Maximize your lead gen strategies by upgrading your Dux-Soup account from Pro to Turbo

When you upgrade your Dux-Soup account from Pro to Turbo, you get a whole heap of additional LinkedIn automation features to help you manage your lead gen activities.

With an upgraded account, you can run multiple concurrent follow-up campaigns, track your LinkedIn lead generation progress in the Dux-Dash, integrate with third-party software, and heaps more.

Interested to know more?! Then read on to learn about some of the awesome automated lead generation features Dux-Soup Turbo has to offer.

Multiple concurrent drip campaigns

A campaign is a series of pre-defined messages that you send to your new or existing 1st-degree connections. (To learn more about Dux-Soup drip campaigns have a read of our recent blog - how to create smart LinkedIn lead generation campaigns).

Once you get started with Turbo, Dux-Soup’s multiple concurrent drip campaign feature will let you channel your messages to customers over time by simply setting up a direct message sequence. In addition, you’ll be able to:

  • Define unlimited concurrent drip campaigns
  • Add up to 12 messages per campaign (including the connection request message)
  • Set delays of days/weeks/months
  • Enroll or ‘add to the campaign’ directly from LinkedIn/Hubspot/Pipedrive
  • Enroll from any 3rd party system with Zapier

With Dux-Soup Turbo, you can create your own campaign to send messages and nudge people in the right direction. Moreover, you decide what content will go into each message - whether it be an offer, business news or an invitation for a Zoom call. You can also customize your messages including the profile’s first and last names, company, title and much more!

Watch this short tutorial on youtube to learn how you can create Dux-Soup drip campaigns.

When creating your campaign message templates, make sure you don’t forget to add a little ‘human touch’ to your content and make your outreach more personal. There are lots of great ways you can do this. For example: add some videos or images that showcase what makes YOU unique or send out personalized messages rather than ‘one size fits all’ emails.

Keep in mind that selling is all about the benefits. This might be the single most important thing you do when talking to someone, so make sure the tone of your message reflects this! Talk mostly in terms of benefits for them and what they stand to gain from speaking with you instead of focusing on how great you are at doing whatever it is. Learn more about how to write messages that drive results (and don’t suck) here!

Once your campaign is created and saved in the Dux-Dash, all you have to do is enroll your target audience into a campaign. This can be done within seconds by creating a LinkedIn profile list.

To create a profile list on LinkedIn, click on the Dux-Soup icon and select ‘Search’.

Afterwards, filter your search results according to your target audience. You can also enroll your 1st-degree connections.

Enrollment can be implemented in batch or by using Dux-Soup Tricks widget:

Please note that once you enroll your 1st-degree connections into the campaign set in Dux-Dash, the campaign will start from the follow-up No1 and the connection message is skipped.

Dux-Dash, alternative to CRM

Dux-Dash can serve as an alternative to CRM. With Dux-Soup Turbo, you can keep track of LinkedIn interactions, see campaign statistics, and more. With the help of Dux Funnel Flow, you can:

  • Qualify leads in/out of the funnel
  • Reflow leads back into campaigns
  • Access funnel drill-down
  • Analyze campaign statistics

Check this out:

Sales teams are always looking for new and better ways to keep track of their customers and sales processes. Many CRM (customer relationship management) systems are out there, but they can be expensive and difficult to use. Dux-Soup Dash is included in your Turbo package and is simple to use making it a great alternative to more complex CRM systems. Learn more details about the Dux-Dash in this informative article.

3rd party Integrations

With Dux-Soup API, you can take your LinkedIn lead generation to the next level and drive even more revenue from LinkedIn. For example, you can transfer profile data to your CRM as you auto-visit them on LinkedIn with Dux-Soup.

We are proud to share that Dux-Soup integrates with the following software to make your lead gen activities and pipeline management even easier:

Find out more about each of them here:

Dux-Soup Turbo makes it easier than ever, to find new leads and increase your conversion rates.

So if you're not already using all the features Dux has to offer, now is a great time to start. Upgrade today and see what difference it makes for your business!

Read more about effective LinkedIn lead generation strategies in 2022.

The bit at the bottom:  

  1. Book a Booster Call to boost your lead generation! For a little extra help, book a 1-hour, one-to-one session that:
                      - Is tailored for your business and target market
                      - Helps you manage the technical and workflow process setup
                      - Enhances your lead generation results from Dux-Soup
  1. Try Dux-Soup for FREE, for 2 weeks if you're not already a Dux user.
  2. Sign up to the Dux blog to get regular updates on all the newest Dux-Soup resources and latest LinkedIn hacks!
  3. Support or questions? If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Dux-Soup support at and we will be happy to help!

Until next time, happy Dux-ing!

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