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April 22, 2024

Dux-Soup Cloud Agency Dashboard. It’s arrived!

The wait is over. The Dux-Soup Cloud Agency Dashboard is here, and it’s game-changing! Designed for agencies that managing multiple client LinkedIn accounts, the new Agency Dashboard is automatically included when you buy a Cloud Agency license.

For around-the-clock, around-the-globe, uninterrupted LinkedIn automation, you can now manage all of your clients’ LinkedIn accounts from a single interface.  We're excited by it, and hope you are too.

Before we get started on Cloud Agency let’s clarify what the difference is between a Cloud Team plan and a Cloud Agency plan.

A Cloud Team plan is ideal for a team of people within the same organization using Dux-Soup for LinkedIn outreach. One member of the team creates campaigns targeted at a specific audience, they share the campaigns with other Team members in their outreach strategy, making their operations look slick and professional. The team campaign results can be monitored to track the team's performance. The Dux-Soup for Teams blog explains this in more detail.

With a Cloud Agency plan you can manage unlimited LinkedIn accounts for as many different client organizations as you like, making it ideal for lead generation agencies. Operating Dux-Soup from a single dashboard enables you to switch between clients and create campaigns, analyze results, generate reports and export data via a single interface. 

Will van der Sanden, Founder of Dux-Soup launched the Cloud Agency Dashboard recently in this webinar. You can watch him talk through and demonstrate how to:

• Manage unlimited client LinkedIn accounts with the Cloud Agency Dash

• Easily switch between accounts from a single interface 

• Create campaigns, analyze conversion rates and export LinkedIn data

• Monitor campaigns and demonstrate clear, measurable results to your clients 

Or for the highlights of the session…keep reading!

Book a demo call

If you're thinking of giving Dux-Soup a go for client lead generation, we recommend you book a demo call with our Dux-Soup agency experts who can help advise you on whether Dux-Soup will work for you.

Why create a Cloud Agency Dash?

With the growing number of agencies using Dux-Soup for LinkedIn lead generation, the dashboard was the obvious next step for us and we developed it in response to market demand and customer feedback.

We have seen a massive uptick in demand for LinkedIn Lead Generation. From small business owners to large corporations, the lead generation specialists, agencies and business development teams all want a simpler way to manage client activity, and get more results from less effort. (cue Dux-Soup).

Throughh regular interaction with our customers over webinars, customer calls and via our feedback portal, we discuss their experience of using Dux-Soup and what they need, which all helps us to prioritize product development.

It all led to a single dashboard from which you could manage multiple different client LinkedIn accounts. And now here it is!

The benefits of the Cloud Agency Dash

The new dash enhances client management by offering:

  • A simple approach for adding and removing clients
  • Seamless switching between client accounts in the Dashboard and LinkedIn
  • A multi-funnel view for analyzing and measuring the success of campaigns and activities
  • One-time login to client LinkedIn accounts allowing ongoing access to client lead lists, saved searches etc.

Let’s look at each in more detail.

1. Adding and removing client accounts

Every Cloud Agency license will have one or more license administrators appointed and they will each need a Chrome profile. A Chrome profile is not necessary for each of the client account. 

The Admins will see a toolbar at the top of their Cloud Agency admin view. 

To add clients, click ‘Add session’ and in the pop up box type in the new user’s name (the license key is automatically populated).

When you click ‘OK’ the new profile will be created, the session switches to the new user and on the left the Options menu will appear.

Next, the LinkedIn session is brought in so the account can be used.

For the initial login to LinkedIn proceed through the Two-Factor authenticator application and start the LinkedIn session.  Note: If the Two-Factor authenticator is enabled, this will be a one time process. 

Return to the Dux-Soup Dash and in the 'Options menu' select the Cloud Monitor and start the session.

The remote session is now active.

To remove a client account, select ‘remove session’ and they will be removed and the cloud session shutdown. 

Note: when a client hands over the management of their account but still wants to access LinkedIn themselves, we recommend a coordinated approach to prevent the two parties overlapping in the system.

2. Switching seamlessly between client accounts

To move between accounts click on ‘switch session’ and all the active sessions will be listed. The crown icon represents the Admin session currently in use and all the sessions linked to that Admin key are listed below it. There is no limit to the number of client accounts/sessions a Cloud Agency Admin can have.

Note: the Admin session does not have to be linked to a LinkedIn session. 

Select the session you want to go to and the LinkedIn tab will disappear, the extension restarts and the LinkedIn tab for the selected session will appear. 

The LinkedIn tabs will be restored to where they were last time the session was active. This allows you to pick up searches where you left off without the need to repeat the authentication process.

3. Multi-Funnel view for analyzing and measuring success

The multi-funnel view is a one-stop shop offering the leads and conversion rates at every stage of the lead generation workflow, for every campaign, for every client. 

It’s everything an agency needs to understand which campaigns are the most effective and getting the best results for their clients. Accessible only to Admins, it allows them to analyze results, generate reports and export the data.

4. Easy client account access, for value-added LinkedIn account management

Once client sessions have been added to the Dash, it opens up a unique feature in the LinkedIn automation space - the ability to access the full LinkedIn account of your customers. 

With full access it enables you to offer limitless LinkedIn account management.  Alongside serving customers with campaigns and reports, the opportunity to provide additional services such as writing articles, posts, or building lead lists (Sales Navigator) to use inside Dux-Soup now exists. 

It is, without doubt, the game-changer agencies have been waiting for!

The Cloud Agency Dash - how to get started

If you think the Cloud Dux Agency license might be the right plan for you, checkout the Dux-Soup for agencies page for more information and to read real-life agency experiences. The Cloud Agency plan contains all the details of what’s included and the pricing. 

To help you get the most out of Dux-Soup, Cloud Dux Agency plans receive priority support and free one-to-one training through our High Flyer Program.

If you’re an existing Turbo user and want to upgrade to the Cloud, any activity already defined in your Turbo account will migrate to the Cloud and still be available in your Dux-Dash. Simply drop our customer support team an email on and they’ll do this for you.

If you’ve still got questions our Customer Support team are always on hand to help:

Get started with Dux-Soup

Handle your entire sales pipeline, track your performances, and in the end, close more deals.

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