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June 29, 2022

How agencies can use LinkedIn automation to generate and increase their revenue stream

With the increase in ‘done for you’ marketing services, there is more opportunity than ever before for agencies to generate revenue. ‘Done for you’ marketing services provide a full end-to-end lead generation/sales solution, resulting in either leads being fed directly into a customer’s CRM system for their sales team to convert, or for more transactional businesses, a direct sale that yields instant revenue for the customer.

More and more businesses are looking to outsource entire functions of their sales and marketing funnel to agencies that can demonstrate expertise in the technologies and strategies that create fruitful lead generation machines.

The success of an agency lies not only in its ability to use modern methods and technologies to scale results for its clients, but to drive down internal costs which can be passed on.

For B2B agencies, there are two hugely effective ways of achieving this:

1)    LinkedIn - with over 1 billion users globally, LinkedIn provides its users with instant access to a database of B2B prospects.

2)    LinkedIn automation tools - providing the ability to automate manual, repetitive LinkedIn outreach tasks means that data can be taken from source, at scale, creating huge process efficiencies and increasing ROI for your agency. Dux-Soup has a LinkedIn automation tool for agencies that was built specifically for the job!

In this blog we highlight the benefits that agencies can gain by using Dux-Soup for LinkedIn automation, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to get started, so you can:  

·      Increase leads for your clients

·      Improve ROI for your customers

·      Expand your agency’s product portfolio

·      Grow your clients’ revenue

·      Increase customer retention

The perceived challenge

Despite many businesses benefitting from the reach afforded by using LinkedIn to promote their services and capabilities, most sales and marketing professionals don’t understand how best to harness the full potential of LinkedIn and the power of its audience. The vast majority of LinkedIn users are only scratching the surface of its potential.  

In addition to this, there is a lack of understanding about when automation can be used, the costs involved and how to use LinkedIn automation safely.  

The resultant time spent on performing LinkedIn activities manually and the associated costs results in a solution that simply lacks the competitive edge and ROI the client is seeking.

As agencies are in close competition with each other, by mastering LinkedIn for lead generation in conjunction with automation tools, there is a real and present opportunity to put forward an innovative approach, to differentiate your agency from the crowd. One thing's for sure - we're noticing that demand for 'done for you' LinkedIn lead generation services is on the rise.

‘Done for you’ LinkedIn services

Imagine the value you could add to customers by offering them a guaranteed lead generation machine using LinkedIn. Here we talk you through how you can do this, in easy-to-follow steps.

There are 3 key stages involved in honing a ‘done for you’ marketing approach using LinkedIn, so it’s not as scary as it may sound.

·      Firstly - define your clients' LinkedIn outreach strategy – who are your clients' target prospects, how will you find them on LinkedIn, what do you want to communicate with them, and what is the end goal you are looking to achieve? You can then create campaign messaging, landing pages and content with your clients' target audience in mind to drive the right conversions. This step should be done for every client individually.

·      Secondly – select the best LinkedIn automation tool for the job. Dux-Soup provides users with the ability to tag profiles to build easily segmented audience lists, send personalized connection invitations along with an unparalleled multi-touch drip campaign feature, which allows you to carry out multiple drip campaigns, simultaneously. In addition, Dux-Soup offers an Agency campaign analysis dashboard, where you can monitor all of your client campaigns, so that you can see connection acceptance rates, response rates, and conversion rates. This is how you will demonstrate measurable results to your clients and prove your worth.  

·      Finally – this is where the fun and hard work really starts (but don’t worry – the hard work is done for you)! Once you’ve identified your outreach strategy and purchased a Dux-Soup Cloud Agency license– it’s time to get testing!

How to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Using LinkedIn automation for clients

The best way for you to achieve success through LinkedIn automation is to spend time thinking through your approach and ensure your strategy is sound by testing your automation processes first.

You can test out different subject headers and content, variable message sequences, and make changes to the timing of your campaigns to see which approach generates the right results – and only then should you look to ramp up your prospecting across a wider audience.

Find the winning formula - define your proof of concept:

It’s simpler than it sounds to find the right approach to generating leads for your clients.

Below is a step-by-step guide to follow, to help you find the automation process that works for you.

