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December 31, 2020

Dux-Soup looks back on a year to remember!

A year to remember

There are so many reasons to remember the year 2020.

We know not all of them are good. The global Covid-19 pandemic couldn’t be ignored and changed the world of business and pleasure indefinitely, and possibly indelibly.

But with LinkedIn membership (760M+ at the last count) and usage on the ascendance it was an unprecedented year for social selling.

As the biggest and most trusted LinkedIn automation tool on the market Dux-Soup responded to these trends.

A quacking year for our webinar program

Our webinar program continued to gather strength. This year we ran an unbelievable 36 webinars, including five guest webinars, that attracted over 21,000 registrations and attendance of over 40%. If you missed any watch them here.

And our blog series gained hundreds of new subscribers as we published 57 articles over the course of the year – focused on helping users understand new automation functionality, lead generation strategy and much more.

In this last blog of 2020 we’ve picked out a favourite Dux highlight for each month. It’s been a blast!


Focus on recruitment

Recruitment is a top use case for Dux-Soup and an area that we continue to invest in. And with January recognised as the busiest month for recruitment what better time to publish a blog about how Dux could help.

The blog focused on how smarter recruiters are using LinkedIn automation tools, like Dux-Soup, to more easily identify candidates who may not be actively seeking a new opportunity.  


Remote control

With sales of Turbo still going strong – we focused on a super cool feature called Dux-Soup Remote Control.

With Remote Control you can trigger automated LinkedIn actions from any other system that you use for managing your sales and marketing activity.

In February’s blog we took things one step further by showing you how to build a simple and accessible 'Remote Control Monitor' to keep track of this activity.


New affiliate program

A really exciting month for Dux-Soup as we launched our all new Dabble Affiliate program.

With generous commission on sales of both Pro and Turbo (plus recurring monthly and annual commission) - the program literally flew out of the door!

9 months on and we have 700+ affiliates and counting...


Dux increases your productivity - it's official!

At Dux we exist to increase your productivity - saving you time on the mundane stuff, so you can focus on higher value tasks.

So, it was fantastic to have Rob da Costa guest blog about his 10 tips to becoming super productive. Of course, top business coach Rob uses Dux-Soup and his 7th top tip showed why he recommends the tool to all his clients:

  • Tip # 7. Automate as much as possible - Dux-Soup is a fantastic example of this because you could easily allocate an hour a day to doing outreach work on LinkedIn, With Dux-Soup you can automate this process and save yourself 45 minutes a day.


Nailing LinkedIn search

One of the most popular blogs of the year gave a masterclass on how to use LinkedIn search tools most effectively - including Boolean searching and Regex options that ensure your LinkedIn prospect list becomes a potential customer list. A 'must read' for anyone looking to up their lead gen game.


Double your sales funnel – Guest Blog and Webinar

In June we were super excited to have LinkedIn lead gen legend Tyron Giuliani guest blog for us on how to double your sales funnel with Dux-Soup.

Tyron was also a guest presenter on our webinar series in June and holds the record for the highest registration and attendance ever!

His webinar was a masterclass in the benefits of lead gen automation – watch the recording here.

** STOP PRESS! We’re delighted to announce that Tyron will be back hosting a webinar with us in February 2021. Subscribe to our blog and look out for your exclusive invitation.**


New UI and Lead Management

No summer holidays for Dux (well we couldn’t anyway with lockdown).

Instead, we launched a new user interface (UI) for Dux-Soup called the Dux-Dash.

The Dux-Dash gives you instant access to your Profile, manages your leads with Funnel Flow, hosts all your CRM connections, instantly shows queued activity, activity history and loads more.

The Funnel Flow lead management has gone down a storm with users – check it out below:

Funnel Flow provides:

• Instant insight into the performance of your lead gen funnel

• Instant access to prospects’ info and responses

• Direct control of the progression of prospects in the funnel

No need to go anywhere else – it’s all in the Funnel Flow! Read more here.

2021 will be focused on building out the Dux-Dash to make Dux as easy as possible to use, with functionality that really improves your lead generation.


Using Dux to build SEO links

With summer holidays still curtailed for many it was great to have Charly Clark from Minty Digital guest blog.

Charly showed how to use Dux-Soup LinkedIn Automation alongside other marketing automation tools to help generate SEO links and automate lead funnels and sales processes. Read the full blog here or watch the webinar.


Dux-Soup API

The Dux-Soup API is an open API included in Dux-Soup Turbo. It works by creating a 2-way communication channel between your PHP environment and LinkedIn – allowing you to integrate LinkedIn outreach into sales and marketing campaigns.

In September we focused on the Dux-Soup API  and showed you how to code PHP to listen for visit data and how to send activities to the queue using the Remote Control. Read more here (or pass to your developer if you don’t get involved in that sort of thing 😊)


Revealing the man behind the legend

We loved that Will van der Sanden, Founder of Dux-Soup opened up to Jeroen Corthout, owner of Salesflare in an exclusive Founder Coffee podcast.

Will talked about the secret to Dux-Soup’s success and the journey it took to get here (to nearly 70.000 users that is!) – revealing some surprising insights along the way.


Lead gen integrations – Pipedrive and Integromat

In November we had some great joint marketing and promotional activity with two brilliant partners.

The Dux-Soup Turbo and Pipedrive CRM integration was driven by the 90,000+ Pipedrive users who were keen to integrate their LinkedIn prospecting into a wider sales and marketing lead gen process.

The connection is instantly available through the new Dux-Dash and, given the positive reception by Pipedrive users, we plan to add more CRM’s soon.

Hot on the heels we launched another campaign with Dux-Soup and Integromat.

Since the launch of Dux-Soup Turbo, more and more of our users have been integrating Dux to their favourite sales and marketing tools for 360-degree end to end lead generation. Until recently, the primary option available to users when using the Webhook functionality (that enables all this) was Zapier.

But - recent developments in the integration between Dux-Soup and Integromat mean it’s now possible to trigger events from Integromat in Dux-Soup (visit, connect, message). Read more about these exciting new developments and templates here - and see how you can achieve end to end lead gen.


There was no slowing down for Dux in December as we neared the end of a year to remember…

Our most read blog in December focused on drip marketing and how you can automate this essential process with Dux-Soup Turbo. Drip marketing allows you to stay fresh in the minds of your prospects even if they are not currently in the market for what your business is selling.

And who can forget our 2020 Holiday Quiz!

6 winners went away with an exclusive Dux-Soup T-shirt and our grand prize was won by a Pro user who guessed quickest that Dux-Soup HQ is in The Netherlands.

Happy 2021

On that useful fact we’ll stop. All that remains is for all of us at Dux-Soup to thank you for using Dux, reading our blogs, supporting our webinars, spreading the word and being such an awesome bunch of people!

We’re so excited about 2021 and what it will bring – we hope you are too!

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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