November 13, 2020

Dux-Soup and Pipedrive - integrating LinkedIn prospecting to your lead generation process

Dux-Soup and Pipedrive - integrating LinkedIn prospecting to your lead generation process

Pipedrive CRM is used by over 90,000 customers around the world and is Dux-Soup’s first direct CRM integration

Driving this need were Pipedrive users, who were keen to integrate their LinkedIn prospecting into a wider sales and marketing lead gen process. Automating that LinkedIn integration with Dux-Soup Turbo means they can do just that!

We’ve been delighted by the positive response to the integration of Dux-Soup Turbo and Pipedrive CRM, a connection that’s instantly available through the new Dux-Dash app. 

This blog will walk you through the Pipedrive setup process - explaining how the integration works and how you can engage with your contacts in LinkedIn directly from Pipedrive plus create, update and enrich your CRM data with up-to-date details from LinkedIn.

Installing the Dux-Soup Connector for Pipedrive

The Pipedrive CRM integration is only possible when you have the Turbo edition of Dux-Soup.

Once you have installed Dux-Soup and upgraded it to Turbo, click on the Dux-Soup icon in the  top-right corner and select Dux-Dash from the drop-down:

Then, head to “CRM Connections” and select “Install Now” - that will direct you to the Pipedrive Marketplace:

Alternatively, follow this link to install the Dux-Soup Pipedrive Connector. You will then be asked to log in to your Pipedrive account.

For the app to function properly it’s critical that the admin access to the Pipedrive system is granted during this initial install. Pipedrive will then display the consent dialogue, listing the access that is being granted. If the account does not have admin access, a warning will display at this stage.

If this is the first time you are installing the Dux-Soup Connector, please make sure you login using an 'admin' account. This is because Dux-Soup will need to create additional fields for the People and Organization objects.

Afterwards, click on the “Allow and Install” button. The Pipedrive integration will appear in your Dux-Soup CRM Connections tab:

Now, when you open a contact in Pipedrive, you should see the newly added fields:

Update and enrich your CRM data directly from LinkedIn

With Dux-Soup, you can record contacts in Pipedrive as you visit them on LinkedIn. You can also create an ‘activity’ in Pipedrive once you receive a new message or connection.

Dux-Soup records the contact in Pipedrive when it visits a profile on LinkedIn. For example, once you send the connection request or direct message. You can also visit only profiles in order to record them in Pipedrive.

A contact is recorded in Pipedrive with the "Create or update Pipedrive People from new LinkedIn profile views" option enabled:

If you want to record only 1st-degree connections in the Pipedrive "Contacts" section, then run the Dux-Soup "Visit Profiles" option on this list.

To create an activity for new inbound LinkedIn messages, enable the option "Create Pipedrive Activities for inbound LinkedIn Messages" in CRM Connections:

Dux-Soup will add a new activity in Pipedrive when it detects a response message and adds a 🦆-default-responded tag. Learn more about our system tags here.

If you want to create an activity in Pipedrive once someone has accepted your connection request on LinkedIn, please enable the "Create Pipedrive Activities for new LinkedIn connections" option in CRM Connections:

Dux-Soup will add a new activity in Pipedrive when it detects a new connection and adds a 🦆-default-accepted tag. 

Make sure that your Message Bridge is enabled in the Options, Connect tab when you record the "Activity" in Pipedrive.

Note: In order to create an "Activity" in Pipedrive, the profile should already be recorded in the Contacts, People section in Pipedrive. Otherwise, the activity won't be added.

Sending direct messages or connection requests from Pipedrive

To send a direct message or a connection request from Pipedrive, please make sure that the Remote Control option is enabled in the Dux-Soup Options, Connect tab:

Note: The Remote Control option is automatically enabled along with the Webhook and Message Bridge once you enable the Pipedrive integration.

To run LinkedIn actions directly from Pipedrive,  go to the Pipedrive Contacts, People section, select the person's profile that you wish to engage with using Dux-Soup and click on the 3 dots in the right hand corner:

Write your direct or connection message and click OK to send:

All message markers available in Dux-Soup will be recognized. Some useful tips and tricks about how to write direct messages can be found here - and similar for writing connection messages that get results here

Once you click on ”Send Message” or “Request Connection”, you’ll see a Dux-Soup activity message that a certain action has been scheduled that will be executed straight away. 

Note:  If the prospect that you are messaging has already sent a message back to you and was tagged by Dux-Soup with the system tag “🦆-default-responded”, you will need to remove this tag as the profile will be blacklisted otherwise. 

If you don’t wish to remove the 🦆-default-responded tag and if you aren’t using the follow-up function, then you can turn this option OFF (found in Dux-Soup Options, Action tab):

Watch our webinar to learn more

Watch our recorded webinar to learn more about Pipedrive integration and see this in action here.


Dux-Soup is already a firm favourite in Pipedrive’s App Spotlight - and users are extremely happy to now be able to integrate a vital piece of their lead gen activity into their CRM and wider sales & marketing process.

We’ve got more integrations in the pipeline too so watch this space! 

If you have any feedback, questions, or comments - we’d love to hear them. Feel free to contact us at  and we’ll definitely get back to you!

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