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January 16, 2024

Kick start 2024 with 100 conversions a week

Are you ready to get your 2024 outreach started? Here we share some simple, easy-to-implement tips and strategies to get your new year off to a flying start!

To help you to generate 100 conversions per week using Dux-Soup, we collated some amazing hints and tips from some of our favourite LinkedIn experts. This blog is a one-stop shop full of tried and tested ideas for generating leads. In it, we explore:

  • Connection messages that convert leads
  • Nurture sequences
  • Hacks to increase engagement

If you’d like to watch the webinar version, head over to our YouTube channel: Kick start 2024 with 100 LinkedIn conversions per week.

Dux-Soup Free Trial

In order to get on board and generate 100 conversions a week, then you’ll need Dux-Soup. We offer a 2-week free trial of the Turbo edition of Dux-Soup (no credit card details needed) so you can see how it could work for you. Just hit the button to start yours.

Pro, Turbo and Cloud

There are 3 versions of Dux-Soup:

  • Pro gives you direct ‘real time’ outreach to send connection requests, messages or InMails to increase your engagement levels on LinkedIn.
  • Turbo enables you to enroll prospects into campaigns to fully automate your lead generation activities. You have full visibility to monitor all the actions which are carried out on your local device.
  • Cloud offers all the Turbo functionality in a fully secured virtual environment. It operates 24/7 so you can switch off your computer if you’re not using it, knowing it will continue to execute actions on your behalf.

To help you decide which is the correct version for you, have a read of our blog: Dux-Soup LinkedIn automation: What’s the right plan for you?

Or if you’d like to see Dux-Soup in action take a look at our Get Started with Dux-Soup webinar.

100 conversions per week? How?

Start by thinking about the strategies, processes and approaches you’re going to take. Once you’ve done the planning, Dux-Soup makes the implementation easy and efficient. 

To increase your chance of success we recommend you pay attention to a few things: 

1. Profile and Content

Everything you do on LinkedIn will generate a notification somewhere. Whether you make an update, like or comment on something, someone will know what you’ve done. 99% of your activities are linked to your profile, so if someone decides to check you out, your profile needs to be ready. By keeping your profile relevant and focused on the problems you can solve, it has the power to completely transform your business.

Tracey Enos is one of the world’s top LinkedIn Experts helping 1000’s of clients generate millions of dollars in business. Last year she shared with Dux-Soup her top profile tips and they’re well worth a read.

Watch the webinar: How to create the perfect LinkedIn profile for 2023

Read the blog: Is your LinkedIn profile attracting or repelling your ideal client? 5 profile tips for 2023

Michael Simpson, the Owner and Founder of Ideas First shared his tried and tested approach for creating engaging content. He has some great tips that are easy to implement.

Watch the webinar: The long term LinkedIn nurture strategy to increase sales

Read the blog: The long term LinkedIn nurture strategy to increase sales

While you’re updating your profile and content, take a look at your website too. Is everything still relevant? Is the contact email correct and are you checking the mailbox regularly? A prospect may well check your website out before they connect with you, so take the time to get it ready.

2. Connection Requests

There's an art to crafting the perfect connection message and it's well worth taking the time to get it right. Why? Because it could be the first time a potential prospect will meet you and your brand. Here are a few things worth considering...

  • Think about your audience - When you write a connection request, link the content to the criteria you set when you built your list. Relate the message to the person you’re sending it to.
  • Be genuine - A connection request is your opening gambit! Don’t make it too pushy, too formal or try to sell too quickly. Create messages that reflect your everyday style and only send what you’d be happy to receive.
  • A/B testing - Try A/B testing to see which campaign messages give you the best results. What works in one industry or geographical region may not work in another. Testing is a great way to find out which approach is the most appropriate for your audience and is a surefire way to increase your conversion rates and get more leads.
  • Stay Safe - When you’re sending your connection requests, we highly recommend staying under the LinkedIn limits to keep your account safe. Follow our pre-set limits and guidance to ensure your LinkedIn profile is not compromised as you engage with prospects. The blog Using LinkedIn Automation Safely shows you how.

When it comes to LinkedIn lead generation, we recommend you check out how our LinkedIn experts do it.

Scott Wright, Co-Founder and COO of AMPED marketing shares his outreach framework.

