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August 10, 2022

The LinkedIn nurture sequence that achieves an 85% response rate

Is your sales funnel as effective as it could be? Do your connections respond to your messaging? 


Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming back to Dux-Soup, LinkedIn Sales expert and founder of Selling Made Social, Tyron Giuliani. He shared his LinkedIn mastery with us in an interactive business focused workshop. The result was an outreach strategy that could be instantly implemented.

If you weren’t able to join us, or would like a reminder of the strategies, you can find the recording on our YouTube channel - The LinkedIn nurture sequence that achieves an 85% response rate. To get the most from it, print out the workbook and grab a pen!

For a summary of the highlights, keep reading as we take you through Tyron’s approach to achieving a successful LinkedIn sales funnel, along with a nurture sequence and a messaging framework your connections will want to respond to.

What makes a successful LinkedIn sales funnel?

The most successful funnels deliver on 3 elements:

  1. Authority
  2. Outbound strategies
  3. Inbound strategies

Together, these elements drive daily conversations with your connections into messenger - the ultimate goal of your funnel.

Each of these strategies can be broken down into 3 specific aspects. It’s often the case that some are going well, while others are crying out for more attention. For your funnel to work at its very best, each area needs to be considered. Ask yourself the following questions, to help you shape your strategy.

1. Authority

Offer Fit - Does your offering have an audience on LinkedIn? Is it clear what you offer, who you offer to and how it will impact them?

Profile - Does your LinkedIn page show what you offer? Make your LinkedIn profile a client facing promotional page. It’s NOT a CV or resume! If you’d like to know more, watch Tyron’s webinar Want HUGE business growth?? Create a ‘one-to-one-to-many selling system’, and create millions! where he talks about client facing promotional pages in more detail.

Social Proof engine - Do you have a mechanism for collecting testimonials every time you deliver a service to a client? Include your social proof throughout your LinkedIn profile - don’t leave it at the bottom.

2. Outbound strategies

Targeting - Do you have a good targeting tool? Do you know how to do Boolean searches, or an account search? Do you know how to use the targeting to find specific individuals? Learning how to target and filter on tools like Sales Navigator is essential for success.

Message Framework - Does your messaging stand out? Are your openings getting a response? Keep reading - Tyron’s approach is coming up shortly.

Engagement Strategy - Do you have an informal pot of experts that you can mention in your posts, whose content you comment on for your audience to see? Are you engaging with the people who are selling non-competitive products to your clients? Are you engaging with people who are talking about topics and skills you have expertise in, so you can comment and showcase your expertise in a non-sales way?

3. Inbound strategies

Content - Do you use your content to showcase who you are? Write personal content because, as Tyron points out, “no-one cares about your business, until they care about you!”

Nurture - Do you have a system in place where you are constantly in contact with your connections to provide interesting information, that’s sustainable and easy to execute?

Lead Management - Do you have a Lead Management System? Tyron uses Dux-Soup Turbo connected with Pipedrive to power his lead generation strategy.

Think about them in turn and then rank each element; a red light if they require urgent attention, orange light if some tweaking is needed and a green light for those working well. When everything is green, you’ll be having those daily conversations in messenger!

To listen to this part in full go to 9:30 secs on the recording The LinkedIn nurture sequence that achieves 85% response rate.

The Nurture Sequence in more detail

It’s not uncommon for people to make a connection request, send only one message, or use poorly written drip-fed messages that repeat a couple of times, and then stop all contact. 

While it may not be quite the right timing for your contact to take up your service or your sale - don't let them go! Don’t waste all the work it took to find them, to connect with them on LinkedIn and to message them. This is the moment you need to go further, to help them get to know you a little more, and then when the timing is right you will be top of their mind.

Tyron’s Nurture Sequence is a simple way of creating a sustainable system that you can execute easily. Here’s how:

The 3 hot principles of the nurture sequence

  1. Frequency - Decide how often you will apply the nurture sequence. 

  1. Segmentation/Permission - Request permission to add your connections to your nurture sequence. Every time you connect with someone and have a discussion, ask them “Can I keep you up to date with the latest gossip on the market?” If they reply with a yes, add them to your list.

