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August 5, 2020

Dux-Soup July Quacks

July Quacks

Dux-Soup News

We’re definitely reaching the height of summer, so what better time to share some ‘hot’ news about what’s been going on in the world of Dux.

No holidays for our busy team - we’ve released some important product updates, published blogs and run webinars - all designed to help your LinkedIn lead generation get better results.

And, hot off the press,  we’re gearing up to launch our new ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme, giving you the potential to earn credits off your next instalment of Pro and Turbo. More to come soon…

Read on to find out what we’ve been up to in July.

New release v7.4.4

Dux-Soup version 7.4.4 was released at the end of July and it fixed the “Save as Lead” issue in Sales Navigator, Google Search bug in Microsoft Edge, the “success” flag for failed invites, and occasional missing followup messages.

We update Dux-Soup regularly so watch out for the newest releases and update your Dux-Soup by restarting Chrome or by following these steps

LinkedIn Pending Invites Hack with Dux-Soup

As LinkedIn recently removed the ability to cancel pending invites in bulk, we've created a way to make this easy again. 

We are happy to announce that the Dux-Soup team has updated the script “Cancel Pending Invites.” It now starts with the oldest invites first and works its way back! You can find the update here.

Pipedrive Spotlight

We’ve been delighted by the positive response to the integration of Dux-Soup Turbo and Pipedrive CRM, a connection that’s instantly available through the new Dux-Dash app. 

Pipedrive users are keen to integrate LinkedIn prospecting into their wider sales and marketing automation process and, as we all know, Dux-Soup Turbo is the perfect tool to do that!

Dux-Soup is now a favourite in Pipedrive’s App Spotlight and Pipedrive users have read about Dux in the monthly Pipedrive newsletter and in their Sales community. 

We’ll be doing a webinar around this topic in September, so look out for the invitation. 

We’ve got more integrations in the pipeline too so watch this space! 

July blogs and webinars

Using LinkedIn Automation to help build links for SEO

In this blog, Charlie Clark, Owner of Minty Digital and Dux user, talks about how he uses Dux-Soup LinkedIn Automation alongside other Marketing Automation tools to help generate SEO links for both Minty and their clients. Read the blog here.

Charlie also presented a fantastic webinar showing exactly how he uses Dux each step of the way. Watch the recording here

From passive to active LinkedIn follow up messaging

Adam Osman is Head of Marketing at Dux-Soup, and leads the effort to spread the word about how Dux-Soup can benefit anyone looking to turbo charge their LinkedIn lead generation. In this blog, Adam answers one of the most frequently asked questions that we get, ‘What do I do once someone has connected with me? He uses real life examples to show you what to do and what not to do!

Helping to get your Dux in a row

You’ll likely speak to Giles Garnett, Head of Professional Services, when he’s helping you improve your lead generation processes on a Booster or Technical session, or presenting on the Dux Webinar program.  In this blog, Giles shares his front line experience including different lead generation approaches, LinkedIn account safety and more. 

Best Practices for Dux-Soup Pro

As always, we advise users that they should operate within our guidelines when using LinkedIn automation. That way they can achieve their goals!

In this blog, we cover the best practices when it comes to how Dux-Soup Pro and LinkedIn work together, so you can stay safe and get the best out of the tool.

Read the blog here. Watch the recorded webinar here

Dux-Soup 💗  our customers

Dux-Soup 💗 our customers and your feedback helps us work even harder to achieve the best results possible! Here is the most recent feedback from one of our happy customers:

Keep the feedback coming - we love it!


Book a Dux-Soup Pro Booster Session to boost your lead generation!

We provide a 1 hour Booster Session - a one on one call for Pro users  that is:

- Tailored for your business and target market
- Helps you with technical and process setup
- Ensures you can be self-sufficient at lead generation with Dux-Soup Pro

It’s a good time to make sure you are using Dux-Soup to its maximum potential, or to set the tool up properly when you’re starting out - so book yours now! 

If you use Turbo then book a Technical call by emailing and setting up a time.


MAKE A SPLASH Promo is still on!

We’re offering a Dux-Soup T-shirt to anyone that purchases a 12-month Subscription to Pro or Turbo. Claim your T-shirt by emailing and include your mailing address. We only have a few left so don’t delay!


If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, send them over to - we’d like to hear from you! 

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