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September 20, 2023

4 steps to gaining high intent leads from LinkedIn Groups

Did you know you can access thousands of people on LinkedIn without even needing to connect? It’s true, you really can!

As a member of a LinkedIn Group, that’s exactly what you get. As you can be a member of up to 100 groups, that’s 100+ messages you can send EVERY DAY.

Tyron Guiliani, Founder of Selling Made Social and a true master of LinkedIn shared with Dux-Soup his 4 step strategy for gaining high-intent leads from LinkedIn Groups. If you weren’t able to join his Masterclass, or would like a reminder you can watch a recording of the webinar on our YouTube channel 4 steps to gaining high intent leads from LinkedIn Groups.

Or simply read on to be inspired by a summary of the highlights. We'll share Tyron’s practical and valuable insights for generating a knock-out group outreach strategy, which includes:

  • The key factors to consider when joining a group
  • Killer tactics to establish credibility and generate engagement
  • How to add value to guarantee LinkedIn invitation acceptance
  • Using LinkedIn automation to scale your targeted outreach

If you’ve yet to try out Dux-Soup give our 2-week free trial a go.

The problem

You know that scenario when you go into LinkedIn and you construct a search, you run the search, you get a list of potential prospects, you create your template message, you send it out to everyone and you wait…and you wait…and not much happens….

That’s the problem Tyron solves!

Tyron told us his clients focus their time and energy on prospects who have the intent to solve their problem, the solution to which his client holds. He’s very clear - don’t spend time with people on LinkedIn who have no intention of ever buying what you’re offering. 

Instead of chasing people, he suggests taking the time to observe behaviors and look for ones that show intent. Tyron has uncovered a number of the best intent triggers. The one he shared with Dux-Soup in detail focuses on group membership - he calls it the Group Booster approach. 

You might be thinking groups aren’t worth bothering with anymore because so many are inactive. That’s true, some are, but some of the 3 million groups that exist on LinkedIn are pockets of gold! Depending on the group and its purpose, it might actually be full of people who have an issue, a challenge or a need. By joining the group you’ll find out that information and then YOU can present some solutions. Here’s Tyron’s step-by-step guide on how to do just that.

The Set Up

You can join up to 100 Groups on LinkedIn. Don’t hold back, get in there and join 100 groups!

At any one time, you can have up to 20 pending requests to join. If groups are inactive or slow to accept you and you want to move on to another group, you’ll need to withdraw requests to be able to ask to join others.

Consideration for joining Groups


  1. Activity level - Is the group alive and does it have up-to-date posts?

  1. Demographics of members. Are there enough people in the group that fit your ideal client persona?

  1. Monitoring/administration of the Group. Does the group have an administrator and are they actively overseeing the group's activity?

  1. Value posts over spam. Are the group posts useful, or is there a lot of spam?

  1. Niche, niche, niche! With over 3 million LinkedIn Groups in existence, some are going to be very specific to a problem or solution. Get creative with your group searches.

The beauty of LinkedIn Groups

These are some of the things Tyron loves about Groups:

  1. They are fully searchable in Sales Navigator with ALL filters. 
  2. You can message Group members inside a Group you are a member of WITHOUT a connection note. You can chat without having to wait for a connection request to be accepted.
  3. It’s possible to send 100+ messages a day with high response rates. This allows for mass opportunities. 
  4. Your competition will be giving the Group members information they haven’t asked for, all wrapped up in the same boring ‘value vomit’ or ‘ME ME ME’ style of message. Listen to Tyron explain what NOT to write in your messages at 11:58 mins of the webinar recording. 


Tactics: How to get people in Groups to respond

  1. Craft a message that will contain a true “value add” piece of content in it. This isn’t something you think they want to hear, get an indication they want to know the content you’re giving.
  2. Have a prompt prepared for the initial outreach message. 
  3. Craft a SECOND “value add” content message.
  4. Have a second prompt message prepared.
  5. Use transitional statements that are non-sales and non-spammy that get responses.

When Tyron uses this approach he gets results…55%+ message returns on cold traffic and 85%+ message returns on warm traffic. 

Step-by-step, this is how to do it

Value Piece 1


When you select the posts you want to share with the Group, Tyron recommends taking a screenshot of each. As you make your choice, look for posts that:

  • Are on topic to the Group theme.
  • Have heavy engagement - both comments and likes.
  • Are interesting!  If it bores you, it will likely bore them.
  • Include a variety of themes where possible.
  • Include graphs and tables of “shocking” or unexpected data (these work well!)
  • Have visual appeal - think about the look of the document you’re creating.
  • Are the ORIGINAL thought pieces for the videos or articles that were shared in the group. Dig deep - they can be harder to find than you think!

