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March 29, 2018

Dux-Soup Spring Quacks

A Happy Easter to all Dux-Soup fans and users!

We’re so happy that spring has arrived and with that we have a lot of news, updates and improvements that we are sure you will really love! If you have been using Dux-Soup for a while, you’ll know that our IT team are working tirelessly to keep improving the software and adding new features that would help you to up your LinkedIn game all the time! So, without further ado, check out all the exciting new features and techniques that you could start using with Dux-Soup!

What’s New?

Introducing Boolean Tag Search and The License Admin

This month we are very excited to introduce 2 highly requested features that will make your life on LinkedIn much easier — Boolean Tag Search and the License Admin.

The Boolean Tag Search will help you to easily filter all your tagged connections which will be incredibly useful for running message campaigns.

If you have purchased a multi-key Dux-Soup license for your business and want to manage and be in control of your team, you will absolutely love the License Admin function. Read more about both new features here…

Dux-Soup: Revisiting Data for a Basic Linkedin Account

Boolean/ Scan / Download / Tidy / Revisit / Repeat!!!

LinkedIn is the world’s largest database with more than 450 million people listed on there. This means that if you are looking to generate B2B leads, it is pretty certain that every potential company that you are going to sell to is listed there. This is incredible as it means that as long as you know how to find your target market, you can always find the right people to connect with and hopefully sell to.

In this blog post we will show you exactly what you can do with all this potential of people out there, how to find the right data, how to tidy that data, and then how to use the Dux Soup Revisit option.

How to get the most from LinkedIn Groups using Dux-Soup

Weather you are a regular Dux-Soup user or a newcomer, you will have one thing in common — you’ll want to leverage LinkedIn in the best way to find the right people to connect with. There is a variety of ways to search for relevant people by using different filters that LinkedIn provides such as job title, industry, location etc., but did you know that you can use LinkedIn Groups to find new contacts also? Check out this guide that we’ve written on how you can you LinkedIn Groups to find your target data.


We are so happy and proud to have Dux-Soup users all around the world who love using the tool and share their insights and techniques with other users. This month we want to introduce you to Pablo Marketing Studio who have reviewed Dux-Soup on their website for all our Spanish users. Read more here…

Upcoming Dux-Soup features

We are lucky to have fans and users from across the globe, with the previous article being just one of many that are written about Dux-Soup each month. We know not all ducks quack the same, which is why we have been working on multi-language support for the past month. And it’s just about ready for release! We will be adding support in Dux-Soup for a range of languages in the next few weeks. To start off, we’ll include, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish , Portuguese and off course Dutch! More languages will be added very soon after this initial set.

We’re not just adding product features, but we’re also looking to add ways of showing our users how to get the most out of Dux-Soup. Next month we’ll be starting with a regularly scheduled webinar. Content and format are being worked, so watch this space!

Before you go…

We know you have high expectations that keep changing as you keep improving and stepping up your LinkedIn game. Our tech team is working very hard to keep improving Dux-Soup tools and we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas on what we should fix or add next. Just email us at and let us know! Teamwork is always the best work :)

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