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November 29, 2018

Teaching the next gen of Dux about growth and entrepreneurial skills

Keeping up with the latest developments in the field of marketing and digital marketing is incredibly challenging. That’s why we are supporting a fantastic initiative at Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), a leading higher education institute in Holland.

When HvA asked for help with one of their marketing and business programs on Entrepreneurship, I was delighted to be able to team up with our growth marketing partner Spike to contribute.

I felt it was a great opportunity to work with the next generation of growth hackers, entrepreneurs and future business leaders, and empower them with innovative yet proven digital marketing skills.

Let’s face it. Growth hacking is still a relatively new concept and one that isn’t always well understood by mainstream marketing people.

Gino Taselaar, Co-Founder & Head of Operations at Spike, a company dedicated to delivering Growth Marketing delivered a hands-on workshop in one afternoon, on how to research and build lead data from any website, enrich that data with relevant contact information, and automatically connect with this list using Dux-Soup. In short, students received a growth hacking masterclass, backed up with a step by step playbook, and access to the Professional Edition of Dux-Soup.

The results were amazing.

In three hours, students were able to perform their own data mining and build actionable lists that could support a marketing campaign. The feedback from the students was really positive. I look forward to continuing to support them.

One of the major reasons why we are seeing a lot of interest in LinkedIn Automation solutions is that it enables people to get results fast, and without a high up-front cost — which was perfect for the students on this course. We are always keen to support educational or entrepreneurial initiatives and can provide Free training licences of the Pro edition of Dux-Soup. If you would like to discuss an opportunity just email me at

Competition time!

With Dux-Soup recently hitting 40,000 downloads, we are running a competition if you can guess when we’ll hit 50,000 downloads. To win a Dopper water bottle and 5,000 Dux-Soup Points, simply predict the date you think we’ll get to 50,000 downloads.

Closest guess wins. If you get it spot on, we’ll double the Dux -Soup Points to 10,000! Send all entries to

Good luck!


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