Watch the webinar:  How to go from 0-350 sales appointments in 3 months

Read the blog: How to go from 0-350 sales appointments in 3 months

David Duccini, Founder of Silicon Prairie shares his CrowdBuilder formula and his approach for writing connection messages.

Watch the webinar: How to generate 20 leads per day

Read the blog: How to generate 20 leads per day

3. Nurturing - campaigns and ongoing engagement

While you work on generating 2nd and 3rd-degree connection requests, don't forget to continue to nurture your existing connections. People may not need what you have to offer right now, but they might in the next year or two. Continue to foster your relationships by sending information and news for when the time is right. Here's how to go about it...

  • Have a series of messages (Pro) or campaigns (Turbo/Cloud) continually being processed. If you are running campaigns, allow plenty of time between events to give people time to read and process your messages.
  • Tip: You don’t have to message, you can just Visit! Your network will receive notifications of your activity.
  • Share or post so that your network sees you are active and a trusted source for information.

Michael Simpson talks about the regular posts and updated content he shares with his network to reinforce that he is a trusted expert. Playing the long game may take a while, but when the sale or project happens it will all have been worth it.

Watch the webinar: The long term nurture strategy to increase sales

Read the blog: The long term LinkedIn nurture strategy to increase sales

Tyron Guiliani, LinkedIn Sales expert and Founder of Selling Made Social shares how to construct and execute his 1/10/4 Nurture strategy which resulted in huge growth for him on LinkedIn. To get the most from the webinar, print out the workbook and get started straight away!

Watch the webinar: The LinkedIn nurture sequence that achieves an 85% response rate

Read the blog: The LinkedIn nurture sequence that achieves an 85% response rate

Elvin Mootoosamy is the Managing Director of Recogitate, an agency partner who runs Dux-Soup on behalf of his clients. He shared with Dux-Soup his experience and learnings of the tool, as well as the campaign sequence he uses that gives an 80% acceptance rate.

Watch the webinar: 4 LinkedIn lessons to optimize your campaign strategy

Read the blog: 4 LinkedIn lessons to optimize your campaign strategy

4. Finding the right audience

When you show your content to the right audience, you stand a much better chance of generating quality leads. The more leads you have, the more opportunities for conversion. It stands to reason - the more time you spend finding/creating good quality lists the more successful your outreach will be. Here’s how…

  • Use Boolean searches and LinkedIn filters to optimize your search results and give you a more accurate list of LinkedIn prospects. The blog How to search and filter with LinkedIn and Dux-Soup will help you master the art of finding your perfect audience. 
  • LinkedIn Events are another great way of finding people with a certain “need” or “interest”. When you register for an event, you can see who else is attending. If you’re running an event you’ll be able to see the list of attendees.
  • Target specific LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn users join Groups because they want to be part of a community or perhaps they want to share ideas. In our experience, sending a connection request with an appropriate message to fellow group members can have a 45-50% acceptance rate.
  • Another place to look for potential leads is in LinkedIn content. Find an article relevant to your target audience that people have reacted to and use Dux-Soup to target them and make your outreach relevant to that list.
  • Finally, don’t forget to just visit!

Take a look at Tyron Guiliani’s outreach strategy for some practical and valuable insights on finding the correct audience.

Watch the webinar: 4 steps to gaining high intent leads from LinkedIn Groups

Read the blog: 4 steps to gaining high intent leads from LinkedIn Groups


Achieving 100 conversions a week is totally realistic if you follow the lead of our experts! It really can be done if you...

  • Keep your profile up to date and create regular, interesting content.
  • Send targeted connection requests.
  • Nurture your existing network with ongoing engagement and campaigns.
  • Find the correct audience.
  • Use Dux-Soup to do the hard work! In doing so you'll have more time to engage with prospects and bring the quality contacts into your network.


There were plenty of questions at the end of this webinar, to listen in full go to 22:46mins of the recording.

Here are just some of the questions discussed:

  • What does an effective campaign look like?
  • Is there step-by-step training for Dux-Soup?
  • What are the advantages of Cloud Dux-Soup?
  • How can I get more responses to the messages I send out?
  • How do I select a list from a post reaction?
  • Are there agencies who can manage LinkedIn outreach for you, using Dux-Soup?

Ready to get going?

Here's that link to our free trial again so you can get 2024 off to a quacking start.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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