June 4, 2021

June Quacks

Dux-Soup May News

Wow, how the months fly by when you’re having fun! Summer holidays are approaching, but the Dux team have been working even harder to make your lead gen more enjoyable - and more fruitful!

Lead generation is a process game and it can require a lot of engagement activity, which is where Dux is at its best.

Dux-Soup is here to free you up from the time-consuming processes of building your sales funnel, so why not automate more of your LinkedIn outreach and move your focus to closing deals or... simply sit back and relax during these hot summer days?

Read on to find out what we’ve been up to in May. We cover our new widget that makes drip campaigns even easier to run and much more…...

Brand new campaign support for Turbo  - Dux-Soup Tricks Widget

Turbo users can now manually enrol prospects, including your existing 1st-degree contacts, into highly personalized LinkedIn drip sequences, engaging with prospects that you've personally qualified. You can enrol them from a LinkedIn and Sales Nav search result, or directly from their profile page. It's fast, easy and intuitive!  

For those of you that wanted more control over who you target with your drip sequences, this one’s for you. 


Our support tutorial tells you everything you need to know, learn more about Dux-Soup Tricks Widget.

May insights and webinars

How to use explainer videos in LinkedIn outreach strategies

Creating an explainer video for use in your Linked outreach strategy, and then automating your outreach and qualified lead collection with Dux-Soup has the potential to totally turbocharge your sales results. Read how you can harness the power of explainer videos and get a better result in your LinkedIn outreach campaigns to grab your prospects’ attention faster than with plain-text messages.

How to Improve Your Lead Generation Process: 5 Killer Tactics

Lead generation is a key driver for your business and it boils down to how effectively you can get your audience to give you their information. It’s all about optimizing your lead generation process. From defining your target audience, to blogging regularly and creating awesome landing pages, here Gaurav Sharma, the founder and CEO of Attrock, shares his top lead generation tactics.

‘You've reached the weekly invitation limit’ – message from LinkedIn

If you’re getting the message above, it’s likely you are under a new LinkedIn limitation of 100 connection request invitations per week.  In this article on LinkedIn's new weekly limits, we try to cut through new LinkedIn restrictions and explain what’s happening and how you can adapt your strategy to maximise your lead generation results.

The best lead gen strategies of 2021

In this fast-paced world, with increasing competition in the market, entrepreneurs have to be constantly on the lookout for ways to improve and adapt their lead generation process. 

In this article, we will share some of the creative ways that Dux-Soup users are gaining a competitive advantage, revealing the very best lead generation strategies that we’ve seen so far in 2021. 

Watch our webinar recording where Giles Garnett, Head of Professional Services shows Dux-Soup in action covering the best lead-gen strategies.

Webinar: Messaging best practices for real-world LinkedIn outreach

In a Dux-Soup special that gained over 2000 registrants, guest presenter Mike “Batman” Cohen - Founder of Wayne Technologies and messaging guru, shared his real-world tips, tricks, and best practices for how to message groups of prospects or recruitment candidates and still make the messages sound custom.

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Keep your eyes peeled in June

We’ve got some super exciting things happening in June and we can’t wait to share them with you….. but we’re not allowed to let the cat out of the bag just yet….. Keep your eyes peeled for some announcements and a webinar that you’ve all been waiting for…...it won’t be long!

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