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December 14, 2018

All about Skipping

Updated May 2023

All about Skipping

As a Dux-Soup user, you are given a full control on your visiting, messaging and skipping settings. This means that you can set which profiles you want to target and who should be avoided, which is really important when using any LinkedIn automation tool as you don’t want to be contacting the same person twice!

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The variety of skipping features Dux-Soup offers lets you create a powerful tool to target leads on LinkedIn. To make sure you are a pro at Dux-Soup, today we are going to overview the skipping options and explain how each of them works.

This blog showcases an expert user interface. If you don’t find the options mentioned here, simply enable them in the User tab located within Dux-Soup Options.

First of all, to access Skipping options, click on Dux-Soup Options on you will see the tab:

Below you will see a variety of skipping options that you can apply for the auto-visiting. Now let’s review all of them:

Skip if outside of your network

This function means that all profiles that are your 4th-degree connections, and upward, will be skipped during auto-visiting. You may wonder why do you need to skip such profiles?

Well, if a profile is too far away from your LinkedIn network, the information like their company name, domain, title, location will not be available and Dux-Soup will not be able to record it.

Profiles outside your network can be recognized by the blank photo and the title “LinkedIn Member”

To make sure Dux-Soup only collects information where it’s fully available, enable this function before your next profile visiting.

Skip if not…

You can be really specific about who you want to target and we’ve added a couple of attributes that would let you skip profiles if they are not using Premium LinkedIn or they are not OpenLink members.

Skip if the profile is linked to your CRM

This option will only work with Salesforce. The specific CRM flag is only linked in case the Salesforce sync app is active. In order for it to work, you need to sync Salesforce with Sales Navigator and LinkedIn offers a comprehensive guide on this.

Skip if the profile photo is blank

This option is self-explanatory — if you want to avoid profiles who do not have a profile picture, make sure you enable this option. Some LinkedIn users believe that having a profile photo is extremely necessary to make your account look genuine, approachable and it tells more about you in general. However, you can keep this option enabled/disabled depending on your needs.

Skip profiles tagged as…

If you enable this option, you can set which tags Dux-Soup skips during the auto-visiting. Make sure to enter the tags (case sensitive) and separate them by a comma.

Dux-Soup will skip all the profiles that match at least 1 of the tags.

Tags are a good way to organize your LinkedIn contacts and make sure you are only contacting the right people. If you are using Dux-Soup daily, you can quickly get lost among contacts — that’s why tagging is a really important step in profile visiting process.

(To learn how to tag a profile, check our article about “Tagging & Untagging” here)

Skip profiles that match pattern

This feature reads the HTML of the profile ( see the example below) and it’s commonly used when you want to skip certain companies or job roles. It cannot read the Dux-Soup tags as these are not available in the HTML of the LinkedIn page but rather a custom detail that you added to a profile.

Just to give an example on how it works — say you want to skip profiles that work for Starcom and Zenith, so your custom expression should look like this:


During the next visiting session, Dux-Soup will skip any profile that has “Zenith” or “Starcom” in the text.

History Skipper

If you are using Dux-Soup daily, it is a good idea to have the History Skipper set up to skip already visited profiles (especially when you want to avoid messaging the same profile twice). History Skipper lets you set the robot to skip the profiles visited in X amount of days or never visit the same profile again.

Please note that in order for this skipping function to work, these profiles must be visited with Dux-Soup recorder once.

That is all for the skipping options. We hope you learnt something new and will test some skipping features yourself. We understand it can be tricky to select the right skipping options and if you need any help, feel free to get in touch with our customer support at

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