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January 15, 2020

What’s Hot for Dux in 2020

Here at Dux-Soup we’re massively excited about the year ahead and all it will bring. If it’s anything like 2019 it’s going to be awesome!

While we don’t want to give away too much about what’s coming out in the Dux-Soup product (hey, we’ve gotta to keep our powder a bit dry and we know you love surprises!) we do want to make sure you know some of the big ticket items to expect in 2020, and the themes and trends we’re seeing and responding to in the year ahead.

Power to our Affiliates

Look out for the relaunch of our Affiliate Program in Q1. Dux-Soup is a really popular tool around the globe and with this relaunch registered affiliates can make some serious money from commission sales of a unique product that is at the centre of a rapidly growing market.

You’ll be able to earn recurring commission on both monthly and annual subscriptions for both the Dux-Soup Pro and Turbo products. And you’ll enjoy priority access to Support and helpful articles. Watch this space for more details coming soon!


We know that our users are our best sales tool (check out this recent stunning review!)

Our users bring new members into the Dux family and make sure they know about how amazing the tool is for LinkedIn automation and lead gen.

We thank you sincerely for all the evangelism you do, and plan to launch a referral program this year so you can be rewarded when you recommend Dux to a friend.

Cloud vs. browser-based automation

We’re keeping super close to this one as you can imagine – in fact, here’s an article on our current thoughts. For us it’s all about what’s right for our users and the wider market, and in particular what’s going to keep you safe. All have to know is that we have this covered in 2020 and we’re always looking at how and where to use cloud technology to make using Dux-Soup even better and safer.

Talking of safety…

We know that keeping your LinkedIn account safe is of the utmost importance to you and so of course this is our #1 priority too. We did a lot of work in 2019 to ensure this was the case and this work will continue in 2020.

We’ll update you with any major developments here (like we always do) but rest assured that Dux-Soup is the safest LinkedIn automation tool on the market, and it will stay that way.

Here’s a reminder of our guidelines on the settings to stay safe on LinkedIn – whether you choose to follow these or not is of course your decision but we recommend that you do.


Our bi-weekly educational webinars will continue, giving a mix pf practical ‘How to’ help and guidance. So make sure you read your emails, keep close to the Dux User Group and visit our webinar page on a regular basis so you can register and attend. If you want to watch any of our past webinars click here.

Automated follow up

We know you guys can’t get enough of automating as much of the lead gen process as possible.

That’s why Dux is the best LinkedIn automation tool to offer automated follow up. Yes, that’s right - you don’t need to reply to anyone who accepted your connection request manually anymore and you can set up an automated-follow up messages campaign that stops the minute someone replies.

While this feature that we launched last year was awesome, we know we can take it way further so watch this space for further automation excitement in 2020


We know Dux users have many CRM, sales automation and marketing automations platforms that they would luuurve for Dux to integrate with. We integrated with two tools – LeadFuze and Zymplify at the end of 2019 and we’re planning more for 2020. Definitely the way to go.

The Dux-Soup API

Did you know, Dux-Soup is the ONLY LinkedIn automation tool to offer an API. Check out our new API page on the Dux website telling you all about it.  The Dux-Soup API enables you to integrate LinkedIn outreach into your sales and marketing campaigns for more seamless, effortless and productive lead generation. It works by creating a 2-way communication channel between your existing CRM or marketing automation tools and LinkedIn. Very neat stuff!


A new Dashboard for Dux-Soup will be coming soon giving you more visibility and control while using Dux and offering vital analysis of your usage. With this information you’ll be able to tinker away (as we know you love to do) - adjusting and perfecting how you use Dux-Soup to improve the effectiveness of your LinkedIn automation.


So there you go – a few of the big-ticket items planned for Dux in 2020.

Plus see this article here which Dux is featured in - B2B Lead Generation Software: 79 Tools For 2020

Now a couple of suggestions for New Year Resolutions for you (aside from purchasing Dux-Soup if you haven't already :-))

1) Join the Dux-Soup User Group. It’s a totally awesome forum hosted by our Support team where you can ‘meet’ other Duxers, share tips, tricks, best practice and get answers. It’s where we update you on new features and functions (yes – we’ll always email you too but we know it gets lost) – Join up now:

2) Let us know what you want to see coming in Dux-Soup this year! Our tech team has created a dashboard for feature requests. Please feel free to add a new feature request or upvote if it's already listed -

Wishing a Happy 2020 to you all – we hope it’s a healthy and prosperous one!

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