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July 17, 2023

New tech stack makes sales teams 4x more effective

We know what you’re thinking…., ‘you can’t be serious, 4x more effective’?

We are indeed serious! 

Scott Wright, former ‘professional’ cold-caller, Co-Founder of AMPED Marketing and long-term user of Dux-Soup shared with us an innovative approach that allows teams to generate leads across multiple LinkedIn profiles, improving team efficiency by 400%. Yes, 400%!

The tech stack developed by Amped, includes Dux-Soup Turbo (available as a team license), LinkedIn and Slack. Combined together, the tools can revolutionize your team's sales performance, by giving multiple users the ability to prospect on behalf of multiple LinkedIn profile owners. 

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In addition, the tool allows users to collaborate regarding the responses that have been received from their target profile, and equally allows the team to discuss how best to respond. All of this can be managed within the tool, by any team member who is part of the Slack channel for that LinkedIn profile.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch it here, or for a summary of the highlights, keep reading to learn:

• How team members can collaborate remotely for successful LinkedIn outreach 

• Winning connection messages guaranteed to engage your prospect 

• Successful follow-ups to secure high volumes of sales appointments

This is Scott’s third webinar with Dux-Soup. His first two are well worth a watch to gain insight on how Scott uses LinkedIn automation and Dux-Soup to close deals. Take a look at: 

How to go from 0 to 350 sales appointments in 3 months

How to book over 100 sales appointments a month using LinkedIn and Dux-Soup

The current LinkedIn environment

Let’s be honest here, LinkedIn is plagued with fake accounts. The limitation on the number of invites you can send has caused many users to open dummy accounts for prospecting to increase their reach, rather than focusing on quality content and considered prospect targeting to reach their chosen audiences.

LinkedIn is a social media platform, not a sales platform. It works best when everyone puts time and effort into how they use their automation tool to create thoughtful, personalized campaigns. Scott’s focus is on how to do this at scale and do it well. Here’s how.

How to get around 100 invites a week

The solution - use multiple accounts. No, not fake accounts…use REAL accounts. An actual person at your company is always going to be better than using a fake account. 

Here are the numbers:

  • The more accounts you have, the more messages you can send. This adds up to an extra 100 invites per week per account. 
  • 5 accounts = 500 invites, and from that Scott expects a 20% acceptance rate. 
  • If the campaign's acceptance rate drops below 20%, then the campaign is no longer deemed as successful. This means it’s time to review the campaign.
  • Of the 20% who accept a 35% response rate is ideal. 
  • From that group, a 15% meeting ratio is what you should typically strive for.

The tech stack was designed to help you achieve all of this. 

So how do you go about it?

Diversify profiles 

To start with, work out which real accounts you want to use in your company. Think about employees who aren’t just in Sales; such as a Marketing Executive, an Engineer or a Designer, someone in Product Marketing or the COO. 

How to set-up and manage multiple LinkedIn accounts.

The Art of the Approach

The difference with this solution, is that the tech stack provides the Sales and Marketing teams with the ability to manage campaigns and converse with prospects on behalf of the LinkedIn profile owner. Access to the LinkedIn profile remains solely with the profile owner, however access to campaign conversations can be managed by the campaign managers via the Slack channel.


Scott explains that when you use a different profile, you unlock a new way of thinking about how to approach people differently.

For example, if you’re using an engineer’s profile, you’re going to be able to start connecting with technical end users. If you're selling a cyber security solution and your end user is technical by nature, they’ll respond a lot better to someone contacting them who is also a technical user. They will perceive the connection differently to one made by a salesperson. Use this to your advantage as you build your Dux-Soup campaigns.

It’s important to vary the tone and approach of your communication according to the role of the person you are messaging. Scott provides us with examples using the table below to highlight variations in the tone, the approach and the style of the messaging. 

As a member of the Sales or Marketing team, you can use this solution to manage all of your campaigns via the identified LinkedIn profiles.

If you’d like to hear what Scott has to say about each of the roles go to 20:37mins of the webinar recording.

