October 2, 2019

Passing on the Dux-Soup vision and expertise

You might remember that last year Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) asked for help with one of their marketing and business programs on Entrepreneurship.

Dux-Soup were absolutely delighted to be able to team up with our growth marketing partner Spike Growth Marketing to deliver content for the program. We conducted a workshop for the next generation of growth hackers, entrepreneurs and future business leaders to empower them with innovative, proven digital marketing skills. You can read more here.

We’re at it again

Last Thursday, September 19, Dux-Soup was proud to once again work alongside Spike Growth Marketing on content for another workshop, this time for the alumni of UtrechtInc’s first startup accelerator program.

UtrechtInc started in 2009 and is ranked the #10 university incubator in the world. Over 200 startups have been supported with over 66% either still active or having been acquired.

What better place for a leading growth hack like Dux-Soup, used by thousands of startups to turbo boost their lead generation through LinkedIn, to be featured!

Accelerating success

In the UtrechtInc accelerator program, entrepreneurs support their alumni in growing their startup. The goal of the program is to take the startup from a launching customer to multiple customers, confirm the business model, and become investor ready.

The masterclasses are structured around experiences from entrepreneurs (such as Dux-Soup) and is supported by true experts in startup entrepreneurship, pitching, customer discovery, and product development. An extensive network of 150+ mentors, investors, and partners, supports the startups during the program.

Past UtrechtInc graduates include well known Dutch startup names such as Channable, Gitlab, and SnappCar.

Sharing vital knowledge

During a 2-hour during workshop Gino Taselaar, the founder and Head of Operations at Spike, trained the alumni in essential skills to:

• Create a database populated with contacts that match their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

• Enrich the database with all relevant information

• Write campaign copy that converts

• Run a multi-channel marketing automation campaign – including automating LinkedIn lead generation with Dux-Soup Turbo.

Thanks to Spike and Dux-Soup, the startups that attended now have a clear strategy for accelerating their lead generation. The skills and tools provided will ensure that they have quality new leads that will enable them to grow their business with an extremely low customer acquisition cost.

Pass it on

Here at Dux we passionately believe that supporting both existing startups. and the next generation of entrepreneurs, is an important role for a growth hack as widely used as ours. By sharing our growth hacking vision along with some of the insights that our expertise in this area gives us, we can help businesses to put rocket fuel into their lead generation campaigns.

We challenge you too to ‘pass it on’ in any way you can – however big or small. Together we can ensure that the future is bright!

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