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July 26, 2019

The most frequently asked questions about Dux-Soup Pro - answered!

The Dux-Soup Starter Edition or free 14 day Turbo trial is a great way to preview which features and settings Dux-Soup has and test them out for free.

For those who are serious about boosting lead generation efforts, but aren't quite ready to go Turbo-charged just yet, the Dux-Soup Professional (Pro) Edition unlocks features such as profile visiting, automatic messaging, downloading data, and more.

This blog post showcases an expert user interface. If you don't see some of the features mentioned in the post, don't worry! Just make sure that you've enabled the "expert" settings in the Options section under the User tab. That should do the trick!

We’ve run webinars about using Dux-Soup Pro and everything you need to know about its features. But, if you just don’t have time to attend or watch the recording, then this guide is for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions users have asked on our webinars about using Pro. So, here they are - with the answers!

Q&A from Webinars

  1. Can you work and browse on LinkedIn while Dux Soup is running?

We do not recommend using LinkedIn while Dux-Soup is working to keep your LinkedIn account safe. However, if you have Sales Navigator, you can open LinkedIn on a different tab. 

  1.  Can I use Dux-Soup Pro for any LinkedIn profile or is it exclusively linked to mine?

You can use your Dux-Soup account for any LinkedIn Profile. However, we highly recommend having 1 Dux-Soup account for 1 LinkedIn account to avoid any data mixup and have the best user experience.

  1. Should I limit messages? For example, I send 6,000 direct messages to my first degree connections - is this a bad idea?

Yes, you should limit messages as well as your daily visits, and connection requests. It depends on which LinkedIn account you use:

  • For Standard (free) account, we recommend visiting up to 100 profiles per day, sending no more than 50 direct messages to your 1st Degree connections.
  • Using Premium - you can visit up to 250 profiles per day and send up to 75 direct messages.
  • With Sales Navigator you can increase the daily visits number to 500 per day and send 150-200 direct messages per day.
  • And with Recruiter, you can visit up to 600 profiles per day. 

You can learn more about recommended Daily Limits here.

  1. What are the key advantages of Dux-Soup that existing users recommend the most, and what are the top features for those who use it successfully?

We recommend having a look at some Use Cases of Dux-Soup users, who have shared their success stories and strategies. You will be able to learn from them and adapt it to your own business. 

  1. I signed up for the Dux-Soup Professional version. But, my duck still indicates the starter program is active and many of the options are still greyed out. What should I do?

Sometimes it can happen due to the Google Payment delay. The easiest way to get access to your Pro version is to click on the Dux-Soup icon > go to Dux-Soup Options > User tab and reload: 

  1. Can I send out messages to my 1st level connections?

Yes, you can! You just need to enable the feature in Dux-Soup Options, Actions tab. And once you have a list of profiles, click on Dux-Soup icon and chose "Visit Profiles".

  1. Does Dux-Soup work with LinkedIn Recruiter?

Dux-Soup works with Recruiter, Sales Navigator, Free LinkedIn, LinkedIn Premium.

  1. Does the type of browser matter?

Yes, Dux-Soup is a Chrome extension but it's compatible with other browsers too. 

  1. If I am using Sales Navigator, how many profile visits should I do?

We recommend visiting up to 500 profiles per day with Sales Navigator.

  1. How can I avoid contacting certain people? 

You can use Dux-Soup tags in order to avoid contacting certain people. To recap or learn different ways of adding a tag and managing them, read this blog. You can also use Blacklisting to skip chosen profiles. To learn more about this feature, click here

    11. Can I import a file of names and company names and run Dux-Soup to connect with them?

Yes, you can! You can upload the CSV file into Dux-Soup and send them a connection request or direct messages. Make sure your file consists of Profile (LinkedIn URL), First Name and Last Name. 

    12. How do you upgrade to Dux-Soup Pro?

If you have a Starter version and would like to update your Dux-Soup, there are a few options:

  1. Monthly Pro subscription - it costs $14.99 per month and you can sign up through Chargebee.
  2.  Annual Pro subscription - $11.25 per month.

To recap, Dux-Soup Pro offers many new features that can improve and automate your lead generation process. If you want to be able to auto-engage your profiles and manage their profile data accordingly, then Dux-Soup Pro is the solution for you.

If you're considering going Turbo-charged, and you're not yet a Dux-user, why not try Dux-Soup Turbo for 14 days, absolutely FREE! Simply click here to get started - you don't even need to pass on any payment details (that's how easy it is)!

If you have any other questions about using Dux-Soup Pro, feel free to contact us at or join our Facebook group Dux-Soup User Group.

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