January 18, 2019

How to use Webhooks in Dux-Soup

So you’ve just heard about our newest Turbo Edition and don’t know what it’s all about? Well, this is your chance to test it out for yourself using our 7 day free trial!

As the release of Turbo brought in a lot of questions about the use of Zapier and Webhooks. In this article we will show you WHERE and HOW you should get started. Keep on reading and follow along the steps to create a Webhook.

What are Webhooks?

Let’s start from the beginning. A Webhook simply POST data to a specific URL every time some activity is registered in Dux-Soup. Specifically, when a Profile Visit , a Profile Scan, or an Automation Action has executed. The Webhook will send data of the event that occured, which you can use to kick off a workflow in Zapier. By using Webhooks via Zapier, you can set up a trigger to link Dux-Soup with any other external app. For example, use Google Sheets to store and save all of your visited profiles! Having said that, Dux-Soup Webhook are by no means restricted to Zapier, and can be configured to post events and data to any application.

Connecting Dux-Soup to Zapier

To set up your Webhook in Dux-Soup to post data to Zapier, make sure you have Turbo account and that you can access the “Connect” tab in the Options panel.

Step 1: Go to the "Options" and click on the "Connect" tab

Step 2: Enable Webhook

Step 3: Now click on "Actions" tab and enable "Run automated actions while manually browsing profiles"

Step 4: Go to Zapier.com and make a Zap!

Step 5: Choose "Webhook" as a Trigger app. Tip: Name your Zap first!

Step 6: Click on Catch Hook and then (very important!) Save + Continue

Step 7: Go back one step and click on "Set Up Webhook". You'll see a URL which you need to copy. And click "Continue". Tip: For better user experience tick "Silent Mode".

Step 8:  Go back to Dux-Soup "Options" and click on "Connect" tab on Dux-Soup. Then paste the URL link

Step 9: Now go back to Zapier and press "Continue" twice until you are on this page:

Step 10: It's time to go to your LinkedIn to visit a profile for data. Open a random profile on LinkedIn and wait for Dux-Soup to record it

Step 11:  Once you've done this. You are good to click on "Ok, I did this" (refer to the picture above)

Step 12: Choose a Hook founded on LinkedIn and press "Continue"

Step 13: You are ready to add an action of your choice! For example, you can integrate HubSpot, Google Sheets, Slack or any other external app supported by Zapier. You can simply do it by clicking on "+Add a Step".

We hope this will help to get going! Play around and find the best use for your integrations yourself!

Should you have any further questions, we are always happy to help - contact us at info@dux-soup.com and send us your comments, suggestions or feedback.

Download the file here
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