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May 18, 2020

How to get started with Dux-Soup Pro

Getting started with Dux-Soup Pro

Dux-Soup helps over 50,000 users around the globe to automate lead generation, sales and marketing tasks every day - and rightly deserves its place as a leading LinkedIn automation tool. 

But we know that even though the numbers and success stories speak for themselves it can be hard, once you’ve purchased the tool, to actually find the time to get started and use it properly.

Why LinkedIn automation?

Given a list of leads, found via LinkedIn, Google or exported from your own CRM, Dux-Soup will automate your Linkedin outreach to that list. 

Put simply, this automation includes sending a personalised LinkedIn connection request, organizing and engaging with prospects, and following up until you feel it’s time to ‘switch to manual’ and close the sale.

The benefit of automating these mundane, early-stage sales funnel tasks is that you or your sales team can focus on the high value closing activities and spend their time on people who are really interested in your product and service! You’ll win more business as a result. 

Sounds exciting? Then read on for a step by step guide to doing this - with helpful links and tips along the way...

Getting started

Have a read of our recent article  how to get started with Dux-Soup, which walks you through the main Dux-Soup Pro features in detail. 

In this blog, we will look at the basic setup process and daily limits. We will also recap all the features that Dux-Soup Pro offers.

Basic Setup and Daily Limits

OK - we’re going to pause here to check you have actually purchased Dux-Soup Pro. 

If not then Dux-Soup installation takes just a few clicks. Head to the Chrome Web Store, select “add to Chrome” and subscribe to Dux-Soup Pro here with a monthly or annual payment plan. 

I know you are excited to start! But…. Before you do, let’s make sure that you understand your daily limits to keep your account safe. 

So, after you have upgraded your Dux-Soup, the first thing you have to do is to set your Throttling options according to the type of LinkedIn account you use and the total number of connections you have at the moment. We recommend following these guidelines to make sure your account is safe.

Note: The basic mode of operation of Dux-Soup is that all automated actions are executed during automated profile visits on LinkedIn. As simple as that!

Feature overview 

Dux-Soup Pro offers a variety of features for your lead generation:

Let’s review them all to make sure you have a full picture of what you can do with Dux-Soup Pro!

 Find Prospects

🦆 Find Prospects on LinkedIn


The biggest advantage of using the LinkedIn platform as a way to find your next customer is that it allows you to search for your prospects using a variety of search fields and filters. 

In our previous blog, we have shown you how to master LinkedIn search with Dux-Soup.  You can specify in the LinkedIn search bar a specific job title or position and it will return only LinkedIn profiles who have that word, or words, in their title.

Get the most from different LinkedIn lists with Dux-Soup and take your lead generation to the next level with Dux-Soup. 

Know your customer, close more sales.

🦆 Support for LinkedIn Standard and Premium accounts

It’s worth mentioning that LinkedIn premium accounts will help you generate more leads and create more opportunities for your business as daily activity limits are higher. However, there is a lot you can do using a free LinkedIn account. 

Dux-Soup works with Standard LinkedIn, Business Premium, Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite. The choice is yours!

🦆 Upload your own list of profiles

Sometimes you might have a list of profiles with who you want to engage using Dux-Soup. 

The Revisit Data tool lets you upload your own list of contacts to Dux-Soup. Find out how to do it in this article

It is also possible to include lead-specifc fields in this file, which will be used for connection request messages, direct messages and InMail messages sent by Dux-Soup.

🦆 Visit based on previously downloaded CSV

After you have defined your target market and performed the search on LinkedIn, I bet you want to engage with them using Dux-Soup. However, your people search results can often reach over 1,000! 

So how do you filter these 1,000 down so you are reaching quality contacts and abiding by your account’s safety and daily limits

With Dux-Soup “Scan Profiles” and Revisit Data tool, you can identify the right people to engage with. In this blog we show you exactly how you do this - how to find the right data, how to tidy it up, and then how to use the Dux Soup Revisit option.

🦆 Target previously tagged profiles

With Dux-Soup you can tag any profile on LinkedIn and access this profile later with Search by Tag tool. The search result presented by the Tag-search tool can then be used to automate visits, messaging and other activity.


🦆 Auto-view profiles

We all know that viewing profiles increase you and your business’s visibility on LinkedIn. This is a basic feature included in all Dux-Soup versions!

🦆 Auto-invite with personalised message

Sending a connection request to a list of profiles with Dux-Soup is easy. Just write your connection message in the Dux-Soup Options, Actions tab and click on “Visit Profiles”. 

Here is a step-by step guideline on how to do it. Don't forget our recommendations on how many connection requests you can send per day!

See this in action by watching our easy tutorial on Youtube here.

🦆 Auto-message 1st-degree connections

Being able to send a direct message to engage with the prospect is without doubt the main feature of Dux-Soup Pro.

