose, and the ability to deliver more results from LinkedIn.  Whilst our Cloud Edition has already seen huge demand, our browser-based solutions remain popular and are well suited to users who want LinkedIn automation that runs directly from their computer and offers an excellent, lower-cost option,” explains Will.


Dux-Soup Cloud Edition is available now at

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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