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March 30, 2022

Enrolling prospects into campaigns

If you're like most professionals, always looking for ways to generate more leads, you probably find the process of browsing and viewing profiles on LinkedIn feels like a huge drain on your time when you’ve already got a super-busy schedule.

What if I told you there was a tool that could automate your LinkedIn lead generation campaigns for you? A tool that could browse on your behalf, and create the process of drip-feeding potential leads through a sequence of personalized connections and direct messages.

Dux-Soup can do just that. It helps thousands of professionals every day, to generate vast numbers of new leads and multiply their LinkedIn lead gen conversion rates. Want to know how it works?

Take a look back at our recent webinar, Enrolling prospects into LinkedIn campaigns - 3 easy to use methods or read on, as we deep dive into drip campaigns and Dux-Soup’s ‘Enroll’ feature.

So what does ‘‘enrolling’ mean in the Dux-Soup world? Let’s take a look at our Dux dictionary: to enroll - to add a LinkedIn profile to a Dux-Soup Campaign.

Note: Dux-Soup drip campaign ‘enrolling’ feature is only available in the Turbo edition. If you're not already a Dux user, then give our free Dux-Soup trial a go - you get 14 days absolutely free and we don't even ask for any payment details.

What is a Dux-Soup Campaign?

I'm sure you are familiar with the process of generating leads through LinkedIn as it’s a great source of potential customers. Let’s simply call this process LinkedIn campaign. Dux-Soup drip campaign is a stack of up to 12 pre-written connection messages and direct messages that can be sent over a certain period of time. You can set your drip campaign in the Dux-Soup Dashboard or Dux-Dash.

The campaign mode allows you to define your own messaging and timing, giving you more control than ever before.

Moreover, you can run multiple drip campaigns for the same profile, all on auto-pilot. Learn more about how to set up multiple drip campaigns with Dux-Soup by watching a short tutorial on youtube.

There are 2 drip campaign types based on the connection degree of the profile: ‘1st-degree drip campaigns’ and ‘2nd/3rd-degree drip campaigns, i.e. degree of the profile defines what drip campaign sequence will be applied.

  • For 1st-degree profiles: Dux-Soup will put the profile into the "engage" phase and schedule all follow-up messages at once according to set delays.
  • For 2nd+ degree profiles: Dux-Soup will put the profile into the "connect" phase of the campaign and schedule the connection request first. Dux-Soup will then listen out for and detect an accepted connection request and schedule follow-up messages accordingly.

As the diagram above shows, the first step to initiate a campaign is the ‘Enroll’ stage. Let’s find out the different ways you can enroll a profile into a campaign

How to enroll profiles into a Dux-Soup drip campaign?

The enrollment process is simple and straightforward, but you do have a few options. You can enroll profiles in a campaign either manually or through an automated system that will allow you to handpick your targets, which are perfect for those looking for more personalized results! There are 4 ways that you can enroll or add a profile to the campaign:

  1. Individually - from the Dux-Soup Tricks Widget
  2. In bulk - using the ‘Enroll Profiles’ option located in the drop-down menu
  3. From Dux-Soup native integrations - Hubspot CRM, Pipedrive CRM, Zapier or Make (formally Integromat)
  4. Using the Dux-Soup API

In this blog, we’ll focus on the first two options - individual and bulk enrollment. For more information on the ways you can enroll a profile into a campaign from Dux-Soup native integrations or using Dux-Soup API, read the blog about how to create smart LinkedIn lead generation campaigns.

Semi-Automated and Individual Enrollment

If you want to manually select profiles that will be added to your LinkedIn drip campaign, use the semi-automated enrollment option located in the Dux-Soup Tricks widget. For Dux-Soup Tricks to appear, create a LinkedIn search and you will see a white Dux-Soup Tricks icon located on the right-hand side:

You can also enroll when you are browsing profiles manually from a profile page:

Once enrolled, if the profile is your 2nd+ degree connection, Dux-Soup will add a connection request message to the queued activities. If it’s a 1st-degree connection, Dux-Soup will send follow-up messages according to the campaign sequence.

Fully-automated or bulk enrollment

To add profiles into a Dux-Soup drip campaign in bulk, make a search on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator or Recruiter, wait for the ‘At your service’ message to appear and hit the Dux-Soup icon. Afterwards, select the ‘Enroll Profiles’ option from the drop-down and verify the campaign name:

The ‘Enroll’ option allows Dux-Soup to add LinkedIn prospects to multiple drip campaigns.

Enrolling profiles into multiple Dux-Soup drip campaigns

You can add profiles to multiple drip campaigns. The process is pretty much the same, however, when enrolling a profile into the second or third drip campaign (there is no limit), consider the following:

  • When enrolling a 2nd or 3rd-degree profile into a 2nd campaign before an invitation has been accepted, only the follow-ups of the most recently enrolled campaign will be scheduled when the target accepts the connection requests.
  • If a connection request has already been sent, then no connection request will be scheduled for the 2nd campaign.
  • Followup messages will only be scheduled if the “followup” option has been enabled in Dux-Soup options “Automated Followup Messages”. The follow-ups that are scheduled are determined by the campaign in which the profile was enrolled.
  • You won’t be able to add the same prospect to the same campaign twice, which means you can enroll everyone on the list without worrying they will be added back in to the same campaign.

To check the campaign status for a particular prospect, open their LinkedIn profile and click on the Dux-Soup Tricks Widget. Then, select the campaign and you will see what actions are about to be taken. For example, this profile has passed the connect stage and it’s about to receive drip messages:

Now you know how to enroll profiles and start the Dux-Soup drip campaign. To monitor the progress of your campaign, head to the Dux-Soup Funnel Flow. Here you can:

  • See your conversion rates
  • Read messages sent and received for a particular profile
  • Qualify in, reflow or qualify prospects out of your lead generation funnel
  • Select a specific campaign
  • Choose a timeframe
  • Copy the data from a particular section

Note - Before you start, make sure you have set your daily limits in the Options, Throttling tab and don’t forget to use the Dux-Soup Funnel Flow to monitor responses and act accordingly. Consider all the actions you are expecting Dux-Soup to carry out when setting these limits (i.e. profile visits per day, 1st degree messages and connection requests).

Learn more about our recommended daily limits by reading our guide on LinkedIn profile visiting.

Don't forget you can try Dux-Soup for FREE, for 2 weeks if you're not already a Dux user

Until next time, happy Dux-ing!

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