Here’s what happens next…

  1. After you screenshot the posts, order them onto a document. At the same time, copy the text of the posts and put them into a separate document (we’ll use that later!).

  1. Top the document containing screenshots off with a title. You can also include a hook to let the Group know what they’ll get out of the posts. 

For example:  “GROUP NAME’S TOP 5 POSTS: outcome statement from read” i.e. Direct Marketing’s Group TOP 5 POSTS ON HOW TO TRIPLE OPEN RATES.

  1. At the bottom of the document put your socials and a statement of what outcome you provide for clients, for example:

  1. Save the file into a Google drive and create a share link.

Value Piece 2 

Now create the second piece…

  1. With the text copy of the post, you can produce a piece of content that can be used for follow-up. This gives you another opportunity to open a conversation.

  1. Take each post separately and pull out the main learning point for each one. You can also use AI tools for this activity. Tools like Chatgpt and can help with this. 

  1. Insert a title and again at the bottom include your details and outcome statements of what you do.

  1. Save a copy into Google drive and create a share link.

Overview of the delivery

Now you have both pieces ready to go, here’s how you deliver them to your Group.

First, identify the Group members you want to reach out to. You can do this in a couple of ways:

Option 1. 

Locate them one at a time in Advanced Search and then go back into the Group and search for that individual. You can MESSAGE that person directly inside the Group without being CONNECTED to that person. The downside is it's time-consuming, however on the plus side, you know the message gets into their inbox!

With this approach, the direct messaging flow will be:

Option 2.

Identify them in Advanced Search and then save them to a LIST. Then use Dux-Soup automation to send a connection note with a specific message to each person (we’ll show you the messaging shortly). With this approach you'll need to connect first before you have messaging rights, however it is more time efficient.

With this approach the direct messaging flow will be:


This is the messaging Tyron recommends using for Process 1. When you follow this sequence you'll have 4 chances to open a conversation:

To deliver process 2, use Dux-Soup Turbo to fully automate the process and create a drip campaign.

In order to access Dux-Soup drip campaigns you'll need to be running a Free Trial, or have a Turbo license

If you haven’t set up a drip campaign before, watch our easy tutorials Creating Drip Campaign and How to Enroll Prospects into Campaigns to get started.

The blog How to create smart LinkedIn lead generation campaigns takes you through the setup of campaigns and also looks at how to review the effectiveness of a campaign.


Once you've opened the conversation you have two options:

Option 1:

If you feel you need to build more rapport you can try what Tyron calls the “Pink Suit method”. This is where you interrupt the pattern of conversation and ask an irresistible question - one that’s easy to answer and impossible to ignore! The aim is to keep the focus on THEM.

To find out more about the Pink Suit method, watch Tyron explain his approach in a recording of his webinar The LinkedIn Nurture Sequence that achieves an 85% success rate. Start listening at 40:25mins.

Option 2:

The other option is to make the transitional assumptive question to enable a pitch opportunity.

Tyron stresses the MAJORITY of people will not be ready for your offer yet. People need time to become more aware of you and go through the know, like and trust process. 

Whatever you do, don’t waste all the work it took to find them and to message them. These people have been sourced from a Group expressing interest in your offer, so don’t let them go! This is when you need to go further and help them get to know you, and when the timing is right you’ll be top of their mind. Tyron puts these people in a ‘nurture list’ and uses a messaging approach called the nurture sequence - a simple and easy to execute method. Have a read of this blog to find out how it works: The LinkedIn Nurture Sequence that achieves an 85% success rate

Q&A with Tyron

As always there were plenty of questions for Tyron at the end of the webinar. If you’d like to listen in full to Tyron and the Dux-Team go to 39:55mins of the webinar recording.

Here are just some of the questions discussed:

  • Can you access the Groups using free LinkedIn?
  • How do you search the LinkedIn Group for the posts you want to use for your Value piece?
  • How long do you recommend leaving between the messages in the drip campaign?
  • Once the conversation has started, when do you do the sales pitch?

Tyron Giuliani is the founder of Selling Made Social | Australian entrepreneur based in Tokyo, Japan | Served global fortune 500’s for over 15 years | Consulted with multi-billion-dollar, global entities including Amazon, Google, Apple, Red Bull, GAP, PayPal, Starbucks, Ogilvy&Mather, Virgin and Walmart | Awarded the ClickFunnels, Two Comma Club award for revenue over $1,000,000 from a single funnel (coaching).

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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