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August 4, 2023

August Quacks

August Quacks

Happy August!

Come rain or shine (and let’s face it we’re seeing it all at the moment), the team at Dux-HQ are certainly putting in the hours!

With expert tips and inside hacks, in this month’s Quacks we share tips on writing impressive connection request messages; show you the ropes when it comes to using Dux-Soup Pro and we introduce an exciting way to earn extra cash as a Dux-Soup Affiliate!

If you’re not a Dux-Soup user yet, you can start your 14 day trial here, and with access to our aptly named ‘easy tutorials’, which take you from zero to Dux Hero in just a few minutes, so you can be making full use of the whole suite of Dux features by the end of the day! Simply click on the link below to to get yourself off to a flying start!

What’s new?

We’re keeping our new features list a bit under our hats this month, but with very good reason.

The Tech Team may, or may not have been tirelessly plugging away on a very exciting, and much talked about new version of Dux.

We can’t say too much just yet, but it might just begin with the letter ‘C’ and end with the word ‘loud’.    

Stay tuned …

July Insights

Blog: How to Write a Compelling LinkedIn Connection Request

Discover the art of crafting a captivating LinkedIn connection request. With over 930 million active users worldwide, making meaningful connections is essential in achieving your outreach goals on LinkedIn.

This blog uncovers tips and tricks to create a friendly message that sparks interest.

Blog: New tech stack makes sales teams 4x more effective

Meet Scott Wright, the Co-Founder of AMPED Marketing and a former ‘professional’ cold-caller, who's got something exciting to share!

To improve team efficiency by 400%, AMPED have developed a new tech stack which  allows team members to manage multiple LinkedIn profiles on behalf of their clients. The stack combines the power of Dux-Soup Turbo, LinkedIn, and Slack, and gives teams remote access to collaborate and discuss campaign responses for successful LinkedIn engagement.

If you’re a Team or Agency - this could be a game changer.

Webinar: How to use Dux Soup Pro

In this webinar, we guide you through how to warm up your LinkedIn prospects before sending a connection message and build custom lists five times faster - all with Dux-Soup Pro.

We explore how Pro is used to:

  • Auto-scan, visit and endorse profiles
  • Send personalized connection requests
  • Track the status of your leads using tags
  • Create custom lists using Dux-Soup's revisit function

Webinar: Earn cash with the Dux-Soup Affiliate Program

Interested in becoming a Dux-Soup Affiliate? Whenever a new user purchases a Dux license using your unique code, you'll be rewarded with commission, and guess what? Some of our amazing Affiliates are already earning thousands through this program!

Regardless of whether you are a new user or a seasoned pro, your ability to influence and persuade others to purchase Dux-Soup is what truly matters.

Watch this webinar recording to learn:

  • Why Dux-Soup is a great product to promote
  • Strengths and differentiators of the individual Dux plans
  • The commission structure and how it's paid
  • Enablement tools to help you set up and market Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup 💗 your reviews

(We have even been known to give away some of our favourite caps, for reviews that make us super-smiley)!

Here’s just a few of our recent reviews - so a big thank you to all our users who have submitted your comments.

We love to hear your thoughts about our products, and we know your feedback is invaluable to new users seeking an honest appraisal of Dux-Soup, so feel free to share your own comments via the Chrome Webstore, and we might give you a mention next month 😃

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