Create the tech stack

Now you’ve identified the LinkedIn profiles to work with, it’s time to create a remote desktop environment. There are plenty to choose from - AMPED uses V2 Cloud. Azure is another alternative.

In a remote desktop you can set up and configure the chosen LinkedIn profiles in one virtual environment. This can be left running in the background 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a great way to keep your browser active at all times without keeping your computer on.

It also means that any user can monitor and manage prospecting activities on any of the selected LinkedIn profiles at any time, from anywhere, on any device.


Your chosen profiles should now be set up within the remote desktop. Dux-Soup Turbo is running, and the chosen campaigns are ready to go. The next steps require organization and consistency.

  • Pre-plan each profile for multiple weeks in advance to ensure each one uses all 100 invites per week. 
  • Document and analyze the results of each one. 
  • When you launch the next campaign, analyze it while it’s running and use that data to make any necessary adjustments to the following campaign. Make each campaign as effective as it can possibly be. This approach is also known as A/B testing. NOTE: Take a look at the blog How to A/B test with Dux-Soup to find out more.
  • Use LinkedIn lists in Sales Navigator or Recruiter. The Enterprise version of Sales Navigator will enable you to share or exclude searches and lists with other people within your company.


The great advantage of using the tech stack, is that it tracks the conversation within the virtual environment against each profile. To make it even simpler, Scott recommends creating a simple dashboard such as Google Sheets with Zapier, to pool all the conversations into one place. This gives you a ‘one click’ view of all the profiles and helps you to monitor progress. This is the perfect way for a Manager to keep on top of campaign progress and the team’s activities. 

Here are a couple of blogs on the topic:

Top 5 Zapier Integrations

Dux-Soup Turbo + Google Sheets

If you’re managing the different profiles effectively, you’ll be inside the virtual environment on a regular basis. Scott emphasizes just how important it is to keep on top of all the conversations so that each one pivots toward your end goal and call to action. (For more information on how to ‘pivot’ your conversation to secure sales appointments, take a look at the blog, the Art of the Pivot, which includes even more of Scott’s tips).

This is where the collaborative nature of the tool pays dividends. 


How to manage the responses

Once a prospect responds to a profile, the conversation needs to be managed on that profile’s behalf. 

What’s game-changing about this solution, is that it doesn't just support lead generation and conversion, it allows for ‘cross-team’ collaboration to formulate the relevant reply to a prospect’s message. The tool means that the team within the Slack channel can all see the conversation history, so any member of the team can manage the response. 

Dux-Soup for teams

Scott gave a demo of the tool which you can see at 25:43 mins of the webinar recording.

The Slack mobile app means you can even manage conversations remotely, on the go.  

The tech stack is available for use now. Check out the AMPED Dux-Soup tool pricing plan to see the different options.

In summary

  • Start using multiple profiles if you’re not already
  • Use real LinkedIn accounts with diverse profiles
  • Get a team Dux-Soup Turbo license to ensure you have campaign and messaging features.
  • Create a remote desktop environment
  • Keep organized and centralize the tracking of responses.

Want to listen to the Q&A with Scott?

At the end of the webinar there were plenty of questions for Scott from the live audience. If you’d like to hear what he had to say, go to 33:53min of the recording.

Here are some of the questions that came up:

  • Does the 400% effectiveness actually work in real-life?
  • Which CRM integrations do you recommend for the scaled approach and which tools do you recommend for centralizing?
  • If an account has been blocked by LinkedIn can I use it with Dux-Soup again?
  • What roles should I hire to build the automation?

For more information about how to use Amped for Teams, take a look at our recent success story, ‘explosive business growth for teams using game changing lead generation solution’. 

About our guest presenter - Scott Wright

Scott Wright is the Co-Founder and COO of AMPED Marketing, based in California. The company launched in 2020 and works with start-up businesses and small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Assisting businesses with their go-to-market strategy, AMPED has already helped clients to generate several million dollars in revenue - and all without a single cent of investment.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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