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July 31, 2018

Dux-Soup July Quacks

New options on Dux-Soup

A new version release means new features — Dux-Soup version v.5.12.19 introduces three new features that are ESSENTIAL when visiting profiles:

  • Skip if outside of your network — this means that Dux-Soup will automatically skip all 3rd+ degree connections, which Dux-Soup cannot capture as LinkedIn won’t display their profile details since they’re too far away from you in your network.
  • Ignore unwanted pages — if you get the error “Unknown page detected” during revisiting or auto-visiting of profiles, this handy feature “Ignore unknown pages” will automatically skip such pages to ensure Dux-Soup work is not interrupted.
  • Auto-Save as PDF for Standard LinkedIn — if you enable this option, Dux-Soup will automatically save each profile as a PDF file. That’s a cool feature to have, isn’t it?

How to Automate Your Outbound Sales Process with Dux-Soup and Mailshake

Combine the power of email automation and lead generation — with the help of Dux-Soup, you can find your target audience and build the list of potential customers. In just a few minutes, you have everything you need: a complete list with dozens or hundreds of names, email addresses, job titles, and companies. What’s next? You reach out to all of them through email campaigns built on Mailshake! If you are ready to take your lead gen to the next level, read this blog post here.

How to retrieve email addresses with Dux-Soup?

Apart from visiting profiles and recording information about them, Dux-Soup can also capture the emails of your 2nd and 3rd degree contacts. Yep, you heard it right. With just a few easy steps, you can build a database of connections with their contact details, all you need is Dux-Soup Pro edition and Dux-Soup points. Want to find out more? See this article for further information. Use it responsibly!

Dux-Soup is snoozing? No more!

If you ever had Dux-Soup icon suddenly flipping down with the message “Snoozing” while visiting profiles — do not worry, it did not happen out of blue and it can be easily fixed. In our latest blog post we cover two possible options and solutions — read it through and ensure that your next profile visiting session runs smoothly.

Recommended settings for beginners

If you are Dux-Soup newbie, this article should be your first point of reference. If you have no clue how many profiles you should visit per day or how many connection requests you should be sending, this article answers all your questions! Try our suggested settings and this will be your first step towards LinkedIn lead gen success.

Dux-Soup ❤ our customers

We want to thank all of our customers for your positive feedback — it’s rewarding to see that you are happy with the service and the product. That’s a boost of motivation to move forward and keep up the great work! Here’s a review from our client, Susan Lamb, taken from the Chrome Web Store (thank you very much, Susan!)

If you haven’t already, become a member of our group!

You have probably received a couple of emails and notifications from us about the official private Dux-Soup Facebook Group. We have reached over 1000 members in the group and that’s something to celebrate! If you haven’t checked it out yet, click on the link and become a member!

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