December 4, 2020

November Quacks

November Quacks

We’ve reached December and, with the festive season just around the corner, it’s time to dust off the decorations and look forward to some time with friends and family.

But before all that, it’s important to round off the year as strongly as possible - to close those forecasted deals, and set yourself up to start strong in 2021. 

LInkedIn research has shown that it’s important to always ‘be on’. Members continue to avidly consume more content in their downtime so, while of course engagement will dip right at the end of the month, don’t let up until then! Your competition certainly won’t.

To help with this we launched our new Funnel Flow lead management tool - read on to find out more. It’s awesome!

Lead Management now available in Turbo!

Everyone wants more visibility of leads plus the ability to manage them effectively - and that's exactly what the latest feature in Dux-Soup Turbo provides. 

The brilliant Funnel Flow tool is now available through the Dux-Dash. Discover this LinkedIn lead management tool.

Funnel Flow is the place to monitor and control all your LinkedIn prospecting! Check it out below:

Dux-Soup Turbo’s Funnel Flow provides users with:

  • Instant insight into the performance of their lead gen funnel
  • Instant access to prospects’ info and responses
  • Direct control of the progression of prospects in the funnel

 No need to go anywhere else – it’s all in the Funnel Flow!

 How do I get Funnel Flow?

If you’re a Turbo user you’re already sorted! Just open the Dux-Dash in Chrome and you'll see it available in the menu.

If you’re a Starter (Free) or Pro user you'll first need to upgrade to Dux-Soup Turbo. You’ll then see it in the Dux-Dash menu.

One last thing...

The lead management benefits that Funnel Flow brings to your LinkedIn prospecting activity were high on our user request list. So why not add your requests in now - we really do listen! 

New releases - make sure you’ve got the latest!

This month we have released three new versions of our Chrome extension to keep up to date with the constantly changing LinkedIn interface. We’ve also addressed recent changes in Pipedrive, plus launched the new Funnel Flow - you know all about that!

We update Dux-Soup regularly so watch out for the newest releases and update your Dux-Soup by restarting Chrome or by following these steps

New Dux Brochure for our affiliates

Our Dabble affiliates (over 700 of them) are always top of mind and we recently produced a new brochure for them to share with their networks (to help sell more Dux-Soup and earn more commission!)

If you are an affiliate, just log into your Dux FirstPromoter account and click on the Assets tab at the top of your page to access the new brochure and all other Dux materials!

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, the Dux Dabble affiliate program (which you can sign up to now) offers:

  • Commission on sales of Dux-Soup Pro and Turbo Editions*
  • Commission on Monthly and Annual subscriptions*
  • And it's run through the intuitive FirstPromoter platform – giving you access to analytics and useful dashboard views

*Minimum earnings apply and no self-referrals are allowed

November insights and webinars

It’s been a busy month with lots of new and interesting content from in blogs and webinars. Did you know, we get thousands of blog reads a month, and thousands of people who watch or attend our webinars? But in case you missed it, or if you just need a recap, we’ve listed all new content below, so read on...

Dux-Soup and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Used with Sales Navigator, Dux-Soup can make your lead generation even easier by automating the outreach, connection and initial engagement process - helping you fill your pipeline faster with interested connections. 

From the technical point of view, Dux-Soup works with Sales Navigator the same way as Standard LinkedIn. However, in this blog, we talk about the extra features that are enabled in Dux-Soup if you have Sales Navigator - such as accessing extra lead filters, sending InMails and saving profiles as a lead.

Dux-Soup and Pipedrive - integrating LinkedIn prospecting to your lead generation process

We’ve been delighted by the positive response to the integration of Dux-Soup Turbo and Pipedrive CRM, a connection that’s instantly available through the Dux-Dash app

This blog walks you through the Pipedrive setup process - explaining how the integration works and how you can engage with your contacts in LinkedIn directly from Pipedrive plus create, update and enrich your CRM data with up-to-date details from LinkedIn.

Watch our recorded webinar to see Dux-Soup’s Pipedrive integration in action here.

How to use LinkedIn Automation effectively

With 700M+ LinkedIn members, deciding on whether to automate your LinkedIn prospecting, and getting the best results if you do, should be top of mind for anyone in sales and marketing!

Harness LinkedIn correctly and it can be a highly valuable source of information, recommendations and sales leads. Ignore it completely and you could find your business losing market share and brand presence to your competition.

Read our new guide to 'Using LinkedIn Automation Effectively.'

Dux-Soup and Integromat - End to End Lead Generation

Integromat refer to themselves as ‘the glue of the internet’, helping their customers to connect together apps and services. Using Integromat helps you to automate manual processes and avoid copying information between these apps.

Read our blog here where we share a couple of step-by-step examples of Integromat at work with Dux-Soup Turbo. We’ve chosen Google Sheets as that is the most requested integration by Dux users.

You can also watch our webinar where Tomas Banik, App Partnership Manager at Integromat shows new Dux-Soup + Integromat templates and features.

Dux-Soup 💗 your reviews

We really hope Dux-Soup is helping to scale your LinkedIn automation activity, getting you some great engagement and helping sales.

We’d love it if you could write a quick review of Dux-Soup on G2 so that other users can get an honest appraisal of it from a user perspective.

Just click this link to leave your review - thanks a million!

Our Support team always get great reviews - here’s some recent feedback from our happy customers:

Keep the feedback coming - we love it!

Book a Booster Call to boost your lead generation!

We provide a 1 hour Booster Call  - a one on one session that is:

- Tailored for your business and target market
- Helps you with technical and process setup
- Ensures you can be self-sufficient at lead generation with Dux-Soup Pro

Get set up for 2021 by making sure you are using Dux-Soup to its maximum potential - book your call now!

Dux-Soup Opening Times over the Holiday Period

Dux-Soup is celebrating Christmas & New Year too! – Dux-Soup Support will be closed on the 24th, 25th, 31st of December and 1st of January - at all other times, we’re here to help! Get in touch with us at and we’ll get right back to you!

Last (but by no means least) all of the Dux team wish you a very happy and safe holiday! And look forward to working with you in 2021.


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