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February 1, 2019

Top 5 Zapier Integrations [updated February 2022]

→ You’ve got Turbo - ✅

→ You know how to use Zapier - ✅ (but if you don’t, this is easily fixed by just reading through our blog on how you can improve your lead generation with the latest Dux-Soup update in Zapier first).

→ So, what’s next?

Dux-Soup offers an endless array of possibilities when it comes to integrating with other apps using Zapier. This blog covers the top 5 ways you can connect your Dux-Soup account to third party apps and automate tasks across the web! 

If these suggestions don’t fulfill your requirements and you use a different platform, don’t worry….

As long as your platform has a Zapier integration, then there are possibilities to get your Dux-Soup data into your chosen platform. Contact our support team on if you need assistance!

1. Salesforce CRM

If you're looking to integrate your LinkedIn outreach with Salesforce, then Dux-Soup Turbo has got just what you need. With the help of our Turbo feature, setting this up will be super simple, as you can set up your LinkedIn processes to integrate with Salesforce in just with a few clicks


If you need more inspiration? Check out the Dux-Soup+Salesforce integration article that will show you how to:

  • Create a record for a new contact in Salesforce using Dux-Soup Turbo
  • Add a new task in Salesforce once you have received a message on LinkedIn
  • Automatically add new 1st-degree connections in Salesforce

2.  Zoho CRM

Zoho makes it easy to stay on top of your business opportunities with the help of Dux-Soup. You can export all existing connections from LinkedIn into Zoho CRM as Dux-Soup visits them. Give it a try and we are sure that this will significantly increase your productivity! Learn how to connect Dux-Soup and Zoho CRM.

3. Google Sheets

If CRM is not an option or if you’re simply a fan of spreadsheets, you can use Dux-Soup to transfer your LinkedIn profile data straight into a Google spreadsheet! You won't have to worry about downloading data via Dux-Soup and copy/pasting - just use Zapier and it'll be seamlessly integrated. Sound like something that would interest you? Learn how to connect Dux-Soup to Google sheets.

4. Slack

Slack is like a digital hub for your team. It's got everything you need in one place, instantly searchable and available wherever you go! You can send messages to each other or share documents with everyone in the same chat room.

As you can probably guess, Turbo gives you the option to integrate Zapier with Slack - this means that you can notify the whole team instantly once you have made a new connection! Want to give it a try? Learn how to connect Dux-Soup and Slack.

5. Autopilot

Marketing software such as Autopilot is a great tool to help you automate your customer engagement processes. With Autopilot, the leads are brought in through web ads, as well as email outreach campaigns, so they can be nurtured seamlessly throughout their journey.

If you are a fan of Autopilot, you’d be glad to hear that it can integrate with Linkedin via Zapier in just a few clicks and amazingly it requires zero coding experience - pretty cool right? Learn how to connect Dux-Soup and Autopilot.

These are only a few examples of how you can use Dux-Soup in Zapier to make your work easier and faster! Explore all the integrations Zapier has to offer and play around with it to see which one works best for you and gets the most results!

We’d like to recommend very informative and well-put videos made by Zapier which covers the introduction and the basics. The best part - these videos are free, so take your chance to become a real Pro not only at lead generation but at Zapier too!

Should you have any questions, please contact our support - We’re always here for you!

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