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June 1, 2018

Dux-Soup Summer Quacks

Big news — InMail™ is out!

This month, Dux-Soup introduced the new feature — InMail™ which is available with the newest version v5.12.3. Now you can send personalised InMails with Sales Navigator or Recruiter to the profiles outside your network.

GDPR kicked in

These past couple of weeks your inbox must have been busy with all the GDPR emails coming in. Here at Dux-Soup we value your privacy rights and want to put you at ease when it comes to using Dux-Soup with your LinkedIn account.

You probably wish that GDPR would dux-off already but here’s some updates from us. In case you’ve missed our email, here’s everything you need to know about our Privacy Policy and GDPR.

LinkedIn Groups Hack

Have you just stumbled upon a LinkedIn group that has a number of relevant prospects in it but — oh my — you are not a part of this group? That’s where Dux-Soup can become your best friend! With the help of our tool, you can send connection requests to these prospects without having to join the group.

All you need is LinkedIn Sales Navigator and a Dux-Soup Pro account, and you can start connecting with potential clients! Read the full step-by-step tutorial with examples here.

Dux-Soup is not sending out invites

We feel you — one day you start running Dux-Soup and see it’s not sending the invites out. What’s happening?? Don’t worry, your Dux-Soup is not broken. There are 4 possible scenarios and solutions to fix the problem which you can learn more about here, so make sure you check them all before ringing the alarm bells.

Even if it does not fix the problem, our support team is right here by your side to assist you in every step — send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help!

Skipping specific names and companies

As a business, we understand that you already have a database of your current clients or a list of competitors who cannot be contacted by any means. To help you stay professional, Dux-Soup has a solution, actually, three possible solution to this — read a detailed blog post on skipping specific people and companies to find out more.

Upcoming Dux-Soup features

Looking ahead to June we’ve got some more useful, timesaving and plain cool features lined for you. One often requested feature we’re looking to add next month is the ability to use a different Google account to sign in to Dux-Soup than the one used to login to Chrome. For the Profile Skipper we’re looking to support the ability to skip profiles based on the number of shared connections, company name and job title. And lots of other small tweaks are planned!


This month we want to put the spotlight on our support team, who are doing an awesome job helping all our beginning and advanced users to get the most out of Dux-Soup. This recent customer review just says it all :

Your opinion matters

Thanks to our Dux-Soup users, we keep constantly improving our product to make sure it’s user-friendly and has all the features you like. If you have anything to say, comment or have some feedback, let us know at and we’d love to hear from you!

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