1)    Identify your target market

At Dux, we recommend using LinkedIn Sales Navigator over LinkedIn Standard. This is thanks to its enhanced search capabilities, which will provide you with a more refined, targeted list of prospects to work with. The more relevant your audience, the higher the conversion rates are likely to be.

Once you have your finalized list of prospects, select a small subset (perhaps 250 profiles, or 15% of your audience) to trial your process with.

2)    Visit profiles and tag them using Dux-Soup

You can manually or auto-visit LinkedIn profiles. With Dux-Soup, you can auto-apply a tag to each profile, to make it easier to categorize your audiences for your campaigns. Imagine the power of being able to instantly send new content or offers out to a pre-tagged list of profiles, whether this be clients, prospects or partners. Take a look at how you can do this in our 1-minute tutorial How to Tag and Search.

3)    Create your first campaign

Dux-Soup Cloud Edition allows you to create campaigns with up to 12 actions, including InMail, connection invitation, direct message, follow, endorse and visit.

If you’re new to LinkedIn campaigns, then take a look at our easy tutorial on creating drip campaigns to learn how Dux-Soup enables you to automate this process, taking the manual labor out of it.

4)    Create subsequent campaigns

Once you’ve set up your first campaign you can create further campaigns, tweaking the parameters to see how the changes affect the success rate of your campaign.  Use the Funnel Flow tool in the Dux-Dash to view and compare results. Factors to ‘play with’ include your audience, the frequency and number of messages sent, the use of CTAs to make it simple for prospects to fulfill your desired outcome and making changes to your message content.

For help on different messaging approaches, you might like to take a look at some of our webinars, packed with useful tips and alternative approaches to (almost) guarantee that all-important sale:

- Messaging best practices for real-world LinkedIn outreach

- THE LinkedIn nurture sequence that achieves an 85% response rate

- How to book over 100 sales appointments a month on LinkedIn

To find the optimum result, repeat the above steps with different lists, tweaking and testing the various parameters until you find the version that your audience responds to best.

Once you’ve identified the winning formula – it’s time to scale up your activity, reaping the benefits of automation. Keep reading to find out how.

Automating your campaign with Dux-Soup

To get your hands on the best features and carry out multiple campaigns simultaneously (which is great when you’re managing multiple clients) a Cloud Agency license is the perfect option for agencies.

Here’s the lowdown about what you can automate with Dux-Soup Cloud:

·      Data enrichment – Turbo allows you to visit and tag profiles, download the data (including emails) to CSV. or import the data directly into your CRM system for simplified campaign management. Check out our Integration page to learn how you can integrate LinkedIn with the likes of Hubspot, Pipedrive and Zapier to name a few.

·      Brand awareness – Use Dux-Soup to grow your network with automated connection requests and follow-ups. This ensures you have access to a wider network of prospects in a shorter time, which delivers more visibility on your content, raising awareness of your brand organically. Check out how Policy Powerhouse created a database of holiday let owners in the UK, to launch their new insurance product.

·      Campaign management - Use automated drip campaigns for your outreach, to send personalized messages and nurture sequences to your targeted lists. Use the ability to customize the delay sequence between your campaign messages to ensure you’re in full control of the content prospects receive and when. Dux-Soup even suspends the sequence if it detects a response from a prospect during a campaign, so you can follow up personally if required or simply re-activate the sequence if you’d like it to continue.

·      A/B testing and campaign analysis – The Funnel Flow facility in the Dux-Dash means you can see the conversion rates to your campaigns at a glance.

With a Cloud Agency license, you can manage all of your clients' LinkedIn accounts from a single agency dashboard. We've made it super easy for client onboarding and agency management.

If you’re new to Dux-Soup, and want to go back to basics, you can get the lowdown on all the basic functionality of our Cloud Edition in our webinar recording 'How to 'Get Started' with Dux-Soup Cloud'. You can also take a look at our Dux-Soup channel, Support or Resources.

Agency discounts

For Agencies, Dux-Soup offers discounts on license fees, along with centralized billing for business ease. As an agency user, you will automatically benefit from joining our customer success program for free, which includes free accelerator calls, priority support, account management and the ability to help shape the future development of the product.

Now all you need to do – is get quacking!

Get started with Dux-Soup

Handle your entire sales pipeline, track your performances, and in the end, close more deals.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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