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July 22, 2021

Dux-Soup Tricks - building a campaign with the power of the widget

Dux-Soup Tricks - building a campaign with the power of the widget

With Dux-Soup Turbo, you can extend the lead gen process by designing and executing an automated drip campaign for your LinkedIn connections. Automating this post-connection stage of your lead gen funnel saves you valuable time by qualifying who is really interested in your product or service. 

As many of you are aware by now, LinkedIn recently introduced the new 100 connection request weekly limit.  Sales and Marketing professionals that adapt their outreach strategy to focus on quality over quantity will reap the rewards of a less crowded marketplace. And Dux-Soup is here to help.

With our brand-new Campaign Tricks Widget, you can benefit from a new way of working within LinkedIn’s 100 connection limit, achieving higher conversion rates from your messages. By manually adding profiles to your drip campaigns, you can focus on the prospects with the intent to buy.

In this blog, we’ll cover:

  • Basic Dux-Soup drip campaign features
  • How to manually enrol a prospect into the drip campaign: tips and tricks
  • Drip campaign for 1st-degree connections

Note: The new “Enroll” feature is available in the Turbo edition only.

Dux-Soup multiple drip campaign feature at a glance

Drip campaigns are configured and managed within the Dux Dash - this is the lead management dashboard where you will manage, edit and analyze your LinkedIn automation pathways.

There are 3 key steps to drip campaigns: 

1.    Create the drip campaign workflow

2.    ‘Apply’ the campaign to your target audience to enable it to run

3.    Monitor your campaign ‘per activity’ using the Funnel Flow

More about drip campaigns

Building a campaign with Dux Tricks

The Dux-Soup Tricks Widget allows easy prospect enrollment to your Turbo drip campaigns when manually browsing LinkedIn.

First, you need to set up a drip campaign in Dux-Dash. Then, you will need to select which campaign you wish to use for enrollment. Click on the Dux-Soup icon in your browser, go to the Options, Actions tab and select the campaign that you wish to run. Also, you will need to turn on the follow-up function for the widget to work:

You can now start to enroll people on the selected drip campaign. You have 2 options on how to do this:

1. Perform a search on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator and enroll directly on that list by clicking the  ‘Enroll’ button against each contact in the Campaign Tricks Widget:

2. Open a profile you wish to enrol and then click on the Enroll button:

Note that the connection message will be taken from your campaign set in the Dux Dash, not from the Dux-Soup Options, Actions tab.

Once you click on the Enroll button, Dux-Soup will schedule a connection request to that person if this prospect is your 2nd or 3rd-degree connection. You’ll see the “Connect” stage being active:

Once a LinkedIn prospect accepts your connection request, the Connect bubble turns green and Dux-Soup starts sending follow-ups as scheduled:

You can see your queued connections and follow-ups via your Dux-Dash under Queued Activity. To see the performance of your campaign, open the Funnel Flow and select the desired campaign:

Supporting drip campaign for 1st-degree connections

If you enrol 1st-degree connections to a campaign, the connection message set in the campaign is simply skipped and they will receive follow-up messages straight away. 

However, the best practice is to create a separate campaign for already existing connections, for example:

Then, create a new LinkedIn filter, apply “People” filters and make sure you selected to show only 1st-degree connections:



If you have previously approached the LinkedIn prospect with Dux-Soup, the “Enroll” button won’t be available as the same prospect cannot be added to a different campaign. This will soon be addressed in an update of the Dux-Soup extension.


About Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup Turbo is a complete solution to accelerate your LinkedIn lead generation, using automated drip messaging sequences. The great news is that you can try all these features for free with our Dux-Soup Turbo 7-day trial!


Have any feedback, questions, or comments? Send them over to,  we look forward to hearing from you!

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