Go to Dux-Soup Options, Actions tab and click to enable the feature as shown below:

When you are happy with your message, return to your LinkedIn page, load up a list of your 1st-degree connections,  and click on "Visit Profiles” from the drop-down menu. You will see Dux-Soup opening the profiles one by one and sending your message. Woo-hoo!

🦆 Auto-InMail any profile

InMail is a private message to or from a LinkedIn member who is not your connection. 

In general, sending InMail is a paid LinkedIn feature. If you have a LinkedIn premium account, you would receive certain InMail credits.

You can send InMails with any paid Dux-Soup version, but you need to have Sales Navigator or Recruiter in order to do that. All you have to do is to write a message in Dux-Soup Options, Actions tab, make a profile search and click on “Visit Profiles”:


Purchasing extra InMail credits might be an expensive option! However, messages to OpenLink members are free, and these can be sent even if the recipient is outside of your network. Learn more how to send an InMail with Dux-Soup here

🦆 Auto-endorse connections

You may want to build a better relationship with your 1st-degree connections  by endorsing their skills. The Dux-Soup Endorsing feature endorses skills during profile visits as specified in the Actions tab:

Note: Endorsement feature is only available on Standard LinkedIn.

🦆 Auto-save to PDF

Not many people know that you can save a profile in a resume format on LinkedIn. A really handy option for all recruiters out there! However, please note that this feature is available only in Standard LinkedIn.

With Dux-Soup, you can do this automatically during profile visits. Just enable this option in Options, Actions tab and click “Visit Profiles”:


Dux-Soup offers a variety of skipping features that lets you target specific LinkedIn groups of people:

🦆 Filter 'Influencers', 'Premium Members', 'Job Seekers',  'Open Link members', 'CRM imports'

🦆 Filter Tagged Profiles

🦆 Filter based on a Custom pattern

Find out how each one of them works here.


🦆 Auto-skip previously visited profiles

Let’s assume that you target a particular group of people on LinkedIn - and that every time you enter the same search keywords and use the same filters. It then follows that you want to know how to avoid approaching the same people twice over a certain period? 

Dux-Soup introduced a History Skipper (Options, Skipping tab) so you can skip profiles that you have visited previously:

🦆 Tag any profile or Auto-tag profiles

Tagging a profile helps you to keep your lead generation organized as you can access these tagged profiles using the Dux-Soup Search by Tag tool. Learn how to tag or auto-tag a profile here.

🦆 Take notes with any profile

When manually browsing on LinkedIn, you might want to make some personal notes on a particular LinkedIn profile. Dux-Soup Tricks will let you add a personal note on the profile. 

Just to let you know that you can access Dux-Soup Tricks by manually opening a LinkedIn profile:

Write your notes and don’t forget to save them! Your notes will be available to download.

🦆 Record manual profile visits

Not everyone knows that you can record a profile or perform an automated action when manually browsing on LinkedIn. Enable the option to run automated actions while manually browsing profiles in Options, Actions tab:

Tip: You can test your connection or direct message on your friend’s / colleague's profile. Enable an option to run automated actions while manually browsing profiles and open the profile.


With Dux-Soup Pro, you can download the data you have recorded:

🦆 Download Visited and Scanned Profile-Data as CSV

🦆 Import CSV into your favourite CRM system

🦆 Download profile Notes

🦆 Download profile Tags

🦆 Download full Job and Education History

🦆 Download full Skill list

Watch our quick tutorial that shows you how to download your data with Dux-Soup here.

Keep in mind that there are 2 different data resources: data from scanned profiles and data from visited profiles. Find out what the difference between these two is here.

Following up with Dux-Soup Pro

Once a LinkedIn prospect accepts your connection request, you might want to follow-up and see if they are interested in your product or service. Dux-Soup can make this process easy if you have the Turbo version, however, this blog demonstrates that you can do the follow-up with Dux-Soup Pro too! 

I also recommend reading these tips for writing direct messages to your 1st-degree connection so you can create an outreach template that is also personalised to your connections and doesn’t feel like a cold request.

Watch our recorded webinar to learn more

The ultimate guide to get you up and running with Dux-Soup Pro. We'll take you from zero to hero with a practical demo of how to:

- Set basic settings and options for optimal performance

- Where to find key features and how to use them

- Safety settings and parameters

Watch the recording here

Book a Booster call

If you need more 1:1 help to get started you can also book a Booster Call with a product expert. This one hour session is tailored for you and will provide help with your technical and process setup so you can be self-sufficient at lead generation with Dux-Soup Pro.


We hope that by reading this blog, and the links to various articles, that you now feel confident in setting up Dux-Soup and getting your LinkedIn lead gen programs started.

If you have any thoughts or questions email or find us on the live chat!

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