  1. Value - Give your connections valuable content! To do this, use the 1/10/4 system 1 message, every 10 days with 4 items of content.

What do you include in the content?

Tyron recommends 4 different items of content. Each one short, to the point, and information your connection can apply instantly. 

  1. A Tip 

  1. A Tool

  1. A Resource

  1. A Quote, or some gossip 

Listen to the webinar recording at 26:16 to hear all of Tyron’s content examples.

Once you’ve created your 1/10/4 sequence, follow these tips when you write your content:

  • Use casual language 

  • Create a memorable headline

  • Use the subheadings…”Tips”, “Tools” etc..

Finally, post it as an article on your LinkedIn page. Here’s how….

In LinkedIn copy the link of the article using the Share function.

Next, go to Dux-Soup Turbo and send a personalized message to your 1st Degree Connections using standard LinkedIn or Sales Navigator. Write a short, sharp message and add the link to the article.

Use Dux-Soup to automatically send the message to your 1/10/4 nurture list.

If your connection likes your 1/10/4 LinkedIn article, they’ll be able to continue scrolling through the rest of your content. Over time you’ll build up a library of 1/10/4 posts which you can reuse and repurpose to keep in touch with your nurture list connections.

To listen to the Nurture Sequence in full start the recording of the webinar at 20:53

Outbound: Messaging Framework

What NOT to say in your messages…and the Pink Suit Method

When you compare the way people introduce themselves in real life, to the way introductions are often made on LinkedIn, you soon realize how different they can be.

On LinkedIn there’s a tendency to send very dry messages listing who you are, what you do, attached files to read, videos to watch, diary slots for phone calls, and so on. No-one responds to those.

Using the Pink Suit Method, Tyron explains how different our introductions are when we meet someone in a ‘real life’ situation.

Imagine a networking event in Toyko, where every person is wearing a dark suit and white shirt (this is the standard uniform for a business meeting in Japan). You walk into a room full of those suits, and there in the middle is one man wearing a pink suit and a neon pink hat. In real life what would you say to them? Something like… “I love your suit!” or,  “OMG, nice outfit!” or, “Love the pink suit, what’s it for?” 

When you communicate via LinkedIn, use the Pink Suit method to engage with your connections. You’ll soon stand out from the crowd. 

One of the main reasons deals don’t happen on LinkedIn is because conversations aren’t even starting. The best conversation opener has 3 hot principles:

  1. Pattern interrupt - you need to interrupt and stand out in their messenger. 

  1. An irresistible question - ask one that’s really easy for them to answer, one they won’t want to ignore.

  1. Stacking - once you’ve done the opener, you only want to be in situational follow up once or twice, get to the point before you wear out your welcome.

Here are two examples of pink suit openers:

  1. Take a screenshot of your connection’s company logo, put it into messenger and ask the irresistible question “Love your logo, did you design it?”

  1. Find a YouTube video of your connection, take a screen shot 15 minutes in and ask the irresistible question, “Love the point you made….have you always been that comfortable on camera?”

To hear all of Tyron’s opener examples, start the webinar recording at 45:09

Want to listen to the Q&A with Tyron?

At the end of the webinar there was a queue of questions from the attendees listening. Tyron graciously spent a further 15 minutes answering as many as he could. If you’d like to listen to the Q&A with Tyron and the Dux-Team, go to 56:27 of the webinar recording.

Here’s a small sample of the questions that were discussed….

  • At what stage do you transition to the offer? 
  • Do you recommend making the nurtures on a LinkedIn professional page or a personal page?
  • What are the issues of using your approaches with different generations (e.g., millennials vs baby boomers)

About Tyron

Tyron Giuliani is the founder of Selling Made Social | Australian entrepreneur based in Tokyo, Japan | Served global fortune 500’s for over 15 years | Consulted with multi-billion-dollar, global entities including Amazon, Google, Apple, Red Bull, GAP, PayPal, Starbucks, Ogilvy&Mather, Virgin and Walmart | Awarded the ClickFunnels, Two Comma Club award for revenue over $1,000,000 from a single funnel (coaching).

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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