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June 24, 2024

A guide to moving from Dux-Soup Pro Edition to Cloud Edition

If you’re a Dux-Soup Pro user who is considering changing to Dux-Soup Cloud, but you’re not entirely sure what you’ll gain from the upgrade, then this is the blog for you!

Dux-Soup Pro is ideal for users who want to get their brand noticed and grow their network with automated connection invitations and follow-up messages. It provides real-time LinkedIn outreach to increase your engagement levels on LinkedIn. 

Dux-Soup Cloud is helping sales professionals get bigger and better results, and grow their businesses faster. Our Cloud Edition offers more automated action, more statistics and unlimited campaigns. 

Here at Dux-Soup, we offer a suite of tools to suit your circumstances. As your network grows, and you want to start nurturing your connections, by switching to Cloud, you can scale up your automated activity with campaigns, analysis dashboards and integrations - all giving your lead generation a serious boost! 

Scott Wright, Head of Sales at Dux-Soup shared the benefits you unlock when you switch from Dux-Soup Pro to Dux-Soup Cloud Edition. Watch the video in full to see him demo the Dux-Soup Cloud, or keep reading for the highlights.

In this blog we’ll show you:

  • The extra features you’ll gain when you upgrade
  • How to upgrade your plan from Pro and get started with Cloud
  • Why Cloud delivers more ROI than Pro

You can buy a Dux-Soup Cloud licence at the link below if you like what you read.

What is Dux-Soup Cloud?

Let’s start with the main benefits of the Cloud version:

  • Dux-Soup Cloud is ‘always on’ LinkedIn automation, which works 24/7 on your behalf from our infrastructure. There’s no need to have an active Chrome browser, it’s hosted on our servers.
  • It allows you to create fully automated multi-step drip campaigns that can be tied together. 
  • There is built-in dashboard and reporting which allows you to monitor the impact of the campaigns.
  • It offers you the ability to integrate with thousands of other platforms.
  • It’s a complete campaign deployment tool

Multi-step VS single follow-up automation

Dux-Soup Pro offers a single follow-up automation action. You build your list, type in your connection message and hit ‘visit and connect’. Pro Dux can send 1 follow-up message to connections who accept your invitation.

With Dux-Soup Cloud you're able to create multi-step drip campaigns with, for example, an InMail, a follow, a skills endorsement a connection request and then a series of follow-up messages. Dux-Soup then monitors your inbox to see when a response comes in.

You can create as many campaigns as you want and have as many campaigns running simultaneously as you want. Cloud Dux also allows you to enroll as many people as you want into those campaigns.

For each campaign you can set up 12 actions which can be any combination of connection invitation, 1st degree messages, InMail, follow, endorse and visit profile. Dux-Soup will schedule each action according to the delay that’s been set. When profiles respond to one of the actions they drop out of the campaign, saving any embarrassing overlap in communication. Dux-Soup allows you to create smart campaigns for the best possible end-user experience. 

For a step-by-step guide on how to create a LinkedIn lead generation campaign take a look at the blog How to create smart LinkedIn lead generation campaigns.

Dux-Soup Cloud - Enrolling

Build your list of targets by finding prospects in LinkedIn, Sales Navigator or Recruiter, just as you would with Dux-Soup Pro. 

Enrolling in Cloud is simple, and there are different ways to do it depending on your needs.

Manual enrollment

You can enroll profiles into your campaign manually using the tricks widget that appears on the right hand side of your screen. This allows you to review your search page by page and manually select your prospects. While time consuming, it’s useful when you want to ensure clients aren’t added to campaigns. 

Bulk enrollment

Or to save time, you can bulk enroll by using the ‘Enroll’ profiles option in the Dux-Soup extension. This replaces the ‘Visit and connect’ button seen in the Pro edition. 

Once you create and save your campaign, click on Enroll:

Next, select the campaign you want:

When you click ‘OK’ Dux-Soup immediately starts to queue up the actions on each page ready to enroll them according to the daily limits set in the Throttling tab - that’s the robots speed, the LinkedIn invitation limit and the maximum number of connection messages, visits, 1st degree messages sent per day. 

All the actions happen in the Cloud so you won’t see any pop-ups and you don’t need to have your computer open to see the window working in the bottom right hand corner. Dux-Soup will run continuously adhering to the schedule of times set up in the planner.  

Dux-Soup Cloud also has a built-in check to prevent duplication. A person cannot be enrolled into the same campaign more than once, however they can be enrolled into multiple different campaigns.

Watch Scott demo the enrollment options by going to 13:13mins of the webinar recording  

Dux-Soup Cloud - Dux-Dash

The Dux-Dash is the central hub of Dux-Soup and whilst it’s available in all editions, in Cloud it’s where you get access to the drip campaigns.

Take a look at our video tutorial on the Dux-Dash.

