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January 30, 2024

Dux-Soup LinkedIn Automation - What’s ahead for 2024?

Check out what happened in 2023, what’s in the roadmap for 2024, and how to have your say in the future of the product.

2023 was another storming year for Dux-Soup. We started the year with some big ambitions and we’re delighted to say that we achieved pretty much all of them. All thanks to the hard work, grit and determination of our dev team, that is. 

As well as ticking off the most popular feature requests submitted by our users, we launched a brand new product - our Cloud Edition! If you haven’t yet come across it, why don’t you read up on our fantastic new Cloud Dux?

We’re dedicated to giving our users choice, and also staying ahead of the market trends when it comes to product development, features and LinkedIn updates.

In fact, in 2023 we released 35 Dux-Soup updates, welcomed over 35,000 new users into the Dux community, published over 50 blogs with tips and tricks on how to generate leads with Dux-Soup, and presented 26 webinars with live demos of Dux-Soup (check out Dux-Soup’s webinars). 

Not to mention the numerous booster and technical calls, support calls and articles, case studies produced….I think you get the picture?

Let’s look at our biggest achievements in 2023 and what you’ve got to look forward to in 2024.

Dux-Soup’s biggest 2023 updates

Here’s a roundup of the updates that we were most proud of in 2023:

1. Team LinkedIn Automation Features

Our original Team plan was released in January 2021, allowing a single administrator to add or remove Dux-Soup licenses and benefit from the ease of centralized billing. With economies of scale (discounts for more users), it also gives businesses better brand control and inter-connected prospect outreach.

This year we added some popular new features to our Team plan, including:

  • Shared campaigns. Now users can share their winning outreach campaigns with team members simply by ticking a box. This means that everyone can now get outstanding results and team success just got bigger!
  • Collaborative outreach, ensuring that two team members can’t target the same LinkedIn prospect. We think this one is pretty slick, and it avoids a lot of embarrassment!
  • A Team funnel in the Dux-Dash,  so that Team license administrators can see results for each individual Team license member from a single dashboard.

2. A New User Interface

In 2023 we gave you a brand-new UI, with the option to use the new ‘regular’ or existing ‘expert’ interface

New users now automatically start on the regular UI, making it easier to focus on using the core features of Dux-Soup; activities like enrolling prospects into campaigns. 

The regular UI comes pre-configured with optimal settings for account safety, whilst hiding some of the settings that can be confusing when starting out with Dux.  

Our more advanced users can switch to the ‘expert’ interface at any time, giving access to more settings linked to their plan in the Actions, Skipping, Throttling, Connect, User and Browser Tab.

2023 was all about making new users feel more comfortable with using the product by slimming down the options available whilst getting started. And we’re hearing good things.

3. Drip Campaign Enhancements

Our most-used Dux-Soup feature, ‘drip campaigns’ undergoes constant development as we search for ways to add in more features that will help you get more leads, using less of your time. 

In 2023 we added these brilliant new features, some of which were requested by our users:

  • InMails were added to the automated action in drip campaigns. InMails are a great strategy for messaging prospects that aren’t 1st-degree connections. And with our great InMail hack, you don’t even need to use up your InMail credits!
  • We added a ‘Follow’ automated action too, so that you can now follow your prospects as a step in your drip campaigns.
  • The time delays between drip campaign actions were updated and are now measured from the previous action, rather than the first action. It’s a small tweak but it was one that our users wanted.
  • We introduced ‘drag and drop capability to the campaign steps. Now you can easily re-order your actions in a heartbeat - it’s so simple!
  • You can now keep everything within one LinkedIn product by selecting whether you want your campaign responses to stay in Regular LinkedIn, Sales Navigator or Recruiter. It’s a good housekeeping feature that means messages don’t get missed.

4. LinkedIn and Email Automation Together

Our integration with Woodpecker, the email automation platform, was officially launched. Now Turbo and Woodpecker users can create workflows that combine LinkedIn and Email outreach in a single process.

It’s a popular combination, with many of our users now reaping the benefits of multi-channel outreach.

5. Cloud Dux

Saving the best for last, at the end of 2023 we launched a completely new LinkedIn automation tool. 

Our Cloud Edition offers users automated drip campaigns, a dashboard for lead management and campaign analysis, integrations with third party platforms, and access to every feature we have ever released, all whilst offering the additional benefits of:

  • ‘Always on’ LinkedIn automation, working away even whilst your computer is turned off
  • Safe, secure infrastructure - running from our Cloud, you never need to think about your processing power or computing capacity ever again
  • Automated management of your LinkedIn automation settings to keep your account safe, run by the experts
  • The ability to run Dux-Soup across multiple LinkedIn accounts with ease and without the operational overhead. This one is particularly great for Dux-Soup agencies.

