Dux-Soup for LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Many people know and love using Dux-Soup for connecting with new people and generating sales leads, but there is another very effective way to use this tool that I would love to show you — recruitment.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is an incredible tool for finding potential candidates that gives you much more availability than a basic LinkedIn or Sales Navigator account (read more about recruiter on LinkedIn). Some of the benefits you will get with Recruiter Lite (the more basic version) are:

  • Advanced search tools such as University, Skills, Location
  • Unlimited visibility of your 3rd degree network
  • Built-in candidate pipeline in LinkedIn to manage everyone
  • 30 in-mails per month to directly message people

Through having a LinkedIn Recruiter account, you have the ability to see much more detailed information about candidates such as previous jobs and universities as well as the ability to look at people’s profiles without the candidate knowing.

However, one of the issues with Recruiter is that you cannot send connection requests only in-mails.

The difficulty with this is that people often tend to respond to an ‘inmail’ message in the same way as they respond to a ‘cold email’ message and simply ignore it. Whereas if you connect with someone, they accept your request, giving you the permission to further communicate with you. It is a key validation that they could become a potential lead or candidate in this context.

How to Use Dux-Soup with Recruiter

Recruitment is very specific and you are looking for the most appropriate people, with the right skillset to match certain roles. This can take a long time of manually searching through LinkedIn and trying to find people one by one.

By using Dux Soup with Recruiter, the goal is to automate the process of finding all the potential candidates quickly, so your time is spent just filtering them out. To do this, I would advise the following steps:

  1. Set up your search criteria in LinkedIn Recruiter to find your ideal candidates. This will include location, job role, skills, experience and any other relevant factors.
  2. Use the Visit function on Dux-Soup to visit all the profiles that match your search criteria.

3. Once you have visited all of them, use Dux-Soup ‘download data’ function to download all the profiles.

Make sure you choose Visited Data not Scanned Data.

4. With the data downloaded on a spreadsheet, you can now ‘tidy’ it all up and remove any of the profiles that are not relevant e.g. profiles with incorrect skills, location etc.

Point to note: Read this blog on how to tidy all of your data and prepare for revisiting.

Once your data is all tidy, you will have a perfect list of all relevant candidates.

5. Go back to your basic LinkedIn account (not Recruiter account), click on the Dux-Soup icon, and click ‘revisit Data’.

You will see this screen pop-up:

All you need to do is upload your excel file with your tidy data where it says ‘click here’, and you can now connect with all of your target candidates (the file has to be in a csv format to work correctly, with the columns named linkedin Profile, First Name, Last Name).

Why connect with candidates?

As a recruiter you need to have as personal approach as possible with a potential candidate to ensure that you build up the right relationship with them right from the start. Instead of sending an in-mail message, a connection request will give the candidate the option to accept or ignore it. If they accept, it means they are happy to talk to you and then you can send them a follow up message to introduce the potential role in more detail. Not only that, but you will now be 1st-degree connections which will give you access to all of their second degree connections, broadening your network for future hires.

Bonus Tip (1) — Changing the profile in your title

Another way to find the right candidates is to change the title in your LinkedIn profile to ‘we are now hiring’. This means that instead of using Dux-Soup to send connection requests, you could just visit the profiles. If you are using a basic LinkedIn account here instead of Recruiter, the candidates would see that you have visited their profile, they would see in the title of your profile that you are hiring and may apply for the role.

Bonus Tip (2) — Targeting people who like or comment on your posts

If you post a comment on your LinkedIn account stating that you are hiring, many of your network will see this and like or comment.

With Dux-Soup, you can look at all of the people who have ‘liked’ the comment and either scan or visit their profiles to connect with them.

This is very powerful as these people are directly interested in the content that you have posted and will either be interested in the role or will be happy to help you share the post and introduce relevant people.

By using Dux-Soup with Recruiter, you can automate the process of finding lots of potential candidates and then automate the connection process creating multiple candidates that you can speak to without the need for inmails’ as well as growing your connections at the same time.

If you need any help with using Dux-Soup and recruiter or any other features, just say hi on live chat on the site https://dux-soup.com/ or email info@dux-soup.com

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