To create a campaign go to the Dux-Dash menu, select ‘Drip Campaigns’ and click on ‘New Campaign’. There you can add the Campaign Name, select your LinkedIn platform where you’d like your campaign responses to go to and define each step of your campaign. You can set custom delays between actions, with up to 12 actions in each campaign.

Here’s an example:

Go to 16:33mins of the webinar to see Scott set up this campaign in Dux-Soup and start the bulk enrollment process.

In the Dux-Dash there is an area called the Queued Activity where you can see all the actions that are waiting to run.

Acceptance and inbox monitoring

Dux-Soup Cloud will monitor for new accepted connections and auto schedule the next steps. For example, if you have a campaign with a connection request and a follow up message, when a prospect accepts the connection request Dux-Soup Cloud will know as it monitors the inbox approximately every 20-60 minutes for accepted connections. It will see who the person is and from which campaign they accepted and schedule their follow up message. Not only does it monitor the connections, it monitors the inboxes in Regular LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Recruiter. In your campaign you simply select which inbox you want everything to go into. 

If your campaign contains a connection request and the prospect accepts, Dux-Soup detects the reply, pauses the campaign and the remaining steps in the sequence will not happen for that individual. If you do still want a person to get the rest of the campaign steps Dux-Soup has the ability to override this functionality.

Dux-Soup Cloud: Always on 24/7

Dux-Soup Pro offers browser-based LinkedIn automation and in order for the automated activity to run your computer needs to be on. Feedback from our users told us having to keep a Chrome browser running isn’t always ideal. If internet connectivity is lost, the computer goes into sleep mode, or they just want to go on holiday then valuable time is lost.  

Dux-Soup Cloud addresses this changing need with users seeing twice the results thanks to more reliable automation activity. 

Any time you enroll a profile into a campaign, the outreach that follows is actioned from our servers. We queue the activity, send connection requests and messages and store all the queued actions until they are ready to be executed by us. Your computer is now a window from which to view what’s going on. This means that no browser is required, there’s no impact to the speed of your computer (if you run multiple applications or multiple Dux-Soup accounts you may find things slow down) and there’s no need to keep your computer running once you’ve hit the ‘enroll’ button. 

The first time you set up your Dux-Soup Cloud instance you hit the button ‘Start Cloud’, which makes the connection to us. If the session ever disconnects you will get an email alerting you to the fact.

Get Started with Dux-Soup Cloud guides you through the installation and set-up.

LinkedIn metrics and reporting

The Dux-Dash is the management dashboard that gives Turbo and Cloud users instant visibility of your sales pipeline and a means to manage and improve your campaigns. 

Staying on top of your campaign results is essential, making incremental improvements can lead to big growth. The Funnel Flow in the Cloud Edition allows you to monitor the progress of each stage of the campaign and manage individual people in a variety of ways, including moving them to another campaign, or replying to them from Dux-Soup. 

Our users asked for a platform to monitor campaign performance. Dux-Soup Cloud enables you to A/B test campaigns, measure results and modify your campaigns based on the outcome. In the Dux-Dash you can quickly and easily extract your campaign metric data with a copy and paste functionality that puts it straight into a spreadsheet. 

Pro users enrolling from external lists will be familiar with the Re-Visit feature. Cloud has a much faster process and an ‘enroll from file’ button to upload an external CSV file within the Funnel.

The Funnel Flow consists of three panels:

  1. The Stats panel presents the KPI’s. 
  2. The Funnel consists of a variety of actions and the profiles with any Dux-Soup activity within a selected timeframe.
  3. The Prospects panel provides functionality to effectively manage your drip campaign funnel flow and handle your LinkedIn inbox.

Here’s the Funnel Flow panel:

Go to 25:56 mins of the webinar to watch Scott demo all three panels in the Funnel Flow.

Integrations and Open API

You can connect Dux-Soup Cloud to your favourite tools - check out our list of integrations which include Sharpspring, Pipedrive and Hubspot

The Cloud Edition gives you access to our Open API creating a 2-way communication between your existing CRM/marketing automation tool and LinkedIn. You can leverage webhooks and create different triggers and automations on Zapier to sync up with the tool you have. 


Dux-Soup plans are flexible and cost effective, designed to meet the needs of business whatever the size and budget. Dux-Soup Cloud offers more automated actions, unlimited campaigns and more statistics to manage and develop your lead generation. Create your campaigns, utilize the integrations, switch off your computer and leave Dux-Soup to carry out all of your tasks. 

See full details of the Dux-Soup plans and pricing.

Swapping from Pro to Cloud is a great option for those looking for an easy-to-use LinkedIn automation tool, where LinkedIn account safety aspects is managed for you. Plus, you'll be able to to generate more leads than every before. It really is a win-win. Read our user story of the impact that Dux-Soup Cloud made to their growth.

Have any questions? Drop our customer support team an email at and they will make it easy for you to give Cloud a go!

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