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February 8, 2024

How to get more LinkedIn page followers

We all know that LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B networking thanks to its vast reach.

In fact, LinkedIn is 277% more effective than X and Facebook when it comes to visitor-to-lead conversion. 

Get active on the platform and your business can reach thousands of people through a single post. Although LinkedIn has made organic reach harder in recent years by showing less of our organic posts in feeds, replacing them with paid ads instead, there are still organic posts that gain huge traction.

You’ve seen them, they’re the ones that get thousands of likes, comments, etc. They end up in feeds of not only your 1st-degree connections but your 3rd+ degree connections. Like this one here.

With 630 likes, 12 comments 10 reposts, you can bet that thousands of people have seen it. This level of engagement provides great awareness for the Territory Studio brand.

Done right, and organic posts are an excellent, cost-effective way to your business noticed. But how are such impressive results achieved?

It all starts with growing your page followers.

Why grow your LinkedIn followers?

LinkedIn promotes organic posts that are getting traction in the minutes and hours after they are posted. If your company page doesn’t have many followers, then it won't stand a chance of gaining the levels of organic traction we can see above. Your only option will be to pay to promote your posts, which can get pretty costly, pretty quickly.

But gain more company followers and your posts will start to gain momentum. They’ll attract more likes, shares, and comments from your page followers, which will result in your posts getting into the feeds of your 2nd-degree connections, and then as they start to engage you'll reach your 3rd+ degree connections' feeds. Take this example, a post from Phoenix Studios that’s got 4,055 organic impressions.

Phoenix Studios grew their company followers from 395 to 1345 (which is still rising), resulting in company post impressions rising from 300-500 to over 4,000! Check out their Dux-Soup success story.

How to grow your page followers

Here we take you through a step-by-step guide to growing your company page followers on LinkedIn the easy way. You’ll need a Dux-Soup Pro, Turbo or Cloud license for this because we're going to automate the whole process (which means you can get on with other things, and save bucket loads of time).

If you haven’t yet tried Dux-Soup, start a free trial and you'll get Dux-Soup Turbo for 2 weeks - absolutely free!

Let's get started

The easiest way to get people to follow your page is to politely ask your connections (a warm list of hopefully nice, friendly people) to help you out. A good proportion of them should oblige - if you ask them nicely enough.

And hopefully, they’ll also have an interest in the content you’re going to share on your company page, as may their connections, which is a bonus when it comes to the engagement factor.

Step 1. Pull up a list of your LinkedIn connections.

Go to ‘My Network’

Click on ‘Connections’

And there you have it, a list of your 1st-degree connections.

Step 2. Write your message asking your connections to follow you.

Your message style should suit you, your business, and the people you’re connected with. If you only connect with clients, suppliers, employees and friends on LinkedIn, you can make it more personal, ask them how they are, what they’re up to, share some news and then ask for the favor.

If you have a wider pool of connections, then you may take a different approach.

To many, the messaging itself is the hardest part. So, here's the message that was used to gain followers for Phoenix Studios.

“Hi FN, I hope all’s well. I wanted to ask you if you’d be able to do me a small favor.

We are trying to increase followers to our company page (insert your company name) and I wanted to ask your help with this.

Here’s the link to our page (insert company LinkedIn page URL) if you wouldn’t mind clicking the ‘follow’ button.

We’re working on some great projects at the moment around the world and are keen to share insights with our followers, which we hope will be of interest.  We’d like to expand our reach to get valuable feedback.

Many thanks FN, I really appreciate it and please let me know if I can be of any help in return.

(insert your name)”

Use the personalization tags to include first names in your message. This will get better results. And by offering assistance with something in return, you're giving a token of kindness back.

Step 3. Use Dux-Soup to send your message to all your connections

Using Dux-Soup Turbo or Cloud

If you’re a Turbo or Cloud user then start by creating a new Campaign.

Go to the Dux-Dash and click on ‘Drip Campaigns’.

Here, select ‘New Campaign’.

Name your campaign, and choose whether to tag profiles with the campaign name, exclude profiles already enrolled into other campaigns, and which platform you want to send the message in (LinkedIn, Sales Navigator or Recruiter).

Then add your campaign steps:

1. Your first step will be a connection message. Dux-Soup will automatically skip this step if the target profile is already a connection, so you can leave this blank (as we are only targeting connections).

2. Write the message that you’ve created, making sure it is a ‘Follow-up message’.

3. Set the time delay as 1 hour after connecting.

4. Press SAVE at the bottom of the campaign.

Now that your campaign is set up, we just need to enroll your connections. Go back to your list in LinkedIn, and click on your Dux-Soup extension in your browser.

Once Dux-Soup has recognized your LinkedIn list and becomes active, click on ‘Enroll’

Select the 'Page Follow' campaign from your drop-down list, and choose the number of people you want to enroll into the campaign (this can be all of your connections). Finally, click ‘OK’.

Congratulations! Dux-Soup will now send your message out to all of your connections, personalizing each message as it goes. How easy was that?

Using Dux-Soup Pro

If you’re a Dux-Soup Pro user, you can still send direct messages to your connections asking them to follow your page. First, make sure that you're in expert mode.

Then, from your Dux-Soup extension, under the 'Actions' tab, turn on the option to 'Send a personalized message to 1st Degree Connections....'

Write your message in the box.

Now go back to your LinkedIn list of 1st-degree connections, and from the Dux-Soup extension, click 'Visit Profiles'. Dux-Soup will visit each of your connections and automatically send them a personalized message. Again, pretty easy, huh?

Step 4. Check your results

The really fun part is watching your results flow in. You can do this by monitoring your page followers in LinkedIn itself, or head back to the Funnel Flow in the Dux-Dash where you can see how many messages you’ve sent out to your connections and also how many responses you’ve had back. Here you can see there's been a 29.5% response rate to the messages.

This campaign often helps to reignite relationships, so you may get a double bubble here.

You’ve increased your followers, so what now?

So now that you’ve increased your page followers (within 6 months you should have 1000+ more followers), it’s time to start creating some awesome content to post to your page. So, what are you waiting for?

Oh, and don't forget to grab your free Dux-Soup Trial.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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