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December 7, 2022

How to convert your LinkedIn connections into customers in 4 easy steps

How to convert your LinkedIn connections into customers in 4 easy steps

So, you’ve put in the effort to make some awesome LinkedIn connections - great job! Now, when did you last reach out to them, or visit their profiles? If it’s been a while, today’s the day to give them your attention!

In this blog, we’re focusing on the pool of connections you’ve already made. We’ll take a look at how you can harness the power of LinkedIn with Dux-Soup to improve your chances of turning your connections into paying customers.

What we’ll cover

  1. Finding 1st degree connections
  2. Tagging profiles
  3. Running nurture campaigns using Dux-Soup
  4. Fully automating and tracking campaign progress with Dux-Soup Turbo

What is Dux-Soup?

  • Dux-Soup is a Chrome Extension (also compatible with other browsers) which helps you to automate your lead generation activities in LinkedIn by mimicking human behaviour on the LinkedIn platform. The tool gives you the ability to harness the power of LinkedIn by automating actions such as auto-visiting, sending connection requests, sending Inmails and endorsing skills.
  • You simply select the ‘list’ of prospects you want Dux-Soup to process, and Dux-Soup can run your chosen activities against that list.
  • Dux-Soup is designed to mimic human behaviour, keeping your LinkedIn account safe.

  1. Finding 1st Degree Connections

First things first, let’s take a look at how to find your first degree connections…

Your best option is to carry out a search in LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.  To do this, type the keyword(s) of your search criteria in the search function.

Click on the ‘people’ option so Dux-Soup recognises they are profiles. Then click on the ‘connections button’, select ‘1st Degree Connections’ and this will give you a list of all your 1st degree connections based on the criteria you selected.

It’s also possible to look at a chronological list of all your first degree connections by logging in to ‘my network’ on LinkedInt:

Once you’ve found them, what do you do with them? You have 3 options:

  • Tagging profiles
  • Nurturing relationships
  • Automating campaigns

Let’s take a look at how you can do this yourselves.

  1. Tagging Profiles

Periodically (re)visit your existing connections (Dux-Soup Pro & Turbo)

Using LinkedIn or Sales Navigator find your list of 1st degree connections based on your search criteria. Then use the Dux-Soup Auto-Visit option to visit those on the list. You have the option of using the ‘tag’ profiles to keep a track of when you reached out to them and what you did. Every profile you visit will get a notification that you visited them, this may in turn trigger a reciprocal visit.

Note: Check your visibility settings are correct and others can see you when you’ve viewed their profile.

Here’s how…click on Dux-Soup icon and go to ‘Options’

In the ‘Actions’ tab, ‘Tag’ them with an identifier so you know when you last visited them.

Then go back to Dux-Soup, click on the ‘Visit profiles’ option and all the profiles will get a visit. Depending on your LinkedIn subscription you can visit at least 100 profiles a day.

  1. Nurture relationships

Periodically send direct messages during an auto-visit (Dux-Soup Pro & Turbo)

As you did for Option 1, start with your list of 1st degree connections. In the ‘Options’ tab write a direct message and ‘tag’ the profiles so you know when you did this activity.

Then go to the ‘Skipping’ tab and use the skipping options to avoid sending the same message twice to the profiles that already have that ‘Tag’.

This time when you go back to Dux-Soup and click the ‘Visit Profiles’ option everyone will be tagged and they will receive your message.

  1. Automate campaigns

Enroll 1st degree connections into campaigns (Dux-Soup Turbo)

A campaign is a series of pre-defined messages that you send to your new or existing 1st degree connections. You decide the messaging content and the timing of the sent messages.

It’s so easy with Dux-SoupTurbo, you just build your 1st degree drip campaign in the Dux-Dash.


Here’s an example of a 3-message campaign going out over a period of 50 days:

Select the option ‘Tag profiles with campaign ID when enrolling’ so you know which connections are in the campaign. You don’t have to worry about enrolling a person into the same campaign twice as Dux-Soup won’t allow it.

Now use Sales Navigator or LinkedIn to find your list of 1st degree connections, and enroll your contacts into the campaign. You can enroll your connections one at a time using the Dux-Soup Tricks Widget. Or you can select the number of people you want to enroll (who have yet to be included in the campaign) using Batch-enroll from the Dux-Soup ‘Enroll Profiles’ option.

Once you’ve selected your prospects, go into the ‘Queued Activity’ to see the follow-up messages queuing up behind the first message.

When a connection responds, Dux-Soup will stop the campaign for them. All you need to do is monitor the responses as they come in via the Dux-Dash, ‘Funnel Flow’.

In the Funnel Flow you can track the enrollment, the accepted connections and see which prospects have responded to you.

Tagging Tool

You may want to build different campaigns and send them to the same people. The Dux-Soup Tagging Tool makes that simple.

Dux-Soup Pro has a ‘Search by Tag’  facility for when you want to find your previously tagged profiles.

In Turbo you will be taken to the Dux-Dash where you will be able to manage tags and download your selected tag list into a CSV file. Take a look at our recent webinar to learn how to tag LinkedIn profiles with Dux-Soup, and achieve 70% response rates.


Your 1st degree connections are a powerful resource with incredible potential, so don’t neglect them!

  • Reach out periodically either with a message, or a visit.

  • Be organised and develop a process you can easily replicate (don’t forget to ‘tag’).

  • Use Dux-Soup to automate! Set up auto visits, direct messaging and campaigns (Turbo) and let Dux-Soup do the work.

To see Dux-Soup Turbo in action with LinkedIn and SalesNavigator, watch the webinar recording How to convert your LinkedIn connections into customers in 4 easy steps, where our resident experts show you how to revisit, message and set up campaigns for your all 1st degree connections.

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