So, there you have it. Our top updates, and, as you can see it’s been a busy year. Whilst the dev team has enjoyed a well-deserved break after all this hard work, we haven’t let them rest on their laurels for long. (But seriously, well done team!)

Because the marketing team is keen to tell you what the next big thing is, and get you all excited about what to look forward to in 2024!

So let’s swifty move on to what’s coming up for Dux-Soup.

2024 Dux-Soup Roadmap

If you attended our New Year webinar you will have heard Dux-Soup’s Founder, Will van der Sanden, introduce the Dux-Soup development roadmap for 2024.

If not, read on to find out what exciting new features will be coming to Dux-Soup this year.

1. Managing multiple clients from a single dashboard for Agencies

We’re seeing loads of interest in ‘done for you’ Dux-Soup LinkedIn lead generation services, which is great news for our agencies (it’s a huge growth area, so if haven’t yet explored it then check out how agencies can use LinkedIn automation to generate and increase revenue). 

We are excited to reveal that we’re currently developing our dashboard for our agency users. 

By the end of Q1 we hope to bring an improved Dux-Dash to our Cloud Edition Agency Plan users, which will allow you to manage all of your Dux-Soup clients from a single portal.

Agency license admin holders will be able to:

- Add and remove multiple LinkedIn accounts

- Seamlessly switch between clients’ LinkedIn accounts

- View and manage multiple client campaigns

- Enroll profiles into multiple client campaigns

- Analyze the funnel for each client for campaign optimization

All from within a single dashboard. It makes reporting on statistics much faster and easier. We’ve even added the ability to export the data to send over to your clients. Neat, huh?

If you’re running Dux-Soup LinkedIn lead generation for clients, then our Cloud Edition Agency Plan is going to be your best friend in 2024.

2. Triggers, conditions, and branching in campaigns

The current Dux-Soup campaign editor allows you to set custom time delays between actions. So, based on what happens after an action is executed, a prospect will either move forward to the next action or drop out of the campaign workflow if a response is elicited. It’s pretty simple.

But imagine what you could do if you could set conditions and branching within your campaigns. You could program different follow-up actions depending on how a prospect has responded. Or based on the type of company they work for. Or set date ranges for different content pathways. It starts to make things much more personal and relevant, doesn’t it?

Enter triggers, conditions, and branching with Dux-Soup campaigns. On our roadmap, we’re hoping to bring this exciting new addition to Dux-Soup campaigns to you in Q3 of 2024.

Put simply, it will allow you to create either/or campaign branch options depending on triggers and attributes so that you can push more relevant messaging, drive better results from your campaigns, and keep your outreach looking nice and professional. 

You’ll also be able to switch prospects easily between campaigns or branches based on certain conditions. 

We’re excited about this, and hope you are too.   

3. Easy Dux-Soup Integration from third-party tools

The trend for LinkedIn as a lead generation channel is only getting bigger. With email marketing becoming more difficult to see a ROI, we’ve got requests coming out of our ears to integrate Dux-Soup LinkedIn with third-party tools. 

So, we want to make it easy for other marketing automation platforms and CRMs to connect to Dux-Soup, enabling their clients to benefit from the added power of LinkedIn automation without spoiling the simplicity of it all being handled from a single platform.

Hence in Q4 we’ll be providing SaaS partners with an API that allows them to onboard customers onto Dux-Soup without the customer requiring installation or signup.

But what does this actually mean?

In a nutshell, a SaaS partner will be able to use Dux-Soup to push a LinkedIn automation action from their platform. And it will also be able to receive session events from Dux-Soup (to make it really robust, so it can tell when a LinkedIn session is closed. We won’t bore you with the technical details here, but if you want the nitty gritty, head to the 18:42 mark of the webinar)

And the customer won’t know it’s Dux-Soup at the helm. 

4. Finally, AI-enhanced lead generation

In 2023 we’ve seen a lot of software products being extended by a basic AI capability, which doesn’t really add much value to the customer. We’ve spent some time considering AI and testing different ways that it can add value to Dux-Soup users.

We believe that we should bring AI to LinkedIn automation in a way that will save you time and money. But as options still being discussed, reviewed and tested, we’re not ready to reveal what this will look like…….not just yet anyway.

It is firmly on the roadmap for 2024, and we look forward to sharing it with you once we’re confident it really is going to make a big difference to you.

Have your say in the future of Dux-Soup

Are you keen to have your say on the future of Dux-Soup? Well, we’d love to hear it. Many of our brightest ideas come from you. Our feedback form allows users to suggest, or vote for their top new features. So go ahead and have your say. You never know, it may become a big part of our roadmap!

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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