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February 7, 2023

Dux-Soup for teams

Do you have a team of people using Dux-Soup for LinkedIn outreach?

Or maybe you’re debating LinkedIn automation but want to know how to use it collaboratively across multiple team members, with centralized billing.

A Dux-Soup Team plan allows you to add and remove Team licenses via single point of contact. And with just one bill to think about, your life just got a whole load easier.

Add to that our Team campaign features, and your team can share and collaborate on their LinkedIn outreach campaigns, making them look slick and professional. Here we cover our Team plan features that will benefit you if you have more than 1 person in your team using LinkedIn automation.

Team license administration

A Team plan will allow a central administrator to manage all Team members and seats. Add or remove users, and if one of your employees leaves, you can re-assign their key to another team member.

If your team expands, you'll be able to add an additional seat to your existing license instantly!

There can only be one license admin and we can assign this role to anyone within your team.

Team plan pricing

You can get a Team plan with either Pro licenses or Turbo licenses attached, and pay on a monthly or annual subscription plan.

- Pro version. It gives you all Professional version functions. Prices start at £9.08 / €9.92 / $11.25 per month per seat.

- Turbo version. You have access to all Turbo functions, PLUS on a Team plan you can share your campaigns between Team members, and collaborate on your outreach. Prices start at £32.42 / €36.25 / $41.25 per month per seat.

Compare the full list of Pro and Turbo features to decide which one is right for you.

The price for Team plan licenses is the same as for individual licenses, you'll just be running them on a Team plan. There are also discounts available when you buy over 10 licenses, as outlined further below. Our support team can help switch from an individual to a Team license - just contact them on

How to buy a Team plan

You can purchase a Team plan online.

Or, drop us an email at with the following information:

1. How many seats you’d like to have under your license key.

2. Please provide:

a) Your Full Name

b) Company Name

c) Company Address

d) VAT (only for EU countries)

Once our support team get this information, the billing team will issue you an invoice to pay. And that’s it! You’ll receive your unique license key with instructions how to activate it!

Get a bonus!

Have a team with more than 10 employees? Well, we have a special deal for you - if you purchase 10 or more license seats with your Team plan,  all seats gets 1 additional month free of charge! Need 20 or more seats? That’s an additional 2 months free of charge!

Turbo Team campaigns

New to Dux-Soup in January 2023, a Turbo Team plan allows you to share your drip campaigns with other Team members. Under the 'Campaign Name' you'll notice a tick box called 'Team Campaign'. Tick this, and your campaign will automatically appear in your Team members campaign list. Pure brilliance.

Team members can edit the campaign too. This feature reinforces brand continuity, and saves literally a ton of time when setting up campaigns across your team. Share the ones that are working, remove the ones that aren't. Your results will really take off!

Another great feature of this is that Team campaigns, once shared, can't be sent to the same LinkedIn profile twice by different team members. This means if John wants to enroll a profile, Dux-Soup will automatically prevent Saskia from enrolling that same profile to the same campaign. As long as John and Saskia are on the same Team plan, of course.

This makes your outreach really slick, and helps you to cover more ground, faster.

Check out our Team campaign support article for more details.

Team plan VS multiple separate Dux-Soup subscriptions

Having multiple Dux-Soup subscriptions makes it more difficult to manage - simply because they are separate subscriptions. With a Team plan you can avoid this hassle and stay in control! For instance, if you lose a member you can easily and quickly assign the seat to someone else. And there's only one bill to cover all accounts in your package. Moreover, you won’t need to share your credit card details and/or submit expense forms.

If you are interested in getting a Team plan, contact our support team at  and they will guide you and answer all your questions!

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